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AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst First Person Shooters

The first person shooter genre has created plenty of industry favorites in existence but however there soon becomes competition between various fanboys across the internet. What they sometimes do not realize that there are way worse titles in this genre then any of the games that people try to give unreasonable hate to. What I have done is a list of ten of the very worst fps titles that perhaps many of us should put all of our gun bullets into.

Now in order to determine the very worst that this genre has produced:

  • No Indie games of any sort will be counted

  • No games released only in North America or Japan will be counted

  • No bad ports of existing titles

  • Finally all games must be licensed and released in my area (which is Europe) and each game must have had a terrible reception upon release.

If you are hoping for games like Super Noah's Ark 3D, Send in Jimmy, Revenge of the Rednecks, Catechumen and Extreme Paint Brawl then sorry you will not find them here.

10: Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified

Platform: PSVita

Developer: nStigate Games

No Caption Provided

If you were hoping that a Call of Duty game would make it on this list since every year we get a COD game that isn't any different then the last then you are right, but let's be serious for a moment now. Call of Duty games have always had entertaining Single Player and Multiplayer battles and has become a console shooter of choice for video game tournaments. Black Ops Declassified on the other hand was more of a striped down experience with stupid AI, overly sensitive controls, a terrible storyline and brief single player campaign and lastly the unreliable online multiplayer and vast number of glitches. It certainly wouldn't be so hard to port a game to handheld since the COD games on DS were actually really good but however the series really missed the mark completely on the Vita that it is now declassified for longtime fans.

9: South Park

Platform: Nintendo/PlayStation/PC

Developer: Iguana Entertainment/Appaloosa Interactive

No Caption Provided

South Park's adult humour didn't translate well into making a first person shooter which wouldn't be the kind of concept which would in fact work. It is not sure if whatever or not the bad design of the game was ever intended as the game becomes downright repetitive. The AI is simplistic and they hardly ever put up a challenge at all, controls being clunky, objectives that require you to pick up the other main characters even when there is a character selection screen and the amount of fog in the game makes the game difficult to navigate through even on the Nintendo 64 with the Expansion Pack. The game was much worse on the PlayStation thanks to the horrid graphics and worsened draw distance plus some of the levels were removed. The voice actors dispute providing their voices for the game gave a negative response to the developers of doing such as terrible job to the game and their license. At least now there is the excellent Stick of Truth game which should be recommended to fans of the show instead.

8: Hour of Victory

Platform: Xbox 360/PC

Developer: Nfusion

No Caption Provided

Medal of Honor and the old Call of Duty games helped populate the World War II shooters but then other titles in that category arrived and some of those had poor quality and Hour of Victory is one of those games. The game's graphics are sub-par and it is full of bad enemy placement, constant number of bugs and glitches, choppy framerate which makes this World War II battle difficult to achieve victory.

7: Day One Garry's Incident

Platform: PC (Steam)

Developer: Wild Games Studio

No Caption Provided

It is just hilarious on just how bad Day One is. Like, it is hilariously buggy and it's graphics look more like a 2006 game and it is missing a lot of sound effects plus the AI is just as dumb. The developers of the game tried to defend the game by using copyright claims against anyone who are saying bad things about this game but later apologized some time after. You will actually spend more time just laughing at the lazy design of the game then actually playing it.

6: America's Ten Most Wanted (Known as Fugitive Hunter: War on Terrorism in US)

Platform: PS2/PC

Developer: Black Ops Entertainment

No Caption Provided

In this budget released mess, you take on a terrorist group and capture faces like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden (no joke). The FPS gameplay is overly simplistic with dumb AI and just when you think the shooting portions are bad enough then you got to deal with the fighting game portion, that's right a fighting game portion. What were they thinking!? The fighting in it isn't just bad, it's just dull button mashing that makes every fight very easy and pointless. The real fugitives are the game designers for the overall design of this abomination but at least we get to put an end to Osama Bin Laden's scheme in video game form.

5: Duke Nukem Forever

Developer: 3D Realms/Triptych Games/Gearbox Software/Piranha Games

No Caption Provided

After Duke Nukem 3D became a massive success the developers eventually got to work on the next big Duke game which unfortunately went through multiple delays and different game companies. When it finally got released after 2 decades of waiting what we got was an unpolished mess, it severed with many performance issues such as horrible framerate plus a list of bugs and glitches, very, very simple shooting mechanics that is mostly tethered to the consoles plus the humour in the game is seriously not funny even for a Duke game, it is offensive, really it is. Even the Multiplayer was very bad cause the severs were slow that it is impossible to play without playing without constant lag issues. What fans wanted throughout all these years was just a Duke game like Duke Nukem 3D and boy were the fans disappointed.

4: Rouge Warrior

Platform: PC/XBox 360/PS3

Developer: Rebellion

No Caption Provided

Announced back in 2006 Bethesda had a partnership with Zombie Games Studios but was not satisfied with the direction that it originally intended and brought in Rebellion to develop the game that way. What we eventually got after 3 years of waiting was a disastrous piece of garbage, like a few titles on this list it did suffer from a vast number of glitches, terrible AI and also a rushed production. It's Multiplayer was limited and the Single Player Campaign was insultingly short and lastly the game has the main character constantly spews out F-Bombs every single time which gets foul really fast.

3: Infestations Survivor Stories (Formerly known as The War Z)

Platform: PC

Developer: Hammerpoint Interactive

No Caption Provided

This game got a rename to Infestations Survivor Stories because of copyright but aside from that this game is an infection of gameplay that becomes very boring with rather dumb zombies, dull shootouts and weak graphics. Of course the game commits the fatal crime of using the free to play business practice with microtransactions, vital items that you need for survival such as weapons, ammo and health, food and water can be purchased with real world money and the developers even said they wouldn't do it but they did anyway. If you die in the game you would have to wait for an hour (or worse 4 hours in some updated versions) to respawn or you could just pay real money to do that instantly. It is epidemy of pay to win gaming and it is just a complete scam to get people to spend all their hard earned money to play the game.

2: John Romero's Daikatana

Platform: PC/Nintendo 64

Developer: Ion Storm/Kemco

No Caption Provided

John Romero is the man behind Id Software's Doom and Quake which are legendary titles but then announcements came up about his next upcoming game which was Daikatana in which was worked on with Ion Storm after leaving Id. However the announcements were known for the controversial ads and the game received multiple delays and missed deadlines of the developers eventually scarping the 11 months of work that was completed at that point. After poor company morale Daikatana was eventually released and the end result is a game that was released in an unfinished mess. The game's AI is terrible with enemies charging directly at the player and the allies were worse as they spend time getting in the way or getting stuck. Saving on an elevator causes your save to get corrupted which makes the game much more unplayable. The overall characters and storyline were forgettable, atrocious voice acting plus the some of the cutscenes took a mere 10 before getting into the game. Daikatana still stands as one of the worst and biggest overhyped games of all time.

Dishonourable Mentions

Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

You are Empty (PC)

Shadow Run (2007) (PC)

007 Legends (Xbox 360/PC)

Aliens Colonial Marines (Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

Enemy Front (Xbox/PS3/PC)

1: WWII: Solider

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Midas Interactive

No Caption Provided

WWII: Solider is an absolute abomination of an FPS that nobody in their right minds should ever play, ever! The game isn't bad because of it's awful graphics, it isn't bad because of the poor sound quality but on how inconceivable the gameplay was designed is what makes WWII Solider a horrifying mess. The first half of the game, THE FIRST HALF consists of having to do badly designed stealth missions without sounding a alarm otherwise it is Game Over and it's back to the title screen, on top of that mission 3 can easily be beat by just doing for the cable car without completing the important objective and the game lets you do that which is absolutely shocking. Mission 4 is simply pointless because you can just crouch to the side and it's a 10% that an enemy even hits you and the level ends easily. Missions 5 to 7 is where you can finally shoot stuff freely but however due to the horrible aiming controls it makes shooting down enemies difficult and plus the ally AI is hilariously bad because it seems that the developers didn't animate your ally properly. Sometimes you might end up dying but the game does such a terrible job of even showing how you even died. Yes, that's right, there are only 7 missions in the game and they can be beaten quickly that is if the game doesn't screw you up due to the bad controls, AI enemies that can outnumber you and the unforgiving mission difficulty for most of the game. Simply put WWII: Solider is among one of the most disastrous excuse of a game even compared to some of other games that Midas have actually worked on, there is absolutely nothing fun to be had with this game and there is no redeeming factor what-so-ever. It is not only one of the worst First Person Shooters of all time but it is also one of the worst games period.

Do you agree with this list? What other First Person Shooters became a waste of bullets?

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

Happy Gaming to you all and please remember to stay away from the bad games!