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AdrenalinDragon Blog

My Dreams and Ambitions

Well guys, it has been a great year for me. I had the big break I needed from University, and I've finally decided what I want to do in the future. With driving lessons already covered, though still unemployed, I decided to sign up as a membership to my local theatre to try and pursue acting, as well as learning Bass guitar to try and revive my brother's band Alpha Zero. I also brought a scriptwriting software on my IPad and have a possible idea for a movie or TV series. Although I may have to settle with a job for money, I took advice from an old relative telling me to use your time wisely after education and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I need to lose some weight as I've gotten a little chubby but from next year on things look very promising for me.:D

Resident Evil 6 = WORST GAME EVER!

Well, I think I've played enough of Resident Evil 6. I am very disappointed. It was my most hyped game of 2012 and it sucked and is easily one of the worst games I've ever played. Far too many cheap deaths and infuriating quick time events. One of them being a rope climbing sequence where you have to press R trigger and L trigger and basically you just fall all the way back to the beginning randomly when you climb it. I got so angry at that part that I actually threw my Xbox 360 controller at the floor, broke it, and had to buy a new one.

The game was too long, not fun, but ironically Chris' campaign was the best overall despite being a total Gears Of War rip-off and nothing like Resident Evil. Leon's first half was quite good but goes rock bottom in his 2nd half due to bad level design, cheap deaths, and bosses taking too long to die. Jake's had far too many lack of room for error moments and had the worst level in the whole game where you navigate blindlessly in a snowstorm, and Ada had some ok levels but the submarine and car chase ones were rage-quit quality.

Overall, for me, this was not Capcom's best efforts and to be honest I think I'm gonna have to call them Crapcom for this total disaster. I don't know if I can play through it all over again but still, no Resident Evil game has beaten Code Veronica on the Dreamcast yet. 4/10

Here is a brief preview of me playing Resident Evil 6 and getting frustrated. :P

Anyone got Diablo III?

Just wondering if anyone's got it. I only managed to get a copy of the game just last month and to be honest playing through the campaign by myself is kind of boring. I'm only level 8-9 so far and I'd like someone to help me please.

My username on the game is ADragon91. Just comment or PM me. Thanks!

Anyone watching London 2012 Olympics?

Just wondering if anyone has been watching the London 2012 Olympics from the start. I've watched every event final so far on TV. I tried to get tickets but the system is so biased and tough to get any sort of ticket it's seemingly impossible. I also tried for Paraolympic events too but I had no luck that way either. Oh well, at least it's not over yet. I loved the original opening ceremony and am looking forward to watching the Paraolympics.

Going to SGC2013 next year?

After watching the Screwattack Gaming Convention 2013 Kickstarter reach its $100,000 goal, my best friend told me I should go to it with him next July. I told him I'll try to save enough money to do it since it's probably going to be about £1000.

So, any other GameSpot members going or have been to an SGC before?

A Whole New Beginning (Rebirth)

Hey guys! Don't know if anyone remembers me. I took a long break off GameSpot but have decided to come back for good. I got rid off all of my old blogs and decided to think of this as a "Rebirth", as I decided to just do a fresh start and have a more positive attitude. Now that I am an adult and all those 6 years are left behind now, I can look forward to the future. I've probably lost alot of friends or subscribers on here, but that's ok.

So if anyone remembers or wants to give me a warm welcome back, just comment on this blog. Thanks!