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Ok, were should i start ok...

First what kind of name is Wii for a game system?? It was originaly going to be name Nitendo Revelutions or somthing, sound better than Wii right?  

But I can't judge the system on its name.although it sounds stupid,how do you pronounce that any way)

Besides the stupid name it looks like a good system. Your able to download all the old games that use to be for NES and stuff(all the old school gamers should like that)I think that is a cool feature. I remember when I was like four years old,Playing my Super Mario Bros for NES, I would love to play those games again. There aswame!

Then there’s the controaler, it looked like a piece of garbage to me at first. So then I looked into it, it may not look apealing but its actually pretty cool. For example say your playing a tennis game, you can use the remote as a racket! Kinda cool eh?

Over all Iwould give Nintendo Wii(which should be named Nintendo Revelution:evilTWO THUMBS UP!!