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It's official

Today we "me & my family" decided to head back home..tomorrow!! YAY !! Once I reach my room I'll make a blog to notice you

News of the day: everything is ready for making & prepared for showing. As I said I'll show what I "really made of:)".

Anyways, I gotta go now for tomorrow..soooooo c ya all tomorrow :D;)

Planning hard!!

Well. I dunno I am in the trip and I'm thinking about GameSpot a lot and I had a lot of ideas too:D. Anyway .. you gotta expect a lot from me in August and September. However, I'm coming back home in Sunday or so .. once I head back home.. I gotta showwhat I've made of:P;).

That's all for today...and thx for reading;).....WAAAAAAAAAAAit for me!!!!!:P. c ya

Almost level 10 :D

Yup..it's true I'm almost level 10 and..when reaching that level, it means that I have the rights to upload any video :D..well my start will be the Family guy "funny" video :P:D Anyway.. here's a list of what I'm gonna do with this feature:D:

1.Family guy funny video.

2.George Bush...

3.a real funny video !!

4. ---not there yet----

5. ---yet---

6 & 7. SpeedRun category :D "I need that emblem!! :P

8 & 9. a Vid blog..yes I'll make it :D


11.no idea :(

And a lot more..

That's all for today..c ya later ;)

my upcoming posts

Hi again..hmm I'm now in a trip outside New York so don't expect a lot from me these days. However, I logged onto GameSpot for checking out the latest updates & games..etc. I was thinking to post a certain number of posts after I come back home. Anyway here's a list ofmy upcoming posts:

as for reviews, I'll review a lot of games..such as " Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars, Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 1 : United Offensive, World in Conflict, Age of Empires III, BioShock& "no doubt" Crysis"

as for blogs, I'm looking forward to have the Soapbox, sooo expect much good blog posts :D

I'm thinking to have some guides for the people. I finished 1 until now and thinking to have more but not revealing about its topics ;).

Well...that's all for the day I have to catch up with my family :P, we're going now ..again.. :P ;)

For finishing I wanna apologize for all of you for not posting in your profiles because of my trip.

Okay thst's all.. c ya then :arrow:

Rich Gallup?!

Rich Gallup..Why? Why did you leave? It's true! Today & yesterday was very sad for us..very! Yesterday they took our emblems! And today they are taking the editors from us....:cry::cry::cry::cry: Salute this hero..We love you Rich. I hope you change your mind and comeback here in GameSpot, I can't imagin anything in GS without you. You were the heart of the GameSpot. We'll miss you Rich, you were the best editor in GameSpot! You brought the life to everything you do .. Final salute, Rich ..

Rich Gallup + GameSpot= Perfect GameSpot

GameSpot = nothing without Rich Gallup!

I feel Hungry

That's right, I got the Cake emblem, and I really feel hungry

:):):twisted: I'll eat that.. :lol:

E3 has a new Emblem?

lolYeah, that's true, I was surprised when I saw the 3rd row of emblems!

I saw all the 3 days stage! And got this

Those whosaw 2 days of thelive stage demo got this

And those who catched one day of the live stage dome got this

I want to go too!
Even though they couldn't get the nice weather in Santa Monica, these viewers caught one day of GameSpot's E3 2007 live stage show and saw some of the best the show had to offer.

Thank you, sir, may I have another?
Like Lay's potato chips, these viewers couldn't just have one day of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2007.

My life for Footage!
These special viewers caught all three days of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2007. Now if we only put subliminal messages into our broadcasts, we'd have an army to take over the world...

I hope you got one of them ;) I got the colored one :D

Hard choice! Help me choose please!

Well my parents offered me one of three to choose, 1st/ a total access in GameSpot!, 2nd/GameSpot plus with 2 games!, 3rd/ 5 games! Hard choice!!! dunno what to choose, so please help me choose :?:?:?:?:?

At last over 500 Profile views!

Well, today"as usuall" I was looking in my profile for anything new or wierd. So I found that! I have seen that my profile views reached 500! I mean I just was 409 and now I have 135 more views which makes the total 544 profile views (+135 new)! :) :D


Woot!!?? a Diamond car??! just look!

I hope that I could see the car in an accident! to gather all the DIAMOND !!!!!! :lol:

I wish I had the $4.8 million, it's cheap though :P

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