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Using an Apple computer

So I have always been a pc person, and probably always will be however the library at UTC (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) received some new Macs in this semester. Boy oh boy are they nice. I love using them now whenever I have to do a paper or some research (i.e. browsing Amazon.com or Gamespot.com ;) ). Also I love technology and I am fairly intelligent when it comes to computers, televisions, mp3 players, etc. However I got stumped today. I sat down at the last Mac that was available...and it was off. I tried everything to turn that sucker on but I failed. :( So the girl in a local sorority that was sitting next me helped me out. Took her a matter of 3 seconds to turn it on for me *head implodes*. I felt so ashamed in myself. Now I am not dissing greek life in any shape or form, I really like greek life. But I got pwned by the Mac and this girl. *hangs head*. That is all! :)