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94iceman94 Blog

Hey u guys who are mods look in this blog look!!! now!!!! u will like what u see

Hey mods your the best thxs for makin gs safe for us your just awsome the great people on gamespot your all legend your all great and thxs again for makin gs s*** what i just said i was just makin up i'm pist you think u guys are so good well i have 2 word for ya YA NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yea u made gs s*** u can't post enything without gettin mod these days so whats up ya lifes hard and u wanna take it out on other people wat one of u guys moded wings on here bout her thing i'm not happy at all and some one moded my video do u think this is funny yea your laughing your head off ain't ya yea u are cause u all are fuking cold hearted and the people who aggree with me we are makin an army we will taken them apart bit by bit i'm fuking pist!!!!!!!!!!! i mean it. why do u even fuking report people gs is better off with out ya u no that u u i better not say or they will report me for that to yea i mean it u have really fuked gamespot its not evn fun now cause u can't really post enything without gettin modded so just test me i hear of one more person gettin moded u wanna watch out u think this is mad its not even half as mad as i can get so i wanna no who the fuk modded wings bout her blog and my video now!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry to the people who don't wanna see it but its bloody tru all and if ya modded and don't like wat ya reading i don't care u get mod me all you just proves u can't stand up 2 me and ya weak.


2 level ups in 2 days and other stuff

Yep its tru there must be like some glitch but i've gone up 2 levels in 2 days lol its sweet skiped level 16 mosltly i hope i go up even another level tommorow that would be sweeter

Man won't ghost just leave me alone this what happend couple of days ago i'm in bed turned on my side trying to get to sleep and somthin pushs me right in the back i look behind me and theres nothin there so i thought yea somthin must be here so i yell out to tell it to F*** off eny way i've turned on to my other side and it pushs me again i look behind again still nothin then i thought why don't i just sleep on my back nothin us happend i kinda wanted to push me again cause i would of got it that time caught it out.

in other news i'm trying to clock KH2 its not very hard but i kinda is good game very fun.

i get tommorow off so i might be on all day but then again i might not might be going bike ridin with a friend for some fun cause he just moved closer to me so yea

That'll do bye

Ghosts are out to get me

its tru i'm so freaked out just then when i was on the computer somthin screamed in my ear saying my jay it scared the s*** out of me and it has to be a ghost theres nothin us in the room i have music playing and its calm music and it said my name what scared me most. i see ghosts all the time i saw one a couple of nights ago it gave me a hug and patted me on the head it did'nt scare me but it was freaky i thought it was may dead pa:cry: i still miss the guy my family is very spirttile it runs throw my mum said of the family and not many people get it but i did my cousion did and my cousion mum got it as well but every one us did'nt get it as bad as us. i take it as a gift but then again its not very fun at times. eny way this what happend i was sitting on the computer mistfit talks to me say hay and i say hey back and 1 min later somthin like that somthin scream in my ear i was like s*** and i thought i could fell it touch me on my shoulder i have nice calm music going Iris by ronan keating and does that say my name in it. what i can tell its trying to contact me in some way maybe it noes me from a past life i really don't no but i have my pa so if it does try and attack me i'll just call my pa i'll let ya guys no if i think i see it i don't think i can will be able to get to sleep tonight thats about it

My Top 10 songs(20/05/07) & Depression Update

Here's my top ten songs first

10.Listen To Your Heart-DHT

9.Here Without You-3 Doors Down

8.Set The Fire To The Third Bar featuring Martha Wainwright-Snow Patrol

7.Little Wonders-Rob Thomas

6.4 AM Forever-Lost Prophets

5.Leave Out All The Rest-Linkin Park

4.Valentine's Day-Linkin Park

3.Hands Held High-Linkin Park

2.Bleed It Out-Linkin Park

1.Iris-Ronan keating and heres a link to the video clip

yes i am a big fan of Ronan Keating his awsome shaw he did steal this song but he made it way better

thats my top ten and now to the depression thingy

My depression is hittin hard right now i really don't no if i can beat it.and i'm scared to tell my mum and dad that i am depressed cause i don't no what they would say cause i just really don't even like my parents there just all ways yelling at me and thats y i just really don't tell them enything.i can't stand to live this way i don't no if i can take it much longer cause its just taking me down bit by bit and its broken me down.

Thats all 94iceman94

Survey and other things

here's a Survey what i'm gonna do and i can't rember who i stole it off sorry

Starting time? 11:14pm

Name? Jay

Nicknames? iceman or Jaybob 

School? Sebas

Eyes? Brown

Height? 165cm somthin like that have not check in some time

Siblings? a smaller sister

Ever helped somebody cheat? Don't think so 

Missed school because it was raining? Nope

Set any body part on fire for amusement? No way 

Kept a secret from everyone? Yes

Had an imaginary friend? Nope and i will never have one 

Wanted to hook up with a friend? No

Cried during a Flick? Don't think so 

Had a crush on a teacher? Yea

Ever thought an animated character was hot? F*** yea 

Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape? Huh

Prank called someone? Maybe

Been on stage? Yes

Favourite shampoo? I use what ever is in the house i don't really care 

Favourite colours? yellow,red,blue and green

Day or Night? Night

Summer or Winter? Winter

Like anyone? Yep

Known the longest of your friends? i don't get this one 

Name your best friend(s)? Steven and Brandon

Who's the loudest? Proply me 

Who's the shyest? Me easyly

Who do you go to for advice? No one 

Who do you cry with? i cry alone

Cried? Last night

Cut your hair? never cut my hair my self i love my hair

Worn a skirt? No y would i i'm a boy

Been mean? yep sadly

Been sarcastic? WTF does saecastic mean 

Missed someone? my pa R.I.P

Hugged someone? Last time i hug some one would be when i hugged my grandma 

Fought with your parents? Yea heaps

Wished upon a star? Why would i 

Laughed until you cried? Yea

Played Truth or Dare? Yea can't rember when but 

Watched a sunrise or sunset? Nut

Went to the beach at night? Yes

Read a book for fun? I hate reading

Are you lonely? Kinda

Are you happy? Not even close to being happy 

Are you talking to someone online? No

Do you believe in God or the Devil? No

Do you believe in love? Yea

Do you believe in The Closet Monster? No i don't bleave in monsters but i see ghosts all the time 

Do you believe in The Big Bang Theory? WTF

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? Nope

Do you believe in superstitions? Fake

What is your full name? Jay Scott Doblie 

Who named you? My dad

Backstreet Boys or N Sync? I don't no i hate both 

What is your computer desk made of? Who the hell would i no

What is your favorite state? Where i live now Aus

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? I don't no Vagas 

Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Don't no

How many buddiess do you have on you list? 310-friends 132-i'm tracking and 2-people tracking me

How's the weather right now? Cold

What did you do last night? Um t.v and computer 

What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? i don't no

Favorite hair colour in the opposite sex? doesn't matter

Pizza or ice cream? Pizza

How do YOU eat an Oreo? I think is that chocolate

Dream car? Eny ford car

What do you want to be when you grow up? Game maker

What are your future goals? To become a game maker

Favorite music? Rock

Least favorite time of the year? Summer i hate the hottness 

Did you notice that number 90 was missing? HUH>_>

Fast or slow? in a car fast 

If you could change your name, what would it be? I dunno

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Maybe

Have you ever been in love? Maybe

What will your first son's name be?  John

Favorite drink? Coke

Do you like scary or happy movies better? Nethier 

Lust or Love? Lust

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? No

Do you want your friends to do this survey? yea they can if they want 

When's your birthday? not saying my age or enything

How old will u be?

Time done? 11:38pm

other stuff had a bad day at skool today nearly got into a fight and a kid never stoped teassing me i told he to leave me alone told the teacher did nothin and my friend is friend with the jerk. he say everything i do is just s*** so that just puts me down and i just can't ignor theres somthin wronge with me words should be nothin but they go right into me and start hittin hard i try to ignor it but i can't i was nearly crying cause i got called names tears where going down my face but i tired to hide it or i would of been teased for that to people just allways call me names think its ok well its not at all.

Thats all 94iceman94

Depression update

Lifes just is gettin harder and harder everything seems to just take attack at me and never leaves me alone. school theres 2 many bullies who just target me for some un none reason and even kids i don't even no just judges me and they have not even talk to me. every night i can't get to sleep takes me about 2 hours before i finaly get asleep once it took me 3 i sit there crying all night then i'm tired and mum yells at me cause i tired. i really fell like doing nothin today in Soeing f*** i hate it i just sat there doing nothin the hole time intill the teacher came and said watta u think your doing then she fourced me to do work stupid teacher.

thats all and here some pics

Its a pic of me no lie

edit:pic has been deleted if u really wanna see me just pm me ok?

its me this pic will be deleted in some time so gotta be quick.

hey i'm level 15 yay another level up but closer to level 20 ahhh  it scares me but eny way no pics just one of me