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@TheEroica said:

I'm most excited that switch let's me take some really fantastic games on the go... Pc and console are fighting for scraps in my world.

Absolutely. We already have a general grasp & expectation on how games should & will perform on consoles and PC, but there's something so fascinating & inspiring about seeing what else can be played on the Switch. It's kinda like that childhood sense of wonder to see what comes next. To see the gap between handheld & console shrink. The flexibility and efficiency it provides despite necessary graphical downgrades. They'd call you absolutely insane if you'd go back in time to 2016 and tell people the next Nintendo handheld can play Skyrim, DOOM & The Witcher 3. Mindblowing, honestly.

Now THAT is something no one saw coming.

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Yeah, I was really bummed out since there really isn't any reason for the Switch version to run at 30fps. If I remember correctly, MH4U ran at a solid 60fps on the New 3DS. The Switch is capable of that and more.

I am enjoying myself with the demo, though. A shame we'll most likely not get the full game in English due to how much Capcom is still promoting World in the west, and there's no way they'll release MHXX after its successor.

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What a load of BS. Don't get me wrong, I'm super pumped for World, but I was also incredibly excited for MHXX, have been for months.

Capcom strikes again with their nonsense, it's not the first time they've opted out from localizing certain MH games for little to no reason. I guess I'll be picking up a PS4 soon.

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I'm truly not surprised. I was bitter when Black 2 and White 2 were DS exclusives and I'll be bitter when I'll be playing Ultra on 3DS later this year. I know Gamefreak too well to expect them to make that big of a hardware jump so soon.

But I definitely know I'm not the only one who feels incredibly fatigued and unexcited by Ultra. Sun and Moon were a fun twist but it truly did not offer much after completion. I'm interested, I'd love to know more about the games and I will buy it because I'm a sucker for Pokemon, but goddamn it's incredibly obvious that the series has been constantly held back by the 3DS hardware and I'm totally ready to move on from it.

Worst case scenario is Gamefreak still supporting the thing well after 2017. Let's hope not.

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I can't express my excitement. I've been waiting for this announcement for months.

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It's a flawed game. Understandably flawed.

It was Nintendo's response to all the backlash from Wind Waker for being too "kiddy" and short. It tried to gain back the fanbase by tapping into the OoT nostalgia and giving us a world similar to it but larger. Hell, it would have made more sense if Ganondorf was not in the game, but they somehow managed to shoehorn him into the story at last minute as a callback to OoT. It tried to outdo previous Zelda games in size and length, which only led to all the unnecessary padding and empty fields. Many ideas and potential held back by technical limitations, and all development was delayed for a Wii port with subpar motion controls. I would not even be surprised if they made the game easy for the sake of making it accessible to everyone.

However, I can't deny how much fun I had with Twilight Princess. I spent countless hours doing laps around Hyrule on Epona, watching the sun rise and set and looking up at the stars. I loved going back to the fishing hole to relax. Although the light tears fetch quests were annoying, being able to play as a wolf felt fresh and was lots of fun. Those bosses were laughably easy, but oh man did they deliver hype and grandeur. The character design is so good, Smash still uses them. Midna is still the most fleshed out companion in any Zelda game. The music was absolutely amazing, felt more orchestral than Skyward Sword's actual orchestrated soundtrack.

A flawed game? Absolutely. Best Zelda game? Not quite. A bad game? Not even close.

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Nintendo just needs to fade out the 3DS and put all resources on the Switch. Sure, $300 seems expensive at the moment for what it's offering, but having all developers put their resources on one unified Nintendo device will become an all around better and cheaper deal than buying both a Nintendo console and handheld. Those who bought a 3DS and Wii U paid nearly twice the amount Ninty is charging for the Switch. It'll certainly have a rough launch, but it has potential to shine bright once it gets all those exclusives.

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@iambatman7986: They definitely mentioned it while we were playing, but that's pretty much it.

The Zelda and Splatoon kiosks, for example, allowed you to switch between different controllers, like the joycon grip, handheld or pro controller, but Arms was exclusively motion controls during the event. I do wonder how it plays with buttons.

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I truly doubted Arms when it was first shown but I was completely blown away when I got to play it last weekend. It's surprisingly addictive, especially the 2 player co-op, and the controls are precise. Yes, it does look like Wii Boxing at first glance, but each of the characters available in the demo felt different in terms of weight, power and speed, and you were able to customize what kind of "fist" they used in a match. Some were normal fists, other had boomerangs or rockets as fists. Jumping, blocking, dashing and being able to do combos with holds and specials felt deep and intuitive.

My biggest complaint, however, is how precise the motion controls are. It's both a blessing and a curse. Imagine Wii boxing with two motion+ controllers on each hand. You move both to the left to move left, to the right to move right, you curve to curve punches, etc. It all works accurately when you're practicing, but it's natural for us to fidget and move excessively whenever things get too exciting and heated. So there were moments where the game was not registering some of my attacks or movements because I was moving WAY too much and a lot was going on with my hands. The kiosks people said that it did support pro controller/traditional controls but we were only offered to play it with motion controls. I can definitely see it being more tactical with the pro controller, especially online.

Overall, I enjoyed it greatly. I had to play it three times. I am definitely purchasing it.