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I really need to vent some anger now so, Im gonna use this blog to do it.

Let me start with Ronaldo......... cheating piece of ****ing ****. He knew exactly what he was doing when he got Rooney sent off. He even winked after.

Then England had to defend for an hour without Rooney or Beckham but they played miles better than Portugal could ever hope to play.

But once again defeated by penalties.

When are England ever gonna get a lucky break??

Owen Hargreaves, led the English midfield all the way through the match, he got a well deserved man of the match.

I could really kill this guy right now, cheating son of a *****.

Gary Neville, led the English defence, I don't think we would have held on for so long without him.

Out smarted by him in the quarter finals, for a third time.

Arctic Monkeys ~ Live


This is my first video, so I thought I'd upload my favorite band at the moment, the Arctic Monkeys. This is them playing live on TV.

Arctic Monkeys

I might be going to see an Arctic Monkeys gig soon (if I can get the tickets), I think they are a brilliant band. Does anyone else like them? 

Welcome back Master Chief....

I wont bore with banging on about the H3 trailer, but if you look on the Bungie website it says this will be the final ever Halo. I feel realy sad that theres only one more Halo to look forward to, but Im guesing Microsoft are pouring money into this game to make sure its absolutely mind blowing.

E3 is upon us....

Its practically time for E3, I really cant wait now. I am desperate to see how Wii games play and I wanna see if PS3 games really live up to all the hype. But as much as I hate to admit it, I cant help feel excitement for Halo 3. If you read the Bungie updates, they practically admit Halo 3 will be their. They even say: "Much, much bigger update next week" - this obviously means there will be an announcement at E3.
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