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Okay, not sure what's gonna happen (in terms of penalties or hate) when I post this , but it's worth a shot. I am attempting to set up a party to boost ALL of the Halo 4 DLC achievements (i.e. Crimson, Majestic, and Castle map pack achievements). Let's face it, some of those achievements will NEVER unlock by skill, but by sheer dumb luck. Get a kill in a Warthog while airborne? Get 5 airsassinations in one game? Sorry, no thanks. Anyway, my philosophy with achievement boosting, put succinctly, is "less players, more controllers". In other words, it is better if we have a smaller group with people who are able to sign in guests so that we can meet the requirement for a full lobby. Otherwise, we'll spend hours stepping on each other's toes while people whine about how they didn't get the achievements they wanted, which is especially true for the achievements that only one person can unlock per match. If you are interested in this, please post your gamer tag, availability (include your time zone), and the number of controllers you own. If you are not interested, it is either because you have already unlocked all of the achievements and/or are disgusted/annoyed/whatever at how I have no skill and have to revert to boosting to unlock achievements. If the case is the latter, my advice to post away because I will not read it. I have yet to respond to a flaming comment as of this writing and would prefer to keep it that way.