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The Quality of Games

Is it just me or has the quality of games taken a turn, no more like a sharp jagged sudden jolt towards the dark and hopeless future? I mean, when I was a kid we had games that where bad, but the company, if they are still around today learned from those mistakes and fixed them in the next game, and if they where fortunate enough for people to give them a second chance, they would keep improving for the next game and the next one. Now we have the Internet connected to PCs and consoles with daily updates at our finger-tips, and guess what we get . . . BETA level games at best. That is unacceptable because games cost more money now, even if you factor in inflation. The simple truth is, if you make a bad game you have no excuse. You can Beta test it, heck let the public Beta test it, and then when you get feed back sell it. I think that you should thank the beta testers by offering a discounted price when selling it, but that is another story. All I want is for the game market to wake up and utilize the resources that they apparently over-look on a daily basis.