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My Book Im Writing

i wrote it in like an hour only so no mean stuff, please make an opinion.... Here it is...-


There was a man running, he had dark eyes, he had a leather tunic with leather gauntlets and a sheath holding a sharp blue sword, he had a dagger in his belt, and there was an army of growling animals that were called ?Varkin? behind him, they were not attacking him, they were just waiting with him, they were with him?his name was Zadok

Zadok vaulted over a fence he nearly tripped over a rock when he landed, but quickly recovered due to his natural agility, the Varkin were right behind him, excited with the sudden opportunity to get some food, they were one of the fastest runners in the land. Zadok continued in pursuit of the Animal, he bolted after the creature with his dagger in hand and chucked it. It hit one of them in the back and it stumbled to the ground with a groaning tune, The Varkin swarmed over the body taking their share of meat, two of the Varkin jumped on the Animal with an excited growl to finish off the meal.

?Only twelve to go? Grinned Zadok, there was now only seven of the Varkin with him not including the two that jumped on the falling Animal,

The Animals turned around with a sudden spin and to Zadok?s surprise they all had bows in their hands,

He jumped to the ground in a dive and pulled his Sword out of its sheath and dived to the Animals, he cut two of their throats in a swift movement and dodged an arrow from a distant Animal, and The Varkin jumped on the remaining Animals with their claws ready, they cut all but one animal, the strange creature turned and strung his bow with two sharp arrows, he sprinted into a nearby bush?

Zadok waited suspiciously to think where the animal went; he stood there in silence for about Ten seconds, then suddenly there was a large blow in the air and suddenly all the Varkin were dead on the ground, they had their weapons cut through their throats??Magic? whispered Zadok, he quickly bolted away, out of sight from the strange creatures?


Derek jumped up with a sudden jolt, it felt like he was struck by lightning, he was in his normal room in his home city, Akbur, he looked to his left, his room was still and quiet, What awoke me?

Suddenly his mum, May walked in, she suddenly gasped in surprise. ?Your sweating!? she said, he suddenly got up and walked over to look in his mirror, he was in fact sweating?He suddenly stumbled to the ground holding his forehead, he remembered the dream he had, he gasped for several seconds, his mum helped him up and asked what was wrong, ?I-I-I had a bad dream I guess??

Was this a dream? He thought, his mum left the room and as she walked out she said ?get up, its late, we?ve had breakfast already, he got his ragged clothes on and sighed at the thought of him being so poor, then again, nobodies rich now a days. Except the king of course? he thought,

He slowly walked barefooted out of his room, Michael was eating at the table and when Derek took another step, he saw his 17-year-old twin, Carter. Sitting at the table eating the last of their meat of their savings, May was sitting next to Michael with a leg of chicken meat, ?what took you so long, your breakfast is in the pot over their? he said pointing over to the worn out stone pot, he looked inside to see a small chicken wing. ?Damn? he whispered, his belly grumbled like an avalanche falling, he quickly ate all the chicken he was given and went out to work with the farm, he picked out the fruit he saw, and after about ten minutes of work, Carter walked out and joined him, ?So, what happened?? carter asked suspiciously. ?I-I I Just Had A Bad Dream? he mumbled, ?I know your lying when you mumble Derek, tell me? replied Carter, ?I think I might have saw a vision, of a man, and weird creatures?? he whispered to Carter, ?Wow, really? Carter replied Sarcastically, ?Its true? Derek yelled,

They continued their chores until Michael let them do their daily exploring, Carter and Derek walked in the house to get their bows and hunting knives and bid farewell to Michael and May, and said ?Be back soon?,

They walked up the trail to the middle of Akbur, Mark was in his bar passing ale to the daily Tourists and Travellers, Derek and Carter walked to the Forest past the stores and walked through it until they came across some deer, Derek strung his bow with one homemade arrow and while he did Carter snuck around the deer so they had a circle, and the deer in the middle, Carter strung his Bow once he was in position and then Derek signalled when to shoot, they waited three slow seconds and then they both shot their bows at the deer, the two Arrows penetrated the deer?s skin and it fell down with a grunt, it wasn?t dead though, and It could get away if they didn?t get it fast enough, Derek and Carter sprung from their cover and held their knives in front of them and then they cut the deer?s throat so it endured no further pain.

?Yes!? They chorused happily, We finally got some meat!, thought Derek excitedly, Carter went to fetch two long sticks and Derek got a big cloth, he wrapped the cloth around the two sticks so it formed a place for the deer to lie so they could carry it home easily, they picked up both ends and walked back the way they had come, ?Dads going to be so proud!? said Carter ?I know? replied Derek.

They walked through the village quietly while their neighbours smiled at what they had accomplished, a strong man called Owen walked up to them, Owen was always beating up people and stealing stuff, he always wanted stuff better, even though Derek?s family was poorer than any other family in Akbur, ?What?s this then?? Owen asked gruffly, Derek sighed and tried to ignore him and walk past but as he did Owen grabbed his shoulder and started twisting it, he pushed Carter and Derek into a dark alleyway right of them, ?Give me the deer? he said Gruffly, ?NO, we worked hard to get this, why don?t you go hunting by yourself!? Carter Yelled, when carter finished his sentence, Owens hand curled up into a fist, his muscles flexing as he did so, he then lifted his arm and swung it at Carter, Owens fist crumbled into Carters face, Derek suddenly creased his eyes and ran into Owen, Owen just swung his fist to Derek and attached it to Derek?s face, he fell back with a croak, Owen turned back to Carter, but to his surprise he saw Carter with his hunting knife out in his hand, Owen suddenly froze, Carter held it out threateningly and said ?leave us alone, and you don?t get killed?

?you wouldn?t do that? Owen laughed, Carter kicked his leg and swung the throat around to his neck, he held it there for several seconds??Fine? said Owen

Owen turned and walked back to his house,

After a long moment of silence Derek broke the silence, ?thanks, but?you weren?t going to really kill him were you?? asked Derek, ?Do I look like a murderer?? asked Carter, ?you did then? laughed Derek, but it was more like a croak than a laugh,

?That kid has problems? said Carter,

?I know? replied Derek

They continued walking past the civilians of the village who were oblivious to the fact that there was nearly a murder.

When their house was in distance they shouted out to their parents and then, after about twenty seconds, Michael came to the door and shouted??What did you get??

?We got a deer!? Derek Yelled back, after that word Michael smiled and shouted, ?Well done boys!?

Derek and Carter ran back to the house and handed the deer to Michael, they put it on a table in their shed hurriedly, ?Wow, its quite large!? smiled Michael, ?this will last us for about?say four months if we use it wisely!? he said, ?Ok? said Carter. As Michael looked at Carter and Derek he saw the bruises on their faces and his eyes widened, ?Wh-what happened to your faces?? he asked,

?Owen? they chorused saying the word with a snake like voice, ?that boy, what did he want?? asked Michael, ?Our deer? Derek said, Michael sighed sadly, ?how did you stop him??

There was a long silence.

?I threatened him,? said Carter, ?he didn?t have another choice, he was going to bruise us way more than this!? said Derek, ?I understand? Michael said quietly, May walked in and smiled at the sight of the Deer, but then she quickly noticed the bruises, ?Owen?? they sighed, Carter and Derek walked away unwilling to speak more on the subject.

They all went to bed after eating there first meal of the deer, satisfied with the meal, Derek smiled, he closed his eyes and waited until thoughts drifted away from him?and he went to sleep.


Zadok bowed before the great king, ?How did the extermination go?? asked the king.

?All but one escaped and all of the Varkin are dead? replied Zadok,

There was silence?

?I gave you nine Varkin, one of the strongest species in the world?and you tell me they are dead, and you failed!? screamed the king,

Zadok fell back, scared of what would become of him, The King got up and started whispering a word and flexed his fingers, Zadok gasped as he saw a bright light erupt from the Kings fingers, he screeched as life was slowly taken from him, ?I hate magic? Zadok whispered so no one could here,

After that sentence he was nothing but a body of flesh and bones.

Derek awoke to find himself on the dinner table of his home kitchen, there was a cold rag on his forehead, he tried lifting his head to see something but he couldn?t lift it, he was tired?very tired, he was sweating like the day before but today it was worse? why do I keep having these dreams? Wondered Derek

?What is happening to you?? asked Michael,

Derek flinched, he hadn?t even noticed his father was there, ?I don?t know, bad dreams?? he said reassuringly,

?That?s not what happens when you have a bad dream, are you hiding something from me?? asked Michael, ?What did I do?? asked Derek.

?Your body was trembling violently, you were whispering strange inhuman words, that?s not what normal people do.? he said, Michael was not going to stop asking until he answered.

?Well, I?m having these vision things?? said Derek, ?What are in the visions?? asked his father eager to know, ?well, there?s this man, an-and, he runs after these animals?and then he went to a king?and, he just died?? said Derek?

There was a long silence, ?Tell me the truth Derek!? yelled his father. ?That is the truth!? replied Derek.

Michael stomped away, Carter walked into the room and sat next to the table, Derek got up and tried getting off the table, he jumped off onto his legs, but his legs just locked up and he fell down, Why am I so tired? Thought Derek?

Derek sat their for about an hour, unwilling to move, he finally got up and walked to his room, his room was a disaster, everything was all over the place, he walked back out, to lazy to clean it, he tripped on one of the stair steps and face planted, blood dripped down his chin. He cursed for about 2 minutes, he quickly got up and ran outside, he sat down cross-legged on the grass for ages, Carter came up behind him and sat next to him, ?What was it this time?? Carter asked more serious than last time, ?The man I told you about, he died?from the king? said Derek,

?Your accusing the King of something from a stupid dream you think is a vision! You could get killed for that!? said Carter angrily, ?I didn?t accuse him of anything!? shouted back Derek, he got up angrily and stretched for a few seconds, then walked into the village without looking back, he walked for a few minutes then he stumbled over?

?Take the body and burn it, don?t let anyone know? said the King to one of his guards, ?yes, sir? the guard picked up the body of Zadok and dragged it out by the shoulders, The King turned its head to face at the roof, he saw something, and he widened his eyes, ?Send guards to the city of Akbur and Kill everyone in there!? he shouted to a guard, the guard ran out and gathered forces to depart.

Derek got back up on his legs after the insane vision?oh no?he told himself, He ran back to his house and found carter ploughing some dirt, ?CARTER? screamed Derek,

?What? he sighed?

?We have to get everyone to evacuate the city!? said Derek.

Carter?s eyes widened.

?Are you kidding me?? said carter.

?No? replied Derek,

There was a long silence, Carter turned around and walked away?

Who will believe me? He thought sadly.

No one will! He screamed in his mind

He ran to the village, he told as much people as he could desperately, but everyone just turned their backs to him, why would the king want to kill us? He thought.

The Vision rung around in his head like a bell,

After the day, he went back to his home and had his normal dinner with his family; he went to bed afraid of what the next vision was going to be, Derek lied in his bed for hours without falling to sleep but then?His mind cleared and he drifted away into the unknown,

?There is the village sir? said the soldier; ?well, lets wait an hour then, stock up on weapons and move out!? said the Commander, they walked to a bunch of supplies and gathered tent pegs?

?Derek!? shouted Carter, he was on the table?again?but he didn?t have enough time, if the visions are true, everyone will be dead in two hours! He thought,

He got up and fetched his hunting knife. Carter was following him,

?What are you doing?? asked Carter, ?I?m getting prepared for a war, if you don?t believe me you will die much easier, there will be soldiers in the village in an hour? replied Derek,

Carter sighed and just grabbed his hunting knife and bow, once they had their weapons ready they walked out of the house. ?I?ll believe you for my life?s sake? said Carter, he went back inside and got Michael to come, Michael came out of the house with a long sword, ?What?s that?? asked Derek, ?its your grandfathers sword, he gave it to me when he died, your mum is in the house, if you aren?t telling the truth and this isn?t true, you?ll be in a lot of trouble!? said his Father,

?Ok? replied Derek,

They ran through the village telling everyone Derek?s visions and asking if they could come and fight, more than half of the village didn?t believe him, when they had told everyone they hid in bushes near the entrance of the village with their weapons they were using.

After about 20 minutes of waiting the villages got fed up and half left,

Were going to die. Thought Derek sadly,

Suddenly their was a large noise and the soldiers came up the hill, they were on foot with long swords and leather armour, there was 17 of the soldiers and 22 villagers, Derek signalled to the villagers to string their bows, after everyone had their bows strung they waited until Derek gave the signal to shoot, Derek suddenly waved his hand and they all shot arrows at the soldiers, 4 soldiers got hit, after they were discovered all the villagers ran from their hiding place with their weapons in hand and attacked the soldiers. It was a disaster, a man named Birgo got stabbed in the belly and died, another man named Ben got slit by the throat, These soldiers are strong! Thought Derek

He ran out and sliced a soldiers arm with his hunting knife, Michael was taking on a soldier with his long sword and Carter was stumbling under the blade of the Commander, Derek saw Carter get sliced in the shoulder and he ran to him and stabbed the Commander in the back, under the ribs, he fell down onto the ground with a groan.

I just killed a man.

He turned to see Michael get stabbed in the leg, Michael fell on his back and the soldier stabbed him in the throat.

Derek gasped; unable to move, he fell on his back and felt dizzy?my father has been?killed?

Derek got up and ran to his dad, he was lying down on his back with blood drenching down his shirt, Derek picked up his sword and ducked under one of the soldiers blades, he then sliced the soldiers neck, only 3 villagers, Carter and him were still alive, suddenly a hand gripped his arm and pulled him into the village where carter was left to fend on his own?


He was in a tent, he had been bandaged on the cuts he had endured, my dad...Is?dead.

The word was so sad to say?

Where am I?

Suddenly a young woman walked in named Emma, he had seen her around the village a couple of times, and she was the same age as him

Why did she drag me away?

?How?s it going?? she asked softly, ?Terrible, where?s Carter?? asked Derek.

?Everyone?s dead, all our families?it?s just you and me and carter.? She said in despair

?Where is Carter?? He asked.

?He?s with the soldiers, I saw him get taken by them?they killed everyone but him?? she said.

He noticed that she had tears in her eyes. he started crying,

Why did this happen? Wondered Derek

?Where are we? He asked her after a long moment.

?in the forest? she replied

Im gonna (Hopefully) make a book! :)


im going to make a book, its gonna be Fantasy like Lord Of The Rings etc, i have already made a bit...about a month ago...but yea, its gonna hopefully be big...and i'm gonna try and get money for it...just cause i can! :D


Special Thanks to Fablesway and Megamannt and Nate122 for supporting me and posting comments in my blogs;)

I just finished Rayman Origins!

Yea, i actually completed it yesterday...BUT, today i completed The Land Of The Livid Dead, IT WAS TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

i died like 7000 times and for what?...ill leave that for you to find out...


its such a fun game.

New Profile!

i just changed my banner and my blog picture, and also my avatar!


[img] http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/5259/halobanner.jpg[img]

Blog picture-

[img] http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120225053517/ideas/images/9/9e/Globox_(_rayman_origins_).jpg [img]

and you can obviously see my profile picture, there awesome hey, i LOVE my halo banner!

Rayman Origins Review!

Rayman Origins is a highly addictive game, this is the best platformer since....well since nothing...ITS THE BEST

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 20 to 40 Hours

The Bottom Line: "Highly addictive"

When you see Rayman Origins...
it cheers you up when your down, seeing the beautiful graphics and amazing views!

The Platforming is Amazing, it kicks the old 'Mario' in the bum 7 times, then it slaps his face and eats him, In Rayman your always having fun, there is never a let down to you when you play this game, i mean sure, you get frustrated when you are killed (which is a lot if your not a good Platformer) but seeing how they die...how they just blow up, it makes you burst out laughing, theres a bunch of ways to complete a lvl.

the game is complete randomness, i dare you to try getting through this game without bursting out laughing and jumping on the ground rolling around!

The graphics...*takes a cup of water*, *takes a long breath*, the graphics are beautiful, it is all hand drawn in Rayman Origins, its truly a magnificent piece of delicious platformingness smothered in beautiful music and graphics...(Did you think of a cake then?)

*goes to fridge to get cake*, *starts eating it*

the music of this game is beautiful, it makes playing the game a whole lot more fun with the funny sounding music in the background, all the music tracks match the game perfectly, its funny as hell.

the cooperative,
the coop is great in 2 player mode, you and your companion can find new easy (or hard) ways to complete each level with a laugh, 4 player however...is chaos, you struggle to focus on the character you are, but at the same time, you laugh about how crazy it is,

Rayman Origins has a LARGE variety of characters which you can choose from to be, you can be 'Rayman' obviously, and you can also be Raymans best blue friend 'Globox', you can also be a small character, the small guys can squeeze through some gaps in the levels, (so its good to have one on your team) theres also a 'Princess' you can unlock, the only girl in the game!

now say to yourself 'i am going to the nearest gameshop and im going to buy this game!'
and listen to what you said,

overall Rayman Origins deserves a huge rating...and that i gave it.
the perfect score for the perfect game, Rayman is an inspiration to gaming.


ok, Rayman Origins

hi all...i actually feel really sorry for this game.. it didnt get a proper lift-off to gamers, although i bought it and its my 2nd favourite game, everyone give it a try, rent it...actually dont rent it, just buy it, because if you rent it...you'll regret the...I dont know...the $7 lets say you spent...

i will put a couple of links to the game at the end of the blog...im bored...:) get the demo on 360

halo is bad-ass

i am awesome

i should shut up

yea...ill do that

im so damn random :)

and this game is so damn random...:D

@Fablesway you will love this game...




2nd Trailer...


3rd trailer...














I LOVE THIS GAME SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

feel supa sick from easter :(


its easter...and i ate tons of chocolate...

and now i regret it...A LOT

i got so much chocolate...and ate them...:D

anyone else ate too much?

well i kno you did...because you always do...and i dont even kno 'Who' you are...


so anyways. i was super bored these holidays, i would go on internet and go on a site...and then i'd search another site...and then i'd go onto the site i was on like 5 secs ago lol.

well...this was a useless blog... BYE BYE :D

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