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my upcoming posts

Hi again..hmm I'm now in a trip outside New York so don't expect a lot from me these days. However, I logged onto GameSpot for checking out the latest updates & games..etc. I was thinking to post a certain number of posts after I come back home. Anyway here's a list ofmy upcoming posts:

as for reviews, I'll review a lot of games..such as " Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars, Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 1 : United Offensive, World in Conflict, Age of Empires III, BioShock& "no doubt" Crysis"

as for blogs, I'm looking forward to have the Soapbox, sooo expect much good blog posts :D

I'm thinking to have some guides for the people. I finished 1 until now and thinking to have more but not revealing about its topics ;).

Well...that's all for the day I have to catch up with my family :P, we're going now ..again.. :P ;)

For finishing I wanna apologize for all of you for not posting in your profiles because of my trip.

Okay thst's all.. c ya then :arrow: