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I just finished MGS4, such a good game(no spoilers)

I just finished MGS4...and wow the ending was truly amazing. Did i think it deserved a 10/10 ? hmmm i never think a game truly deserves a 10 out of 10 , but MGS4 is defiantly high up there it was a really good game. Gameplay was good it improved alot and made it easier for new comers. Controls were tight again it was easier to use. Graphics were top notch the ingame cutsceens to gameplay seems flawless. Good ammount of action alot more then other MGSs while still providing good ammounts of stealth and sneak missions. Anyway don't want to get into too much detail I might write a review if i stop being lazy lol, one of the best games iv ever played but that's obvious since its a MGS game. Now that iv finished the game ill be playing the game on hard and finally playing the online.

Total Play Time 23:51:42

I just got MGS4(no spoilers)

Yeah so today after school i rushed to my local JB hifi with my friend and bought MGS4 for $AU100. I havent even played it yet im waiting for the 8 min instal but dam am i hyped, i got my drinks and food ready and im so ready. 58pages long manual its chock full of cool advice and tips about the game and online, and the case came in a cool cardboard case over the original one. Any way ask me any questions about it and if i take a break from playing it ill answer a few :P

(Update) Nectar has left my system and brought fourth COD4

^ Trying to do a catchy title lol.

I haven't bloged for a very long time now so I thought it was due for a update. Now as u can see u must be wondering what my title means, basically I was hyped for Haze but with seeing reviews I can tell that its not going to be worth a purchase so I decided not to get it. On a plus tho I bought COD4, yeah I know crazy right? I haven't bought the game untill now. I never was really interested in COD4 since I'm more into SCI fi shooters like resistance but when I went over to my friends a few days ago and played COD4 I was hooked on it. So I bought it simple as that, got it a day ago and I'm really enjoying it the SP rocks and I haven't even played the MP yet(run outa downloads so I cant update it to play it:cry: ). And wow not far now MGS4 only about 2 weeks and its out !!! woooo I cant wait its going to be awesome.

Nothing much happening in my life atm just focusing more on my muscle training and had exams this whole week so sorry if I haven't posted on blogs and been active iv been studying the whole time. Ill be more active now since they are over and once the month is over and i can download the updates for COD4 give me a shout and we will play MP together if ya have it on PS3.

WoW GTA4 got a 10/10

Wow i dont have any words really iv never been a fan of the GTA series i havent owned any but wow this game has some amazing hype to it. Ill probably give it a go rent it or something since people are saying its super amazing.

Australia getting ripped off i may permently be buying games online.

With the Dual Shock 3 controller being $AU100 I'm realizing more and more how much Australia is getting kicked in the balls. I have never ordered a game online but i seriously might consider doing it as a permanent thing. The Australia dollar is really high atm, why buy a game for $100-$110 when you can get it for $70-$80 plus around $10 shipping less if you buy more games at once. Simply amazing i could save around $30 each game I buy. Obviously Australia costs more because of shipping but its like a extra $AU30 then the US.

Anyway my friend is a big buyer of online games he's buying 5 PS3 games online atm so if i decide to have self control and wait a extra few days to get my games from the mail, (ill get my friend to buy them online for me) I may be from now on buying my games online.

Condemned 2 finally got and finished it

So Condemned 2 finally came out on Friday April the 4th here in Australia but since i did my neck in i couldn't go and get it. But on Saturday my neck felt alot better so i mustered up my Strength walked to the shops and got it. It's a awesome game.

Story is great it answers a lot of questions from the first and springs up a few more surprises. Controls are tight and work well for the game, Graphics are top notch not mind blowing as Uncharted or Crysis but they are very good. Not the scariest game iv played I was more scared of F.E.A.R but I played it 2 years ago so I guessed iv manned up alittle. Great game SP is around 10-12 hours and has some replay value replaying the levels for better rankings for the upgrades. MP isn't that great but it was just put on like The Darkness. Anyway just a quick review of it, finished it on Saturday but I'm lazy and didn't write this till now:P

My neck REALLY hurts

Yep.... great day today got up early to have my shower had breakfast. And while i was getting dressed putting one arm through my sleeve i heard a crack on my right side of my neck. At first i thought nothing of it at first then a few seconds later i felt immense pain on my right side of my neck. Now i cant move my head basically at all to my right and IM forced to look like a retard with my head tilted to my left, i didn't go to school today to avoid hurting myself even more. Every now and then if i move my neck to much i seem to get little neck spasms that last for about 5 seconds, I'm usually alright with pain but my neck really hurts and the spasms nearly bring me to tears. Anyway ill probably miss a few days and get it check out hopefully i haven't permanently damage my neck.:cry: :cry:

Zomg Condemned 2 delayed till 1st of April in Australia

Not a long delay but IM peeved that I went to the shops today to get it only having the Manager saying its delayed till 1st of April. Dam i checked 3 main websites(including Gamespot) saying its out on the 27th and its not. Stupid rant but its annoying with all these crazy Australian delays.

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