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World of Warcraft

This my friends, has got to be by far the most addicting game I have ever played. I absolutely love this game. Most of you probably know me as Warmaster on the Lothar server. This game has a lot of things goin for it. First there is the constant leveling of the characters. With every 2 levels you get to buy skills to better your character. There are 2 major "checkpoint" levels in the game, one is 40 and the other is 60. At 40 you get to enjoy uber spells and if u have the money u can buy a mount. This differs with each race. There are 8 races, 4 for each faction. The only factions are the Horde and the Alliance. I personally favor the alliance. Night Elves to be particular. Well, what more do I have to say. For those of u that own this game already then u know what I mean. For those of u that don't GO GET IT!

Burnout 3

Me and my bro just got Burnout 3. It is one of the better games in this world just because of the crashes. It is the first game where the only point of it is to destroy other people and get points for it. That is what makes or breaks a game. Pure fun is not exactly around the corner. It might get old depending on the user, but it's still cool to me. My bro just earned the fire truck for the massive crashes. I use the super cars and still win. The fact that there is such a big variety of cars to choose from also adds to the gameplay fun. I can literally play 50 matches with a different car or truck every time. The slow motion feature is awesome and how you can steer your car into others and get aftertouch takedowns. If you have the game, good for you. If you don't, then get it as soon as possible, cause your missing out on a good game. The PS2 version, as some of you know, has a demo of Need For Speed Underground 2, but the Xbox version does not. Unfortunately, this is just something we have to deal with. See you on the next journal entry. Out...

Need For Speed Underground 2

This game has a lot going on for it. If you have ever played the demo, you will know just the general idea of it. The graphics in comparison of the first and the second are different. Underground 2 is going to blow away the first one. There are many new features in this one. One of the key features is free roaming. You can drive around and beat the story mode how you want to beat it. There is no special order to do things in. There are going to be a lot more cars involved as well. I know for sure that the Mazda RX-8, Ford Mustang, Ford Focus ZX3, Nissan Skyline, Nissan 350Z, Nissan Sentra, and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII are going to be in this one. The new combinations are practically infinite! There are also 5 new car features that I know will be in there. There will be a bass system, engine neon, trunk slots,dynos, and scissor doors. Also, there is something about the gear ratio and knowing how much torque you have. Basically, this will be the closest thing to actual street racing you can get without getting in trouble for it. It is set to release on November 15th of this year. I have already pre-ordered this game and I would highly recommend you do the same. That's it for now on Need For Speed Underground 2, so until next entry, you'll just have to settle for what I've got. I'll have an entry on Budokai 3 next. Thanks for you time and peace out.


Halo 2

Halo 2 will, by far, be the best game to come out this year and maybe ever! I am sure it will sell out faster than any game ever made. It is currently the most highly anticipated game in the history of gaming. New features have been made which most of you know about. Some of these include: Customize spartans or elites, vehicle damage, new weapons on both sides, new vehicles, pistol and assault rifle have been changed, warthog has an e-brake and horn, ghost and banshee have the boost option, banshees can now barrel role and loop around, brutes added in campaign, can use light swords, new multiplayer levels, online gameplay (Xbox Live), ranking system, duel wielding, multiple melee attacks, new gameplay modes such as Assault, can hijack all vehicles, modified old weapons, and much more. Although I think I covered the majority of it. This game has so many more features than the first Halo. It will require more skill on the gamers part and it will be more realistic. There is a possibility that co-op will be up to 4 players. That is just a little something I heard, so you all can look into that. Other than the information I just gave you that's about all I have to say. The rest is self explanitory. When Halo 2 comes out: Time will stop, schools will close, the economy will go down, gaming will change forever, and all chaos will break loose! Peace out and enjoy the game.