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Not exactly thrilled

I'm definitely not thrilled with this new look, but I suppose as time progresses, it may be easier to use. Anyone have an update on what all was changed? Just layout? Unions?


Should I buy Infinite if I haven't played any of the previous games, or should I get the other 2 and play through those first before I try and tackle Infinite?

Gears of War...

Oh how the Gears of War series ended. It was such a good ending and story in Gears 3 and then this...this horrible thing called Judgment...comes along. It lacks character, depth, FUN, diversity in multiplayer...and an overall sense of itself. The story is decent, but doesn't really stand up to it's predecessors (successors? ). The multiplayer was fun in Gears 3 with a few different game modes, but they are basically all done away with in Judgment. Just Domination, TDM, FFA, and Overrun. None being particularly fun in my opinion. I just wasn't impressed and it deserves the 7.5 it got on here. Not worth the 60 I paid, and I'm going to return it today. So disappointed and that's coming from a long time Gears fan. :(

In other news, March Madness!

Sure has been a while

Been visiting on and off since I've gotten out of college and started work in the real world. It's been entirely too long, but without the ability to do internet things at work, it puts a little damper on my ability to do much on the internet at all that isn't through my phone. However, all is about to change. I'm about to leave this current job and join up with the Air Force and go through Officer Training School, or at least that's my goal. All I need to do is pass a qualifying test and some screening, and I could be selected to go through the school. So that's what I've been working towards for the last week in hopes that I can finally find something that I enjoy to do with my life.

Married life is wonderful and fun and all that I imagined it could be. We've been married around 9 months now, and it's a blast.

I've truly been missing this site and all the posting I used to do, and perhaps I can come back and be a friendly face to those that may recognize me. If not, then I suppose I'll get to know you.

See you around!

E3 Reactions/New Life

Man, I really enjoyed some of the new games being announced through E3.

My most anticipated games:

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Halo 4
Black Ops 2
Fifa 13 (with Messi on the front!)
Hitman: Absolution
Medal of Honor
Star Wars 1313
Assassin's Creed 3

These games had strong showings at E3 and I'm happy to see what they will come up with. Most exciting to me is another Splinter Cell game. Love those games, but was disappointed with Conviction. Hopefully they learned from their mistake.

I'm married, live in a new city, and starting a new life. I'll be on as I have been of recent, but not as much as of old. I've tried to quit this site, but so many news and reviews keep me coming back.

Almost finished...Almost.

Well, I've been on GS for 7 years. Crazy considering all the changes that have been made. Unfortunately, this will be one of my last blog posts and one of my last contributions to this website.

All things considered, I've been leaders of prominent unions (The Star Wars Union, The Halo Union, The Lord of the Rings Union, and countless others), I've contributed to Off-Topic Discussion, and provided advice to others in need of a shoulder to lean on. I will primarily be using GS for a news outlet for my gaming interests, but after my two week hiatus from posting, it is plain to me that I do not need this as a priority. Vying for popularity on OT got out of hand, and it is useless anyway.

I'm finishing school in 2 days and graduating in 11. I'll be married in 18 days. So as you can tell, I'll be more busy that I care to be. Which leaves little time for me to enjoy this website.

So this is my farewell. It was fun GS. You and all your glitchy things. I'm certain I'll come back and pop my head in from time to time, but my prominence and presence won't be around.

So long. God bless.

Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers)

Let me start off by saying that the Mass Effect story line has been one of, if not THE favorite story that I've followed since it came out. I've followed many stories in games throughout my gaming career from war to action to just about anything you can imagine. I can absolutely, without a single shadow of a doubt, say that Mass Effect 3 is the perfect end to the franchise. If you followed the Mass Effect games, you would understand when I say that it is very easy to get yourself immersed into these games. From the romance to the action all the way to the story. The story is the main focus here. How someone could think up of something on such a grand scale is so amazing to me. Just to watch the massive large scale images and scenes in Mass Effect 3 just stirs the very depths of the soul, yearning the player to immerse themselves in the game. I sat for the last 20 minutes of the game in a surreal state. I was experiencing about a thousand different emotions ranging from sadness to satisfaction. I honestly don't understand what the outcry is over the ending. If you go into a game/movie/book wanting the end to be how you WANT it to be, you will always be disappointed. If you go with the mindset that I went with, which is to be open to whatever the story is made for, you'll be pleasantly satisfied. A game has never made me yearning for more like this did. Not even the Halo series can touch this story. Granted, they are two different entities entirely, but on the large scale epic story that is told, Mass Effect takes the cake. So here's to you Bioware, well done.

Almost to midterm!

Man, this semester is flying by! I can't believe week 7 is starting in this semester. Pretty crazy. My graduation is in 76 days. Holy whammo. The semester is starting to bear its teeth at me too. I've got so many important projects, term papers, tests, and general assignments coming up that it'll be luck if I come out with my head above the water. 21 hours isn't something to take lightly.

I started reading the Harry Potter series finally. It's about time I got around to that. Just started The Sorcerer's Stone and I'm loving it. So much more detail than the movie (obviously). I love her writing style. It is so much easier to read than George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire". I'll get back to reading that series after HP, but I just can't get into his books that well. It's like he's so meticulous and has to describe every single detail of the scene. I appreciate that he wants to create a vivid scene for the reader, but geez...tone it down a notch.

Anyway, I'm getting married in 83 days. We also already have an apartment complex slated to stay in that allows me to have my Siberian Husky that I will have once I graduate. I can't wait to have that puppy. If it's a boy, the name is Gio. If it's a girl, the name is Arya. I can't wait to get my puppy! Ha. It's been 12 years since I've had a pet of my own and that's too long.

I've been a big contributor to the Off-Topic Discussion board recently. Going to be spending the majority of my time there, so if you want to talk to me outside of my blog, head on over and say I sent ya. (don't really do that.)

See ya.

Profile received much needed makeover

Let's be honest, my profile certainly needed a makeover. I just finished putting new images for my avy and for my blog banner. I expect to keep the Barcelona banner for the fact that I love them. But change a-plenty! What does everyone think of the overhaul?

Also, the semester has started and it's going to be a rough one for me while taking 21 credit hours. How is everyone else's semester going/going to be?