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My thoughts on...+lvl 26 :D

Warning:If you don't want to read about my melancholy,you can skip this whole section and go strait to END/START :P

There was a time when I didn't have Internet on my computer,and when I bugged my brother every hour-or so just to see what has happened on gamespot,did I get a new lvl,a new update,invite or something similar.I used my PC JUST for gaming and playing every singleplayer game I could get my hands on...Those days are sadly over...

And every time I saw a person here making blogs about his/hersdiminishing presence on gamespot-I thought-"what a jerk", or "how can someone prefer something else over this?!"...


But of course,while I'm no longer spending time on gs,I have used that time to somewhat advance in my social skills :P It's vacation here and it's just what the doctor ordered :D I go out with my mates every night,I made many new friends and there is this girl I really like (yes,another one :P) and we are going out this weekend :) ..

Oh I almost forgot to wish you all a very happy New years :D

How did you lot spend your New years eve?(not like anyone is actually reading this so it looks like I'm talking with myself,but what the hey!)

I was at this party and got with this girl (yes,another one :P) and she is really nice and good looking,but she had a boyfriend and I like that girl that i mentioned before,so we decided not to tell anyone (+it wasn't serious,just a bit of fooling around :P)

Since my religion is orthodox,Christmas is tomorrow and we don't really give gifts,it's more of a celebration thing ;) ,but guessing most of you here are catholic your Christmas was a few weeks ago,so I wish you a (late)merry Christmas :P


Well,I haven't played many games in the last few months because of school but I have played Tron and Harry Potter and they both suck big time (but maybe they get better after some time but the beginning sux)

+mw2 and some Fallout:NV to calm the nerves :P

I mentioned school and I'm really frustrated by mine,I mean,it's INSANE!It is totally missing the point :( .The education in my country SUX BIG TIME X( ,and not in the "oh the children are retarded ohh what are we going to do?"way,but the education is astoundingly stupid.Let me explain.First of all,the thing that annoys me the most is that we don't have any choice to choose what we want to do,which is really daft because in the later stages of education you learn upper levels of cla$$es which you may,or may not want to know.The most important thing in this modern world is,I like to believe,is choice,if we didn't have choice,we would be back in the medieval ages.We do get a choice,but it is wayyyyy to late imo.You might be thinking "Why am I reading the rants of some bad student complaining about the difficulty of his 2+2 math?".Well you would be very wrong.First of all,my grades are among the top 3 in my class,with almost all "A-s",or "5-s" as we call them.Secondly I think that this one fact will be enough to convince you of the difficulty of my (and most others in this country).Children in this country,by the age of 14-15 have 15 cla$$es,and they have at the same time nuclear physics and molecular biology.Is that REALLYnecessary?!?And that is in a totally average school.But still,despite the toughness of education here,the generation of the kids that are in school now is maybe one of the dumbest ever.I am saddened to be a part of that generation,in which there are really many kids that are extraordinarily smart and talented.There are 2 reasons,and both are relating education.First is kinda like the saying "you can't force a frog into water",meaning that when these kids are forced into studying they won't learn anything,and the second is that there aren't any consequences of not studying.It is really sad and bad and I could go on for days about this subject but I'm tired from talking when no one cares :( .

Anyway I see that I have reached lvl 26 which is really cool and I'm happy about that.

And on a side note I started learning (about 3 months ago) how to create and modify images in photoshop and how to make programs in dev c++ and I can say that I'm getting quite good at it :D

Sooooo anyways,I have to go now,happy holidays and all the best see ya! :D

I am sorry GS...

...for the inactivity,but there has been a lot going on...High school..is...a hand-full...I am also disappointed in myself for not being able to put aside some time for real gaming...The worst thing is,that I have 2 (semi) great games,DR2 and Civ5,but I usually go for some brainless fun with mw2..I am becoming what I hate the most...casual gamers...

On the up side,my social life is improving.I think I finally found a girl that is...hmmm I can really sum her up,but she isn't troublesome and difficult like the previous ones (at least I think/hope so).I think she may be a keeper (at least for a while :P )...

As I said,I got Civ 5 and Dead Rising 2.

I have played Civ 5 only for a little while (just finished the tutorial) and it looks nice,but a bit dry..Not really interesting,but I haven't played enough of the game to be able to make that call.

Dead Rising 2,on the other hand is a game for people that like..hmm..well,killing zombies.Not much to it you just go and slice,and that's pretty much everything worth mentioning about this game.

i just gave this small update because I like to share :P ,and i really am sorry for the inactivity,but there is so much to F-ing do X(

See you later GS :D

Women,vacation and Starcraft 2...

Well,I know what I've said in my previous blog,but,I'm a dude,what you'd expect :P ,like always,there are a few more this time then the last time...actually,2 new ones,and one old one(so to speak :P).Of course,this being gamespot,I will make the most fitting comparison...Morrigan or Lilian...One is darker,you could say stranger,and one is...hmmm more out-going,and a lighter person...The problem is...most of the people I asked said that ahm,Lilian is hotter,but I like girls a bit darker,ones that seem to have another side to them...I don't know.My type or the supposedly hotter one...hmmm,meanwhile one of the numerous girls I mentioned before and I will meet so she can give me my USB back,and then I will say how I feel about her..This will 97% be a failure so that's why the previous inquires,oh,and not because of me,but because she is already seeing someone(I think):(...That's all about that...

I still,or should I say only have 2 weeks left until school,and that's kinda sad but what you gonna' do?:P

The last,but defiantly not the least is the realease of a titan...Starcraft 2...

The graphics-amassing,probably the best graphics in a RTS ever,and one of the best in video games in total-9.5/10

The gameplay-great gameplay,hits just the spot:P 9.0/10

The story-blizzard didn't disappoint,even though I dislike the dev(cuz of WOW),I must admit,great story(especially since I haven't played the first part)9.5/10

+Great story rapped in a nice pack of great gameplay with a nice big shiny bow of amasing graphics.

-This is kida a personal preference,but in games like tis(RTS) i prefer unlimited time,but I am constantly rushed by all sorts of stuff...

Overall-9.5/10 (I never give 10s)

Till' next time gs,see ya!


No games...not one...Re-playing Dragon Age because I don't want to lose my mind...I'm a dwarf now and it's quite interesting...I got Guild Wars but I haven't got Internet (on my PC(yet)),but I'm getting it in 2 week or so...

Going on a trip the day after tomorrow...Italy...

Decided to...hmmm how to put it...stop with all the madness about all of these girls,and I'm just gonna play games,eat,sleep,and hang out with my bros untill school starts...In a month actually...

Well,see you gs:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dlater..


The first blog in quite a while...There has been a LOT going on tbh...

i wanna start of with saying that if anyone told me a year ago that all of the stuff has happened will happen,I would say that he's insane...More then anything,I'm talking about girls.It seams that every new blog I have 3 more to talk about.This time,there is one,but a important one.

I thought that when I finish the exams & vacation starts that I will be able to settle down to my dark room and just play games until my eyes pop out,but that's not gonna happen.

In the light of that plan,I went to the game room with a couple of friends to celebrate the start of a new age:P,but there I met this girl.If you read my topic in OT,skip this part...She is incredibly beautiful & I bought her a drink & we talked for hours,& the next day,and the day after that,and I liked her more every day...I eventually asked her out & she said yes and gave me her phone number.Then,I found out that she has a boyfriend (or at least I think she does)!..The date is 6 o'clock today (in 5 hours because it's 13h here)...I decided that I will go out wit her,but I won't do anything until I find out what's with this boyfriend thing...

ANDANDANDANDANDANDANDAND the girl I mentioned in one of my previous blogs,the one that texted me out of the blue(without me giving her my phone number),with which I broke up after that I found out that she is a bit crazy and is obsessed with the upcoming (now past) exams...She is texting me again and she says that she is "sorysorysorysorysory",and she is hot,but I am waiting to see what will happen with the first girl...

In other personal news,I passed those exams with flying colors,and I'm going (from now on) to this school in which only my best friend is going...Which is sad but I'le keep in touch with my other friends (even though everyone is going to a different school lol),but we all live near by each other,so it woun't be a problem,but it will be weird that I will only occasionally see the people I saw almost every day the past 5 years...

There is a lot more to go on about,but I don't wanna boar you,so I'm moving on to GAMES!!!



Good graphics,with texture gliches sometimes,story...meh,and gameplay is great.Innovative and fast paced game which I strongly recommend...

Sniper:Ghost warrior-


Good idea,I love sniping,but poorly executed...Ok graphics,story-non existent,and the gameplay is good at moments,but the overall impression is ruined by the awful non-sniping levels and by the fact that enemies can see you from a million miles away,even if you are in camo and in a bush,and at times,they can't see you a few feet away lol...

Kinda tired right now so,I'le come back for sure,but I gotta go :D...Se ya!

Alan and the chipmunks 2.........OH NOEZ!

So there has been a delay in my plans,but on Saturday/Sunday,I'm going to the cinema with this girl,BUT when I asked her what did she want to watch (I had to...)she said alan and the.....I thought she was kidding,but she wasn't:|I remember that he said that she likes Disney and horror movies,and I dislike both,but at least alan and the...is better then saw or something like that.If someone has some interesting info about that movie (alan and the...)please do tell:P.

Like a week ago there was this INSANE party which started around 20h and finished (for me) around 09h.When I woke up that day I didn't think that at 5o'clock next morning I was going to be on the floor of the ladies restroom........:D.....I don't remember much,but I know that a good (female) friend said (next day) that she is in love with me and has been for over 3 months...I was as stumped as I was shocked and I also remember that she slept in my lap that same night,and I didn't notice anything.....:(I said that I can't do this now and she ran home crying:(I'm really sorry about that...

ANYWAYS...I finished Just Cause 2 and it is a good game,as previously stated...

And I'm gonna get Split/Second and Blur and I'm thinking about Alpha protocol...

Gotta go now:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

An update.

So,I finish school in two weeks and the exams are in a month...

This week is cool,but the final week is going to be brutal:(

First of all,when I went to that competition like a year ago,where I made that thing when you call a number,a light bulb turns on,and yes I know it's lame but I got only one week to make,and I quote "whatever"...Sooo,I met this hot girl there and I talked to her,but nothing serious,I even forgot about her,and all of a sudden,I got this txt message from her,and I'm quite sure that she likes me and we are going to the cinema on Thursday:D.....

Second,why games of course!

Don't ask how but I finished Assassin's creed 2 and I don't want to comment on that game for several reasons,and no I'm not going to say what:P

Here's a pic:


Then,there is Just Cause 2...The game is VERY similar to mercenaries 2,and I didn't like mercs2,but I like this.First of all,the story is stupid,acting TERRIBLE,and shooting dreadfull,but the graphics and $tyle and action are fantastic.Probably one of the most beautiful games I ever played and there are plenty of WOW moments;)



Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell:Conviction.I didn't like it.There was SOOOOO much hype about this game,and it's c**p.The graphics are...meh/bad,the story is ok,but the gameplay is quite bad.I mean,if you are in the shade,you can stand right next to your opponent and he won't see you and I don't like it at all.



And I got audiosurf,which is a fun little game...


And last of all I just wanted to mention my absolute favorite actor and one of the greatest men who ever lived.Michael J. Fox.He is VERY talented and he is a really amassing actor and human...As some of you know he is suffering from Parkinson's illness,and I really hope that he gets better...Here is his wikipedia page if you want to know a little more about him...

Buy now:D

Ubisoft,you idiots.

They really are idiots.Let me start from the beginning.

Three years ago,I was quite young and did not know about all of the miracles of gaming,sure I played games,but I preferred playing football,basketball and all the other activities and that's coming from someone that pulled some strings so I got a doctors excuse from PE which states some condition I never heard about:P.Then,my sister(from my aunt)got a boyfriend(I know that that sounds strange,but trust me,it has a point).He is (was)a computer enthusiast,but not a gamer.Since my sister lives in the same building as do I,I got Assassin's creed (1) and that was the breaking point of my life.I was blown away.The first real game and the beginning of the rest of my life was three years ago with that game,and that is why I defend that game whenever someone attacks it with harsh comments and still consider it the best game of all times,And that is huge since I want it(games) to be my profession later in life.You can imagine my enthusiasm when the second part came out.For 2 months or so I hit everyone who started to talk about it(consoles) and refused to read all the texts about it in the magazines I usually read.

And then,after long three years filled with hundreds of different games,good,bad and mediocre,still AC had a special place in my heart,and then I heard it...........D R M.Douchebag retarded morons.

I welcome any game protection which disables pirates to play,but it is simply outrageous to make it so you had to have a constant Internet connection,disabling legit users to play.As you may or may not know,I have a gaming PC in my room without an Internet connection,and my brother has a laptop with Internet in his room.

To cut things short,I cannot play the sequel of one of the most important things in my life because Ubisoft made their DRM so.But do not think that I will give up.I SHALL PLAY ASSASSIN'S CREED II!

Which leads me to Internet as a hole.A guy named Ivan Vešić wrote a fantastic article in a magazine called "Svet kompjutera"("World of computers").He said that Internet is changing people by giving them the courage to say something that they would never say in person,but that it also imposes trends which are leading to the loss of the critical minds.And the regular users of it for somewhat educational purposes are victims of it.It is leading to the decrease of intelligence because it gives quick information,and be honest,did you EVER read the hole wikipedia text about something you wanted to know.It is leading to that that many people know little about a lot,shallow knowledge some would say.

You may think it's hypocritical of me to post something like that here,but I think gamespot is quite different.Most users here are intelligent people that converse here with other intelligent people about a common interest.And no,I don't own a facebook account because of a promise and because of principles.Interestingly,I think I'm the only one in my school.

And in other news,I now have C&C 4,Metro 2033,Napoleon:TW,and BBC2.

C&C is a total disappointment.It has turned into a Dawn of war 2 clone:(No base-building,my favorite part:(


Metro 2033 is OK,a good shooter,but not amassing,a bit above average-8/10.


Napoleon is great.Not many changes from empire,but that was a great game also so I like it.


Battlefield:Bad Company 2 is a great FPS,but I'm afraid that it is a clone of MW2 & Crysis and some other games,but if you want a great shooter,and don't care about the story or anything but graphics and gameplay,this is the game for you,but mind you it is quite short.I finished it in one day.


I'm tired of typing and I really have to go,so see you later GS :D.

I haven't been active for quite a while...

I have been quite busy with...life:P.I have this HUGE exam in three-four months and everyone is fu****g panicking.It's made out od two parts.Math and Serbian(language),and we got these books with a 1000 questions from which they will take 20 each and put it on the exam,and I have to study a lot:(,but I still take time for friends and games...Sorry gamespot.

Now,there is this huge celebration after the exam and everyone is going,but there is a catch.You have to enter with another girl/guy.And that is quite a bummer,not for me,but for all those girls that aren't gonna be invited(more girls than guys).And as for me...well...it's ever so more complicated.I decided that I'm gonna give up about that girl that I like(love),because she is giving me too much attitude,and she is really starting to annoy me:x,so,onto the new batch!:PNow I replaced those three with another three candidates(actually two and something else).

When I was in cl@ss,two of my kinda friends wanted to hook me up with this girl that is cute...kinda(for others),but I just don't like her.And they really crossed the line when they asked her in my name to go and she said yes,but she realised that they were full of s**t and she said:"Yes,but only if he asks me himself",and I was in the room.And that made it that harder to ask this other girl who is good friends with her:?I'm gonna wait and see what happens.

Now,this third girl,I know her from competitions we go on together.I make some electrical gismos,and she wants to be an architect so she makes (model)buildings,so we don't compete with each other,but we go to the same competitions that include those,and some other events.And I can't invite her,because we can only go with the people the same age,and she is a year younger than me (a few months actually):x,but I think I'll probably ask her to the movies or something...


I got Bioshock 2,Mass Effect 2 and Alien vs Predator.

Bioshock 2 is the only,first and last horror game I will ever beat.I played Bioshock 1,but I never finished it.It is good,and that is incredible coming out of someone who hates horror games with a passion.


Alien vs Predator is not fantastic,but it is good,gamespot is wrong,it doesn't deserve 5.5.I played as a marine and as a alien,and I'm saving the best for last:P


AND...MASS EFFECT 2!My hat's off for Bioware.First Dragon age then this...It's amassing!Probably the best story ever,impressive graphics,end greatly improved,and more fluent gameplay.


That's actually it,and I probably won't be on here for some time,but I wish you all the best of luck,and I'LE BE BACK!

a YEAR!!!

It just got 2010 here (?),and I joined GS at 2008/2009 day,so it's been a hole YEAR!I can't beleve it...I never expected this...It has been a great year and I wish you all a great 2010!!!