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What about some Gamespot reviews?

How are you fellow gamers? 

So, I haven't posted any blog entries for about 2 years, but I'm back.

So what about some gamespot reviews the new and the old ones. Why would a game like CoD Black Ops get a 9/10 and a game like Crysis 3 gets a 7.5/10 ?? Well, Crysis 3 is a far better game in every aspect, better graphics, better weapons, better gameplay experience overall, and it has the nanosuit so you can mix things up, whilst all CoD games are generic shooters, just aim and shoot, sure it's fun if you play a CoD game for the first time, but what if you have played other CoD games, isn't it the same as the previous one, with nothing more than a new setting and some new weapons?? it feels like a DLC more than a new game. Crysis games have innovated something new in the FPS genre, and it plays amazingly, sure Crysis 3 looks a lot like Crysis 2 but those games never get boring and they intruduced some fresh ideas into Crysis 3.

In my opinion, the 9 should be given to Cryisis 3 and the 7.5 to CoD Black Ops.

And what about some games like Surgeon Simulator 2013, it got an 8/10 because it was just humurous as gamespot review says, it sure can be fun for like an hour and then what?? Gamespot just put this game in the same leaugue as the Last of Us, giving both games an 8/10. This is just ridiculous. I haven't played the Last of Us because I don't have a PS3, but judging from what people are saying and other sites reviews, the game seems like a masterpiece. So why would they give the same score to a game that'll give one hour of fun and to an experience that might stick with you for years to come.

And speaking of humurous, why wouldn't they give that 8/10 to the Deadpool game, because it's funny as hell, I haven't laughed so hard playing another video game, and the combat is very entertaining and it will last for more than seven hours Vs that one hour of gameplay playing Surgeon Simulator 2013.

I don't think that a very popular and great site like Gamespot should make such mistakes.

What do you think?

Guess Who's Back !!!

I finished my Exams today and I'm very happy :Dhope I get some good grades

I think all my Exams are good exept for math ,and i'm usually good at it .....

let me tell you our subjects

Math (algebra,geometry) ,Biology ,English ,French ,Physics ,Chemistry ,Geography ,History ,Art ,Phylosophy ,IT

And every book is about 200 pages :shock:

Bye :)

See You after 2 weeks

Good Bye Friends :(,im not gonna be able to be here for 2 weeks :cry:, i dont have time to even scratch my head.

Because i have Exams starting Tuesday ,and i should be studying now ,I have 11 subjects to study

BYE :(

Enjoy the new year :)

Happy New Year

2011 looks promising :),i might get a ps3 next month :D,i cant wait to play GOW3 and uncharted

what are your plans for 2011 ?

exams are six days away !!!

exams are so near and really really hard .i didnt study very well during the semister ,so i have a lot to do ,im only 10th grade and i have 11 subjects to study ,this is torture:cry:

i think im gonna pass but not with decent grades.

bye :(

finished Assassins creed 2 for my 7th time

today i finished assassins creed 2 for my 7th time

the game is awesome and i have never got bored since i bought it exactly one year ago .

finished brotherhood twice and im still playing it .