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A clearly biased person shouldn't have a featured review then or be allowed to do the review. It's like when they let Greg Miller do the Uncharted 3 review at IGN. Such Hyperbole had never been uttered before.


Everyone's biased. Some people are more critical or level-headed than others, but that doesn't make the less critical ones somehow ineligible to review. I reviewed Hotline Miami this issue and basically "gushed" about it, and I have every right to. Moreover, I described it as running counter to trends that I personally (a qualifier a critic should never have to use) see as negative in gaming, so it was a clearly biased review, yet I will gladly defend it as a piece of criticism. It's not about biased or unbiased; it's about having reasons to back what you say. The Halo 4 reviewer did not go into much more detail than "I'm a Halo fan, this sh*t is f*cking awsum"(which I, for the record, think is f*cking moronic), but he clearly stated his reasoning, and also explained that he was not just a fan but a die-hard one, i.e, someone unlikely to be very critical of the game in question.

Pretty easy to say "okay, this guy's a die-hard Halo fan, this review isn't something that I want to read" and leave it at that.

So, if I happened to love a game and write a glowing review about it it's bias? Isn't that what glowing reviews are all about? I admit I tried so hard to find flaws but I coudn't and I put my Halo bias aside. I stand by my review and I appreciate all of your constructive criticism.

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[QUOTE="Laihendi"]Please explain to me how it's murder to kill a baby after he comes of his mother's belly but it's not murder to kill him while he's still in the belly.Laihendi

Well that depends on when the abortion is performed. Legal abortions are performed during the first 14 weeks and anything after that when the fetus develops human features, I'd agree that it's killing an unborn baby. I'm talking strictly about legal abortions.

So do you believe babies magically become entitled to rights after they're 14 weeks old, but not a day before? Or do you believe that the law determines who has rights.

A sufficiently mentally disabled human is not entitled to rights, and real life does work that way. The severely mentally handicapped do not own property or exercise any rights at all, due to the fact that they are incapable of conceiving the concept of rights. They live as the property of their caretakers (usually the parents I assume). I have known severely mentally handicapped people, and they all had something in common: they did what they were told. A man who does what he is told without asking questions is a slave, and can never be more than a slave.

If you really think that a mentally disabled person does what he/she is told then you have chosen to turn a blind eye on their situation. My uncle is a mentally disabled man and a severe one at that. He does what he wants to do and he loves to play chess, is that a slave? It sounds like you find working being slave labor as you take orders from your boss without questioning it. If you truly do view the world in that way, I do not want to be part of it in any way. I'm deaf-blind and the fact that you say certain disabled people do not have rights gravely offends me to my very core. You insult millions of disabled people for something you clearly have no knowledge about.

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A Pokemon MMO would work really well. The groundwork for an MMO is already there. Collect your little pocket monsters, go around and challenge people freely while mixing in some AI battles. The eight best Pokemon trainers per server could be gym leaders/elite champions.

But this is Nintendo we're talking about, I wouldn't expect much from from that dream to be reality in the near future.

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1 X360, 1 PS3, 1 Wii, 1 above average PC.

1 PS Vita, 1 3DS, 1 PSP, 1 DS

1 GameBoy Advance SP

1 Xbox, 1 PlayStation 2, 1 GameCube

1 Dreamcast

1 Nintendo 64

1 SNES, 1 Genesis

1 Game Gear

That's all I have so far...

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Did I just miss something when I played NSMWii? Really? REALLY? I'm sorry but the best Mario games this gen is clearly Galaxy but for best game of this gen that is entirely subjective to anyone else's preferences.

I apologize but would you kindly rethink your assesments? Like I said.... would you kindly?

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Ok, I TRIED Kingdoms of Amalur but it is a SLOG to get through. Nothing but a bore-fest. I'll be working on Borderlands 2 and beating Madden 13's career mode is a tougher challenge than I thought it would be.

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That never happened, because I am by far the worst chopper pilot in GUFU. Like disgustingly bad. Bad Company 1, and this made verg laugh hysterically. "yo how do you fly a chopper" : All in my NY accent glory so it was more like "choppah" and within 5 seconds, crash and explosion. SO BAD AT FLYING CHOPPERS!jg4xchamp

It happened, by joves it was hilarious. I'll never forget it :lol:

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I remember when me, Lafi, Game, JG and AK47 got together and played GTAIV. JG was in his attack chopper chasing Game on a motorcycle. I watched the whole thing unfold from a rooftop and saw AK land his chopper at the intersection to pick up Game. Game crashed into a car, flew off the bike and sends his body into AK's rotors of his choppers, spins five times as he was stuck in the rotors and finally flies off and dies after hitting the building.

Finally, JG blew up AK and his chopper. I killed JG with my rocket launcher.

I lol'd.

Where was Lafi? Probably killing a prostitute with his bat to get his money back.

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On a saturday?

A: I have work, because that's a money night
B: I will be out. Also Lafi is on crack.

I had to take those stupid lessons years ago. My current hispanic dancing skills are legit. I made my adjustments for that puerto rican b1tch.

On topic: Monday is better, and I hate this years Madden.


I love this year's Madden. It's harder and it's fun. Can't do Monday, doing yard work all day.

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Texans start getting good and you ditch them for Cleveland? For shame.



The Texans are too easy to take to the Super Bowl. I'd figured I could use a tougher challenge in "franchise" by using a ****** team. I'm using sliders difficulty sets from OperationSports.com that makes the game realistic and 15 minute quarters. So far I'm 2-1 with the Browns. Beating the Eagles and Bills but getting blown out horribly by the Bengals.

I still love my Texans though ;)