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Abdullah_ahmadi Blog

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive and sound. Well, I can't any longer update GS as often as I do before; but I guess trying won't hurt anyone, right? Let's see...

10th November
Yes, it's my birthday. I feel old, not sure to be happy or sad about it. For the first time, have celebrated my b'day with my friends in somewhere so... Romantic? =P

What else? Hmm... As some of you may know, I recently quit my job (for some reasons I've mentioned in my last blog). Lately, I've been searching for a new part-time job. I got a feeling that I've been wasting my time, as if there's no other place for me to work! >_> Only 4 months left till I leave college and enter working life. Feeling excited and yet worried... Had a talk with some of my friends about what we're gonna do after college. Some have already decided to do further studies. As for me I'm not so sure what to do... Thinking about it gives me a headache! x_X I'm trying to get my things settled here so I can back to my normal life asap. Hopefully sooner...


Back From Tartarus !!

Feels like it's been ages since I last blogged, so what's up?

So much happened that I don't know where to start... College & work kept me busy that I didn't have any time to even think about other things! >.> I've got exams coming up which means I've been studying my butt off because the results we get this time is what the Universities ultimately judge whether they want to offer you a place or not on. So I... AHHH NEEDED GOOD GRADES. I usually suck at exams since I feel like I'm gonna collapse when I want to study !! xD I prefer to do it in my own ways... cheating maybe? :twisted: Nah just kidding... the only reason I'm not is : laziness! I'm totally not normal sometimes. ^^ Anyway, I ended up with the highest results in my cl4ss. (for the 9th time) kinda hard to believe isn't it? :lol: then it was my job and some trips to the next countries... Dubai, Kuwait, Italy, Germany and... *sigh* Hell !! >_>

Yeah, spring break's finally here... my long awaited 20 days break has come! No college, no work... It's like a paradise for my mind! :) I've played through my vacations like an idiot! XD I'm currently very into Star Ocean TLH. it's such a nice game... I love to play it, whenever I have time, although I already finished it. It's for me like Persona, I can play it all day long without getting bored. oh I forgot to mention it, you sure remember I said something about getting a X-BOX360 on my last blog. well, I got it. I also bought an HD-TV and many new games :


Persona 4
Chaos Wars
Dark Cloud 2
Ar Tonelico II
Eternal Poison


Eternal Sonata
Valkyria Chronicles

XBOX 360

Lost Odyssey
The Last Remnant
Tales of Vesperia
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Ninja Gaiden II
Dynasty Warriors 6
Battle Fantasia
Soul Calibur 4
Dead or Alive 4
Fable II
Tomb Raider Underworld
Fallout 3
Gears of War 2
Resident Evil 5

Well, they'll probably make me busy for a while. I might go to see my uncle tomorrow. he lives in a peaceful village... that's all I need, right? Hmm...I just never got around to see how's everyone, same goes for your blogs...

Did Nina & Jeff come out from their hideout? or they're still hiding in shadows? XD

Did P get his freaking 360? I'm curious.

What about TJEU? did Kat finally give in and became a good boy for Momy and his poor Grandpa? hey,hey, you still alive Great Grandpa? =o

Wassup everyone?? :o