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"Isn't he from Quake 3?"

Avatar Story: This little dude, appearing next to my comments and (I think) these posts, is the Master Chief. Some of you may have heard of him. A long time ago, in a physical location very close but in a mental state far away, I worked on a little Halo fan site, called The Cole Protocol. This was before Halo Fever had set in - I worked on it in the post-launch period, so Halo certainly wasn't an obscure game or anything, but it was yet to become a cultural phenomenon - few people owned an Xbox in 2001, hence few people actually played Halo, despite the press. The art dude for the site created a good 70 halo avatars or so. I licked this one, and used it as my avatar. Eventually, the site folded, as fan sites based upon a single thing are wont to do. I kept the avatar. As time passed, Halo became more and more prominent. People stopped thinking it was of some guy from Quake 3 and started recognizing it as the Master Chief. This presented a problem. I had been using the avatar for so long, that I had long stopped identifying it as anything other than "my avatar". I'm currently at a crossroads - get a new avatar? And if so, what? I love the little guy, but honestly I'm not much of a Halo fan these days and it feels kind of awkward advertising myself thus. This post was brought to you by sleep-deprivation and the letter C.