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Thinking of You

I was just thinking about this blog. Gamespot has been my game site of choice, and my homepage, since Daily Radar collapsed. Yes, I loved Daily Radar. When I was, like, 11-13. Cut me some slack. I've always had issues with it (the "WE ARE THE BORG" reviewing mentality foremost among them - one day I'll paste here a marvelous post on the subject I found years ago in the forum), but I've always respected them for putting forth the effort to not just be a decent games site, but also to meet the highest of journalistic ideals, something IGN & co. make no pretense of doing (for better or worse). That said, with my membership now at $40 a month, I am questioning as to whether I should renew. I have yet to see anything to justify the price increase... If I can get into this blog, maybe I'll stay. I need gaming buddies:( On another note, I just bought a new monitor - the Samsung 206BW - for gaming and movie-watching. Hooray.