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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Games of 2009

As there have been plenty of great games of 2009 there are also games of that year which provided it's share of terrible games and big disappointments. For this list I am going through the games that left players in complete disarray and ones that were complete, complete trash that don't have the right to even be called games. Like always I will try to limit my options to games that only got a PAL version release in Europe.

10: Shellshock 2 Blood Trails

Platform: PlayStation 3/XBox 360/PC

Developer: Rebellion Departments

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Shellshock 2 was a sequel to a not so good Third Person Shooter Shellshock Nam 67 from Guerilla Games who were known for the Resistance series for the PS3. This game however shifted development to Rebellion who had done plenty of fantastic games in the FPS genre and you would think they would know what they were doing with this one. The game's attempts at horror that the original game never did by the way were pathetic, the controls were a mess, the sprinting was vomit inducing, the levels were dark but were atrocious to go through and my word the quick time events were just a nightmare, even more of a nightmare then the infected.

9: Stalin VS Martians

Platform: PC

Developer: Black Wing Fundation/Dreamlore/N-Game

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This game was supposed to be a funny parody Real Time Strategy game but however the jokes were flat and unfunny, stupid AI, horrible missions, terrible film quality that look like they come from a VHS Type or something and gameplay was just simply horrible. This game was so bad that it was later removed from Steam and we can perhaps be thankful for that. If only that could happen with other trash we been getting recently.

8: Bigfoot Collusion Course

Platform: Nintendo Wii/Nintendo DS

Developer: Destination Software

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Unless you are fan of Monster Trucks then you are not going to be impressed with this one. Bigfoor Collusion Course was very light in it's content and the race tracks where uninspired. The Nintendo DS version on the other hand was worse in every way with the game breaking the game's title name Collusion because it is awful and the handling is atrocious making it one terrible racing game you shouldn't bother with.

7: Rogue Warrior

Platform: PlayStation 3/XBox 360/PC

Developer: Rebellion Developments

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After the change in developers and after a long 3 year wait players were left with an unenjoyable piece of garbage and coming from Bethesda it shouldn't be anyone's surprise. It had plenty of bugs, glitches and very terrible AI. The campaign was very short and the main character constantly spews out profanity in every line in the game making this one of Bethesda's biggest messes next to the recent Fallout games like Fallout 76.

6: DragonBall Evolution

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Developer: Dimps

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I would like to wish from the Dragonballs that a live action Dragonball movie never happened but I would like to wish that nobody made a game out of it. Dragonball Evolution was a big flawed mess of a fighting game that had a terrible storyline, live action versions of characters like Goku and Piccolo look horrible and the gameplay is just pure garbage with unbalanced characters and very dumb AI.

5: WarpForce

Platform: PC

Developer: Artix Entertainment

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Free to Play games get hit hard almost all of the time. There are some decent ones out there that are worthwhile and don't force you to pay a great amount of money to make them enjoyable and then there is WarpForce which tries to destroy the enjoyable aspect of Free to Play. WarpForce is an expansion pack for the original AdventureQuest but rather it has the gameplay of AdventureQuest but instead of improving it and perhaps making it better it instead carries all of the bad gameplay from it and putting it all into this mess. The gameplay of this game stinks, the combat is slow, all of the attacks, weapons, spells and other classes have no impact and do very little damage making fights a big chore more then anything and having to visit the stat trainers and fight them just to raise your character's stats is a stupid idea no matter HOW you look at it. This came out in 2009 as a Free to Play game with options of paying for a upgraded account so that you wouldn't have to bother with lines so that you can play it and the original AdventureQuest came out back in 2002 with said issues and there is no excuse for this game to turn out like that. Sure it was updated weekly and might have improved the game but at the same time worsened other parts of the game as well. I have never since played after it launched and deleted my account afterwards.

4: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra

Platform: PS2/PS3/360/PS3/Wii/DS/PSP

Developer: Double Helix/Backbone Entertainment

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G.I. Joe was there aright, except that they ended up getting one of if not one of the worst movie to game translations of that era. The Rise of Cobra game had dozens of issues ranging from the awful gameplay mechanics which both on foot or in vehicles are broken beyond belief. Missions that were bland, repetitive and very forgettable and worst of all it was very punishing to play even with 2 players. It's a total abomination that had no business to be sold on the shelf even at full price when it came out.

3: Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust

Platform: PlayStation 3/XBox 360/PC

Developer: Team 17

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Leisure Suit Larry had a enjoyable amount of fans during his point and click days but with Box Office Bust it ended up living to the word Bust quite literally The humour was disgusting and was unfunny, the presentation was god awful and the gameplay was repetitive and was broken and unenjoyable. It was considered to be by many to be not only one of the worst games of 2009 but one of the worst games period thanks to the offensive content and truly awful gameplay.

2: Tony Hawk's Ride

Platform: PlayStation 3/XBox 360/Nintendo Wii

Developer: Robomodo/Buzz Monkey

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If you guys thought that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 was bad then get a load of this. Tony Hawk's Ride was supposed to be a full fledged Skatebording game where you use the Skatebording controller to control your movements. Problem was however the controls didn't work at all and it was frustrating to get used to. The tricks hardly ever came out and was difficult to try and keep yourself on the board both in game and in real life and it made you look like an idiot playing it. What a way to ruin Tony Hawk's chance to join the Motion Control crowd guys, hope you are proud of it.

Honourable Mentions

Velvet Assassin (XBox 360)

Bionic Commando (PS3/360/PC)

WET (PS3/360)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii/DS)

1: Final Fantasy IV The After Years

Platform: Wiiware

Developer: Square Enix

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I want to completely express my full honest feelings for this one, Final Fantasy IV The After Years is one of the biggest flops of 2009 for dozens of reasons. Do you remember enjoying Final Fantasy IV and playing through it, well with The After Years it is just a complete carbon copy of Final Fantasy IV with areas, gameplay and bosses and so on completely brought from the original game but with a new character Ceodore who is a complete whiny, wussy little wimp who is just to put up with. The storyline in the game reads like terrible fan fiction and for the most part it doesn't do anything that even fits into the universe of Final Fantasy IV. However the biggest thing that puts the game this high on the list was that the game was released in Episodic format which immediately angered gamers and that everyone had to wait between weeks for more episodes to come out and the price for them on the Wii Ware version were outrageous. The game costed money to even download the game but it only contained one episode and to get the rest of the game and you had to spend more money to get the other character chapters as well as the final chapters. In total the price for all of it almost more then the price of a full retail game. All that for content that is heavily recycled from the original Final Fantasy IV, the length of them were short and the complete fan fiction storyline. 2009 wouldn't just be year Final Fantasy IV get hurt this hard but also it was the year that Japanese gamers would get the high anticipated but hugely disappointing Final Fantasy XIII before we English speaking gamers would eventually suffer with it which not only makes The After Years not only one of the worst games in the Final Fantasy series but also my top pick for worst game of 2009.

Do you agree with this list? What other games of 2009 left you majorly disappointed?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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