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psn add

send me your psn names i will add u . i finally gat a ps3 i have had it for about 4 months

vote help

ok im asking for your help if u have not seen durarara!! then u should watch it but even if u havent vote here for the second seasoni put the link right herehttp://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/durarara-season-2/there are over 10,000 people who have already voted so help us out to get the second season english translated the maker of durarara!! said only if there was enough demand for the second seson would he make it im only half way though the first season and it is so awsome im a big fan

money problems

ok i know ive asked befor but is there iny ideas u can give me becase i wont to buy a new psp it is about 80.00 pluse taxmine is broke so i cant finsh trials in the sky or little big planet i still cant get a job i get 10 dollors as allowancea weekbut its not enough becase i need to get the psp befor this year ends and soon becase fate\extra a game i wont comes out sometime this year if u havent herd of it go to siliconera and read up on it its some what like persona 3 it is priced at 39.99 pluse tax so if u can help i would be thank full and my net blog will be about the ds

p.s. relly look up fate\extra on siliconera its a rpg for fans like me and let me know what u thank

pics problem

i dont know if it is gamespot or my computer but i cant look at my pics or iny ones on gamespot if there is something wrong with gamespot please let me know thanks have a nice day p.s. school started yesterday god i hate school im in 10th grade does iny one eles hate school

my top 20 bands part 4

5. back-on= japanese alternative rock rap

4. red hot chili peppers= alternativerock

3. the devil wears prada= Christian metal screamo

2. metallica= metal

1. rise against= punk rock

my top 20 bands part 3

10.sum-41= punk rock

9.one republic= alternative rock

8.we came as romans= rock screamo

7.august burns red= christian rock screamo

6.abingdon boys school= japanese rock

my top 20 bands part 2

15.yellowcard= alternative rock

14.as i lay dying= metal screamo

13.dead by april= techno rock screamo

12.aqua timez= japanese alternative rock

11.simple plan= punk rock

my top 20 bands part 1

20.high and mighty= japanese pop rock

19.gym clas s heros= rap rock

18.parkway drive= metal screamo

17.linkin park= alternative rock

16.uverworld= japanese rock

back for the second time

i am back my computer has been broke just finished repairs but its nice to be back about twomounths ago i was given a smart phone or can i call it dumb phone becase i could cheek my account but i could not email or post blogs on my phone

help inyone

i just gat two new games i did get my box set of trials in the sky but i also bought munster hunter freedom unite so if u play monster hunter can u give me hints i use to have freedom 2 but sold it i did not get far so im giving it 1 more try thanks for the help becase i am relly geting into the game down below i will give some info about how i play.

wepons i use

dule blades

great sword

sword and shild

hunting horn

bow (arrow melee attack)

like does iny one now if there is guide to all big monsters weakness and if u now iny one who people who play it please tell them to contact me by cooment or email