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A new medal and various other things.

Finally, after months of trying to get a new user medal, I get a medal without even trying. To that I say: What the hell did I do to deserve it?

Anyway, I forgot to mention this a while back, bu I got my new sound and video cards back. Now my computer runs perfectly. I've also expanded my collection of PS2 game significantly, and am going to get a new game this weekend.

Also, It's my cat's 8th birthday this weekend. You may not care, but she deserves what I got for her. I got her some cat treats with some cat-nip things, and a cat toy which she already found and likes playing with.

Your other profiles

You guys may have noticed that when you sign up for this site, you also get a profile in some other sites. What I'm asking is if any of you guys use those other sites, and what site did you first sign up for?

However, I have noticed that any changes you do to the profile in one site, effects all of the sites. What I mean is that this blog thing that I just wrote appears on all of my profiles. Also, you can PM users of the other sites even if you aren't on that site.

I signed up for GameSpot, and never used any of the other profiles given to me. What about you guys?

AAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!! Both my video and sound cards broke!!!

Would you like to know what's annoying? Getting anawsome computer game (Supreme Commander)for Chrstmas and then having both your video card and sound card break down and stop working 5 minutes after you install the game. After that you try to fix your computer for several hours to no avail. Eventually you just give up and pack up the video card and sound card to send back to the company because they're both still covered by the 90 day warrenty. At this point you resort to taking out your crappy laptopin order to go to Gamespot and tell everyone what happened in a blog post thing on your profile.

Yes, that is what happened to me.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season that is full of joy, etc.

I bought a PS2

I bought a PS2 yesterday. I really like it.

Also, this is the first video game console I ever had since the Sega Genesis. Every other game system I had was a computer or Nintendo handhelds.

What the hell is wrong with the browse game button?

I was just looking through GameSpot for any games I might be interested in getting. So I went to the DS section, went to the browse games area, and clicked on the letter "a". Apparently, there are no games on the DS that start with the letter "a". I checked for every other letter. Apparently there are no games at all on the DS that have any letter of the alphabet in it's title at all. That's right, the browse game section came up with no games at all.

Then I went to the see if this was happening for all other game systems. It is. The browse game button no longer works, as it will bring you to a page with a list of all the games that start with that letter, and no matter what letter you picked, there will be no games.

Why is this happening?

Too much war

Honestly, I can't see how the world can get any worse. There is war all the time. And the span of time between wars is never very long.

Think about it. In the 20th and 21st centuries alone there have been hundreds of wars. And for major modern day wars, there have been 21 already. By modern day I mean since the middle of the century, the 1950's.

The longest span of time between two major wars in the 20th century was merely a scant 8 years. And most of the wars started since the 1950's where only 1 or 2 years apart. This 1 or 2 years is the time span between when the wars started, not between the end of one and the start of another. So many, many times, there has been more than one war going on at any given time. Hell, the Cold War was about 40-50 years long.

Are humans really that violent a race that we can't even go a decade without starting a war? If we're this bad now, imagine what it will be like farther in the future. If we even meet intelligent alien life, the first thing humans will do is probably going to be to declare war on that other species.

I'm tired of this constant never ending war. Why is it that humans are so intent on killing each other? If we just put down all of our weapons and worked together rather than against each other than we'd be able to do anything. If we took all of the money spent on war and used it to solve world hunger, stop global warming, and cure the diseases that run rampant through this world, we would still have lots of money left over.

Humans may very well be the most evil, destructive, and monstrous race in all of existence.