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E3 has a new Emblem?

lolYeah, that's true, I was surprised when I saw the 3rd row of emblems!

I saw all the 3 days stage! And got this

Those whosaw 2 days of thelive stage demo got this

And those who catched one day of the live stage dome got this

I want to go too!
Even though they couldn't get the nice weather in Santa Monica, these viewers caught one day of GameSpot's E3 2007 live stage show and saw some of the best the show had to offer.

Thank you, sir, may I have another?
Like Lay's potato chips, these viewers couldn't just have one day of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2007.

My life for Footage!
These special viewers caught all three days of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2007. Now if we only put subliminal messages into our broadcasts, we'd have an army to take over the world...

I hope you got one of them ;) I got the colored one :D