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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2016

This year has had it's share of some truly bad games but that is nothing compared to the most disappointing games we got released this year. Now to be fair with this, some games that did come out where pretty good but however some of them failed to deliver on their promises so let's have a look at the 10 most disappointing.


  • No Remakes or ports of older games

  • Only games released in Europe will count

  • Some of the games have to have gotten us exited to play it

10: Bravely Second End Layer

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Silicon Knights/Square Enix

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The Nintendo 3DS Adventures campaign released a handful of RPG games for the system which were really well received. Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, Fire Emblem Fates, Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon Sun and Moon, they were all really good but the game that ended up being such a big disappointment of the whole lot goes to Bravely Second End Layer. Okay first off in it's defence the battle system is really good with many different classes to use but however what lets this game down is the censorship. Now I personally got nothing against changing the main character's clothing to make them less revealing but removing some important story elements and multiple endings ruins the game for players in the west. That aside the game's story was weak and it lacked any improvements from the original game. So overall the game is a weak sequel with nothing improved from the original game that's worsened in the west by the worst use of censorship.

9: Dragon Quest Builders

Platform: PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita

Developer: Square Enix

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Square Enix will forever continue to baffle me with their sequels to some of their Ips this decade but some spinoff titles are reasonably entertaining despite some set backs. Dragon Quest Builders isn't one of those games, instead it's a Minecraft clone without any multiplayer, that's right no multiplayer. The game is chapter based and it takes away everything you built and recipes you learnt and have to learn them and build everything all over again in each chapter making the game limited and repetitive. Even the combat was weak because the enemy variety was lacking.

8: Hitman (2016)

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: IO Interactive

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Hitman comes out from the shadows for a prequel but he really should have targeted down a proper sequel instead. The game was released in episodic format which meant that people had to wait for the other episodes to come out to keep playing. Also the game came out in an unfinished state and also you had to always be online to play it.

7: ReCore

Platform: XBox One/PC

Developer: Armature Studio/Comcept/Asobo Studio

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ReCore had something to live up to, with influences taken from Metroid and Mega Man the game had a semi open world gameplay design that looked decent but however in execution it turned out very disappointing. It was full of technical issues, bad loading times and also repetitive combat.

6: Mafia III

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Hanger 13/2K Czech

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The third Mafia game can really tell a fantastic gang filed story but however the game falls into that repetitive open world design which really lets the game down in a lot of ways. The PC version of the game was locked at 30 frames per second until a patch was made to address it.

5: Final Fantasy XV

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One

Developer: Square Enix

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Let me be reasonable and allow myself to express my true feelings towards this game. After 10 long years of waiting this game has had a very difficult development cycle from a name change, a rumour of cancellation, plenty of changes of what it could have been and the final release just did not live up to the long 10 year hype. Last year we were given a taster of the game with the Episode Duscae demo and eventually when the full game came out plenty of changes were made, some of them were not for the better. The game may look incredible and the presentation is top notch as always with the series but however the gameplay was not as well executed and the story was really poor. It used a health system similar to XIII-2, using magic and summons was very difficult to utilize and some of the battles can just be a bit frustrating. I really wanted to try and like this game but it's shame it doesn't live up to what the demo promised and it's also a shame that after a long 10 year development it sadly didn't live up to the huge hype that it promised. I am currently going through this game and will soon do a complete review of the game when I finish it.

4: Street Fighter V

Platform: PlayStation 4/PC

Developer: Capcom

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Capcom's newest entry into their legendary Street Fighter series has unleashed a new fantastic fighting engine and it is impressive for what it is and the graphics are really out standing. Only thing is that the single player lacked so much content and it relayed on downloadable content, so much downloadable content.

3: Star Fox Zero

Platform: Wii U

Developer: Nintendo/Platinum Games

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We were happy to finally ride those Arwings again but this new Star Fox entry had a very difficult control scheme to get used to. The game's length was also very short which was disappointing. It also lived a little too much close to Lylatwars just without really trying anything new with it.

2: Battleborn

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Gearbox Software

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This year we saw two new online shooters which competed with each other, first it was Overwatch and then afterwards came Battleborn from Gearbox Software. Just like Overwatch it has a colorful cast of characters and it does have great combat and leveling dispute the lack of content. It soon also launched micro transactions in order to fill up the content for it, however the play base dropped so fast afterwards.

1: Mighty No.9

Platform: PS3/PS4/XBOne/360/Wii U/PC

Developer: Comcept/Inti Creates

No Caption Provided

Everyone really wanted to see a new Mega Man game but however things changed and soon afterwards there was a kick starter which happened in 2013 which became a success. The developers give mega promises for this kick starter title but however numerous delays and mismanagement later and the game out as a total big disappointment. The graphics and art style were awful, the voice acting was atrocious, the level design was terrible and the gameplay had performance problems. It was a shame that it never lived up to it's exceptions and that it was never given the polish that could have made the game at least enjoyable and that makes this the most disappointing game of 2016.

Do you agree with this list? What other games left you very disappointed this year?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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