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Pathitic Me

well i feel bad for my self its been like a week and i only got 13 pple in my union and well it looks sssssoooooooooooooo empty.

well plz pple invite others and start posting and

btw happy holidays and well help me fix up my union


my union now is called Fan Fic and Pic Union

Day 3 of Our new Union

Hi all of those who see this

The union is a success on its 3rd day he have 10 members thats over 3 members joining a day. Though i know its only the third day and everything i was hoping to see some fan fic.

thanks to 3 of the recognizable people who started out from day 1 and now and are still posting and inviting

and a special thanks to
Commander-Chaos for making the current banner


Hi friends im sorry my feeble attempt to create a Union has failed and i guess its b/c either the members ive chosen to become charter members are either unactive or dont know how to click the accept button on their gamespot pm.

I than those who have accepted the 1st time and want them to accept this time for yes i dont give up and i have restarted the Union again and so far i got 1 charter member. Now i need 3 more. I hope those i have invited will accept and plz do b/c i have a few fan fic i and other's have written that i would like to share with u.

Here is a special thanks to the two pple who accepted the 1st time :



and here is a thanks to the current member:


and again i hope you will join and make gamespot a better place.

FFF- Final Fantasy Fans

Final Fantasy Fans

This post is to all friends who love final fantasy which ones have you played up to date.

Here is what i played
1-2 legends
1-6 for snes gba gb and gbc
7 for ps and pc
8 pc demo
10 ps2 at friends house
11 but lost account and cant play any more.
12 demo for ps2
tactics beat it 3 times gba
1-2 dawn of souls

so far i havent played 9 anthology and those i dont know about

share your feedback


well i just wanted to say hi to all my friends im back from my suspension.

So i was like hi all and welcome (i guess to my self)

hope i could answer all the stuff  u guys have been asking and well ill manage my new union

The Fan Fiction Union

cya around

My Union

I finally reached lvl 6 and now i am starting my union its great all i gotta do is wait for my "friends" to accept my charter invites and well then it starts. like they say in mcdees
"I'm lovin' it"

lol peace out peeps