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My Game Concept - The Nameless

This is my concept for a game, I would like to be made. Or something so I'll put it out there.

Story: You start off as the nameless, a premade girl or boy avatar haunted by nightmares every night. You start the game in one of their nightmares, a haunted castle, you slowly descend down the tower, until you get to the bottom and fall into a bottomless-pit. The nameless wakes up in their bed, in the small mountain village of Calania. The nameless is an orphan without parents and the village fosters him/her as their own. (*Side Story* In the village the nameless, will meet their crush a boy/girl [depending on whom the player chose as their starting character] and they will eventually become best of friend). One day a mysterious travelor ventures into the town in seek of aid, the travelor reveals themselves as a Monk who has been haunted by the nightmare minions, he then tells the town he came searching by the nameless, said to vanquish the nightmares. At that the boy ventures out into the world (*Side Story* The nameless' crush is deeply saddened by their farewell but gives them a gift symboloising their relationship). They nameless sets off to find clues as to who or what is causing the nightmares, his first destination is the sage of the forest, the nameless learns that the sage has died, slain by a giant wolf *BOSS*. After the wolf is defeated the nameless finds the Sage's tomb telling him to venture to the Wind Sage. He eventually finds the Wind Sage and he tells him to return home to his village. Many years have passed but the nameless returns home, the nightmares making him more posessed with each day, he finds that his crush has moved on and after a conflict with village he is banished (*Side Story The nameless scares the girl/boy ). The nameless continues to venture the world in search of clues until he finally meets the thing responsible for the nightmare demons. The nameless slays him and the posession of the nameless dies down, the nameless returns to his village and shows his love the gift he/she had recieved and they kiss.

Gameplay: "The Nameless" will play as an action adventure game, with a vast open world with locales ranging from small mountain villages, volcanoes, towers, shrines, castles, tundras, forests, lakes and the sort. The nameless will find swords, bows and sheilds and sheilds around the world, either through chests, puzzle rewards, or boss drops. There is only 1 pair of each type, so if you sell your shield you cannot get it back *Cannot sell story weapons, bows and sheilds* The nameless can block and attack or shoot at whim, or use his/her vast array of tools or items. He/she can jump, climb, roll, dodge, attack, and block. One item in particular - purchased through vendors - the bait can be used to lure beast enemies towards the nameless, even letting them lure them off cliffs, into a trap, or even set them up to attack. Vendors around the world will sell, armour, potions (health and sanity), arrows, bombs, keys, artifacts, and secrets later on. The magic system in the game is special, only the nameless can summon his soul to use great powers to damage his enemies, or use support magic. Using the nameless' soul requires sanity, which is slowly regained during day, in water, or with the help of potions. The nameless will have to solve a multitude of puzzles along his travels, using his tools and weapons to aid him. The nameless will also utilize platforming elements. If the nameless requires the 5 best weapons of each type and sells them to a vendor, shops will stock ONE pair of the legendary weapons. Once acquiring the legendary weapons, you open an optional area called the mountain or trials- as the name implies it houses an assortment of trials, such as enemy waves, bosses, puzzles, platforming elements, races and others. Once the nameless has conquered the trials they can have their legendary weapons enhanced among other bonuses. The game will have an assortment of secrets, such as an arena post game featuring all the enemies in the game.

Sleepy and Bored.

This is my 1st blog, and I'm writing a story because I'm sleepy. Well, here it goes:

The cat woke with a clap, how many hours had passed? Surely she'd been out all day. Yet the sun, she's still in the middle of the sky. "Don't tell me I slept for 2 days.." exclaimed the weary kitten. "I better get off, the day is coming to an end, all the good prey shall be off to their burrows." The cat unfurled and relaxed into some simple strecthes, before heading off into the valley. The she-cat was weary, it had been many seasons since she had seen her mate, or any other cat for that matter. If she wanted to continue she would need nourishment and quick. Slowly she picked up the scent of multiple creatures, some beetles, some weasels, yet among the bushes she hinted a squirrel, instinctevely she dropped down and stalked toward the scent. She neared the bush and the scent had become overwhelming, as if it were already melting in her mouth. She moved through the thicket and then it dawned on her, the squirrel had just recently died, and by the looks of it, it was one of "them"... She narrowed her eyes and let out a hiss then slowly backed off into the blamble. She hoped it hadn't been nearby, for now she'd have to get away. "I'll find a bird or such later" the she-cat desperately tried to convince herself.

The day strecthed on as she moved along the valley always alert, but her hunger was such a heavy burden it dragged at her as deadweight. As the sun become moon, and clouds became stars, she realized her pads were bloodied and clotted long ago. "The least I can do is drink.." said the cat, hurriedly she scampered off toward a rushing stream and gladly licked up a few droplets of water before curling up into a ball and closing her eyes, once again. She slept soundfully until her waking, she had desperately needed some good rest. "Maybe today... maybe, maybe I'll find my mate..." she looked dreamily, deep in thought as the sun peeked out beyond the horizon. Today was a better day then the previous, she had managed to find a mole digging for grubs, lazily and a sparrow who had gone for seeds. As her hunger had gradually subsided she set off once again for the sunrise, hoping, hoping for the slightest sign of the others... She had lived among her mater and her 2 kits, both with wonderous orange fur, just as their mother, their father a dark grey had gone hunting one morning, but never returned, as the she-cat set off to find him, she found only blood... and ... them. They were horrible beings with a silver, sleek coat, completely shiny, they looked similar to the humanoids... but they weren't, they preyed on cats and humanoids alike such a frightening scene to see these beings carry life away on their birds. "Ahh, I got to stop that... I have to stop imagining that, again, and again." the cat had said to herself. She drifted off somewhat, half alive, half asleep, dazing into nothing... then she heard it. It was like nothing she had ever heard before, a sort of roar and whine, it started off subtely and eventually grew into a scream. It was terrible, but she somehow knew what was happening... she had heard stories of such things, but never witnessed it... until now. The ground shook and the cat looked around in horror, the sky had turned to fire, hundreds upon hundreds of them were stalking the field, she froze.... and then it happened, one of them spotted her.....

[To be Continued]....

*probably not :P*

By 00Killaz00