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Front Addiction 3

So I'm at Whidbey. EB/Gamestop had a good deal on used games, so I get 2. One (God of War, which I'm finally playing despite major reservations) does not run on my PS2, as it is all scratched to hell. Maybe it will run on a brand-new PS2, but not mine. Which wouldn't be their fault, except they sold the faulty used PS2 to my mom in the first place, so it is. So, back it goes, and hopefully they'll be nice enough to give me a relatively clean copy (they had 5 used copies - ONE of them should be in decent condition). Honestly, what are people doing, using the discs as a nail file? Other game I got was Bully. It's good. Not great. Not bad. About what I expected. It's one of those games where I one could write a perfectly legitimate review that gave it a **** score for its various faults. Gameplay recycled from GTA + storyline/characters that resolve entirely around stereotypes and such easy jokes at various cliques that it can barely be called satire. "RICH PEOPLE ARE SNOBBY AND INBRED HAHAHA", stuff like that. But it's fun in spite of itself. But my main addiction is Front Mission 3. I was 49 hours into it when I stopped like, 5-6 years ago. So of course I completely forgot what was going on. But there are two scenarios, so I just started with the other scenario. It has plenty of faults, but instead of listing them, I'll just say that it's maddeningly addictive. If the battle sequences were skippable (as they apparently are in Front Mission 4) it would be that much better, but it's still good. Apparently, while Front Mission 4 is regarded as the black sheep of the series, as it retains the basic gameplay while only adding a single new feature, and yet strips out a few others, has a storyline riddled with plot holes, and completely retarded AI. Front Mission 5, however, seems to be considered by many to be the best yet - it ties all the stories together, adds many new features while at the same time streamlining things and reducing unneeded complexity and crazy-menu-overload. No more "90 separate menus for customizing your Wanzers" apparently. But Squeenix decided that instead of bothering to translate it and release it in the US, they'd focus their efforts on driving other established series into the ground (see: Dawn of Mana). JACKASSES. I'm sure FM5 wouldn't be a super-hit, but it almost certainly would have made a profit given that the game is already done, so the expenditure wouldn't be that much. Plus, the series has a hard core fanbase that will guarantee a minimum number of sales, and good reviews could help introduce new people. But NOOO. Addendum 1: Finished FM3, Alisa scenario. Wooo. Addendum 2: Coming up next: Why are modern GOTYs all violent, heavilly-scripted action games?