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If I ruled the world...

I would make everyone take a IQ test before being able to play a game's multiplayer.

I mean seriously, just how stupid are people? Playing BF3 has unfortunately enlightened me to just how dumb people can be. Playing Rush mode or conquest has become such a hassle that all I ever do is play TDM anymore. For instance, Conquest mode on Grand Bazaar has 3 flags, all in a straight line. A is close a team spawn, C is close to a team spawn while B is in a long narrow alleyway. The thing is the entire left and right sides of the map are completely open. Nothing there but some rubble and a few buildings. No flags no vehicles no nuttin.

So what does everyione do? They go straight up the middle. Getting killed over and over and over again by snipers at the end of the alley. Apparently they have never heard of flanking.

Not only do they not know how to use the proper tactics at the proper time. They also end up using one of the games many baby guns. (famas, M98B, M320, M249, Claymores, Frag ammo on full auto shotguns).

And because of that I believe that not even 3/4 of people that play BF3 posses any skill what-so-ever.

Same thing in CoD. People just use the overpowered/easymode weapons and sit in damned corner the whole freaking match.

It's not only in games that I am seeing people act incredibly **** it's in the real world as well. And quite honestly it is pissing me off how stupid people are. Not being able to figure out a simple answer to a simple problem. While I admit I ain't the brightest guy in the world (I failed algebra and had to take it again in my junior year). It just seems that people are gettnig dumber and dumber. Especially people who just play Shooters.. Sure they take some skill, but they don't really make you think about anything.

But enough of that. Been playing a lot of different games lately like Civ Rev, MLB 2K11, KoA (finally beat it yesterday).

But aside from that just been working and looking forward to possibly going fulltime.

See ya. :)

Top games of 2011

Just a list of my favorite games of 2011.

#10 Crysis

#9 Dead island

#8 Dead space 2

#7 Deus Ex Human Revolution

#6 Saints row the third

#5 Resident evil 4

#4 Gears of war 3

#3 Battlefield 3

#2 Bastion

#1 Skyrim

3rd and 2nd Anniversary?!?

Well, its that time of the year. When the weather reaches its hottest point, when school is about to start back up (not for me anymore at least :P ). And also my 2nd anniversary of my account here on gamespot. Its been a great 2 years so far, I have met many great people. And also met some I wish I could forget :P

But its also the 3rd anniversary of my union "The Elite Gamers of OT Union" We have a had a awesome run so far, And I hope that we will have at least 3 more years for more insanely good times.

My stats in two years on gamespot:

222 friends

17,606 posts

61 blog posts

24 union blog posts

22 reviews

254 rated games

But really I could care less about my stats. The union stats are where its at :P

Members: 251

Views: 267,241 (would be higher but the stupid view counter is broken)

Total posts: 192,978

Fun times: Too many to count :P

Thanks to:

Grunt1096: My long time friend here on gamespot, We may not always get along on some things. But one thing is for sure. You can poke as much fun at me as long as you and other find it funny :P

Raven_squad: I may find your taste in games and movies to be odd, but that doesnt take away the good times we have had making fun of myself.. :? But anyway, you are a awesome person and a good friend :)

_Doomsayer_: You might not like Metallica, but you sure have turned me onto some bands that I would of otherwise probably never heard of. And I thank you for that :) Death metal friends FTW!!

Roman_Irishman: I like redheads just as much as you ;) (probably not :P ) But we have come to be friends over the past two or so years. And you always put up with my shenanigans, no matter how crazy. Keep it rizzle dawg :P

Wolfman_chopper: Not only do I know you through gamespot, I also know you through Xbox live (that magical place we somehow keep ending up in). And to top it all off, you are just about as crazy as me :P (also, yes those people did just magically appear in the nuclear pond)

tntkng: By far the shortest username I have seen on either XBL or gamespot, but it does show your love to blow things up. Me, you and wolfman have had some crazy, fun, frustrating (freaking black ops) times on gamespot and XBL. And for that I thank you. (also you are just as crazy as me and wolfman, only you dont tend to show it as much as us :P )

Konvikt_17: Who could forget you and your love for all things, L4D, Fable and Mass effect? But anway you are a good friend and you were also one of my first friends here on gamespot :)

And thanks to anyone else who posted in my union. (shout out to ShootumUP26 and envomtonix, I know you guys really well and are really good friends on xbox live But this list was strictly for my union officers :)

Ugh.. its late.. I know my union anniversary isnt til the 13th and my account anniversary isnt til the 17th. But im going to the beach on the 14th til the 18th (or 19th, not sure yet). And I am going to be busy packing this saturday So I just decided to do the blog now.

But anyway, Its been a fun time so far here on gamespot and hopefully the best times are yet to come (boy those would be insanely fun times :P )

BTW, I just put up my review for black ops yesterday. So if you have the time check it out :)

And with that I will leave you with some songs I have grown to love over the couple past months or so :)

Enjoy :)

White rabbit - Egypt central

Leveler - August Burns red

Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! At the Disco

We are Rockstars - Does it offend you, yeah?

Savor the kill - Darkest Hour

Going out in ****- Dropkick Murphys

Goodbye - Serj tankian ft Tom Morello and the FCC

Hope you guys enjoy at least some of those :)

The top ten most annoying types of Call of duty players.

We all know them and most of us dislike them. Some of us are them unfortunately.

But I think the majority of people will agree with me on this list.

#10 The inviter: The guy that is always sending out invites to random people, Whether its because they want to 1v1 you or they want help with that damned zombie achievement. These guys are annoying.

#9 The Musician: They play their music so loud that it manages to get into your ears. Even if it is a song you like, it usually sounds like crap on your end, the only plus to this annoying gamer is that you can mute him.

#8 Little kids (13 and under): Quite frankly I dont think they should be playing a M rated game online that young. And to top it off they usually are singing, have a naked girl in their emblem (or male genitalia). Seriously no one wants to hear your squeaky little voice coming through the headset.

#7 The booster: Anyone that ever played Free for all in Modern warfare 2 knows what Im talking about. Its usually two kids sitting in some secluded area of the map putting down tactical insertions and then boosting for a nuke. The only reason they are not higher on the list is because of how satisfying it is to kill them once you find them.

#6 Pot heads: Oh lawd dont get me started. It seems I am seeing them more and more everyday, With a emblem that usually has a marijuana leaf and the clan tag set to "420". And then to top it all off if they have a headset they are telling everyone how high they are.. Seriously,I only want towlie to tell me how high he is.. Not some guy over Xbox live.

#5 The "you-are-obviously-cheating-because-you-did-better than-me" (AKA the sore loser)Gamer: I cant tell you how many times I have had this happen to me. They send you a message during the match and calling you a cheating jerk (or something of that manner) and then when you get back in the lobby they tell everyone to report you for cheating. ANd to top it all off, you know that match you wanted to save to your file share because you did so good in it? Well have fun trying to find it. Because if someone in black ops reports you for cheating during a match that video is gone for good.

#4 The hacker/glitcher: If anyone has recently played Call of duty 4, World at war or even Modern warfare 2. You know that the games are almost taken over Hackers. And even in the begining of MW2 there were tons of hackers/glitchers. I mean who can forget the Suicide javalin glitch? Or the rock glitch on afghan? These people either are so bad they have to do this or they are just jerks ruining the experience for everyone else.

#3 Ghost users:Primarily playinga team based mode in black ops has something to do with this. But that doesnt take away from the fact that about 3/5 of the people that play black ops use this perk. Why? You are invisible to radar. And to top it all off they think that not being able to be seen by most killstreaks isnt enough. So they use a supressed weapon and then shoot down your killstreaks when you get one. And in my book, that is annoying as hell.

#2 Noob tubers: They arent as big a problem in Black ops as they were in MW2 but they are still really annoying. Most of them cant aim worth a crap so they use a one hit one kill launcher to make up for their lack of skill. At least its not like it was in MW2, where you could use one man army or scavenger to pick up extra noob tubes.

#1 Campers: let me start off by saying "I used to be one" But not anymore. For I am a changed man. And quite honestly I dont know why I did. I am just as good if not better now then I was when I was camping. But anyway the majority of campers just sit in a corner waiting for some to come by and since they are already aiming down their sights and you are probably sprinting to another part of the map they already have the advantage, and they probably have a claymore or a motion sensor sitting somewhere to help them with their blind spots. Call of duty was not intended to be a "camping game" It was intended to bea fast paced shooter with insane firefights, and campers just ruin that experience by slowing down the game by just sitting in a room waiting for a unsuspecting player to run past them. And to top it all off they usually use ghost.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and maybe it opened a few eyes as to what is really wrong with Call of Duty.. Its not the game (most of the time) its the players. And unfortunately the majority of the CoD community is made up by people in this list. And we all know. "If you get enough people to whine about something, the devs will change it to the majority liking".

And with that, I bid you adieu. :)

My top ten most wanted games of E3

Well I just thought I would compile a list of my ten most wanted game shown at E3. So here goes :)

#10 Lord of the rings: war in the north

#9 Saints row the third

#8 SSX

#7 Batman arkham city

#6 Ghost recon future soldier

#5 Gears of war 3

#4 Dead Island

#3 Far cry 3

#2 Battlefield 3

#1 Elder scrolls V: Skyrim

Well thats my list, hope you agree.. Or else :|


You roll with the cool kids.

As you may or may not know, my union (The Elite Gamers of OT) has won an awardin the 2011 unionawards:)

And I would like to thank all my officers and other people who have posted on the board in the past and made in the most off-topic union ever :)

Well that aside, time for a bit of a gaming update.

Last week I bought a few new games Including, Section 8 Prejudice: A huge improvement over the first game and tons of fun. Raskulls, a odd title that has a sort of mario charm and makes you blast blocks to get to the end of each level. EeloMilo a fun co-op game that has me liking it which is odd since it is a puzzle game :P

And last but not least, Fortress craft: Think Minecraft, only not as good (still awesome though) and on XBLIG (xbox live indie games). Though it is filled with bugs and glitches, they are still working on it and have released 3 patches so far and are working on another one.

Well it may have not been an interesting blog but im tired as hell.. So seeya :)

Top five games of the last six years part 6

Well today is the last day of my top five. But tomorrow I will post the games that almost made it onto the lists. Today its time for 2010.

#5 Call of duty black ops: In all honesty before earlier this week, I would have said Modern warfare 2 was the btter call of duty. But now I am really starting to see why most people like Black ops more than MW2. One being that it actually takes skill in black ops. In MW2 All you had to do was hold down the right trigger and not really have to compensate for recoil. Something that you have to do in black ops. Black ops would be futher up on the list if it were not for so many great games coming out in 2010.

#4 Battlefield Bad company 2: Yes the Call of duty series has good multiplayer, but not nearly as good as the most recent battlefield game. This game is far more fine tuned than any of the last 3 call of duty releases. The only down side is that they didnt release any map packs until recently. Which resulted in a community that is to date only around 15k-20k. Whereas some games that are almost 4 years old have more players than that. But still a fantastic game that you should not miss.

#3 Just cause 2: A huge open world (probably the biggest ever in a console game) with endless amounts of fun.. Blowing bases up using a tank, a jet, a chopper or whatever has never been more fun. The great thing is, this game is completely unrealistic. Which is nice since most open world games try to go for a realistic experience. Want to jump out of a skyscraper and pull out your parachute just before you hit the ground and live? No problem. Want to fly a jumbo jet into an enemy base? No problem. Want to climb a building like spiderman using a grapple? No problem.. Case in point, this game is fun and that is all that matters.

#2 Red dead redemption: The best western ever. No doubt in my mind. Fantastic story, great gameplay, great open world, great cast of characters, fantastic music selection by rockstar. And a so-so multiplayer. This Game is fantastic and should be played by jsut about anyone.

#1 Alan wake: Unfortunetly this game was released around the same time as red dead redemption, so it did not sell all that well. But this game is by far better than Red dead redemption. I cannot quite pinpoint what it is I love so much about this game, but the incrediblestory, great acting, great cutscenes and great gameplay make this game my number one game of 2010.

Next blog will be "the games that almost made it but obviously didnt" :P

Top five games of the past six year part 5

2008 was yesterday, today is 2009.. Wow the year went by fast :P

#5 Brutal legend: Metal fans unite! This game has a ton of great metal songs to listen to while slaying bad guys. The bad thing is that some of the missions are kinda annoying/frustrating. But most are fun especially the stage missions. If you love metal, and love hacking bad guys to bits, then you will love this game.

#4 Resident evil 5: (emphasis on the five) :P This game is quite different from the oast RE games. It adds co-op, not quite so creepy levels. But it still has the undead trying to kill you (well not technically undead). (zombies smart enough to drive vehicles? the hell?). But still a great game and really fun.

#3 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on dark athena: Two words, Bad ***. These two words describe how this game makes you feel. From killing guys that never knew you were there, to great one liners this game has it all.. Oh wait I mean both games. Since Butcher bay was packaged in with Assault on dark athena, you get two great games for the price of one.

#2 Modern warfare 2: WHAT?!? Anyone that really knows me will be wondering what happened to the real me. :P The truth is, while I love this game some things keep it from being great. A insanely short campaign (3 hours for me on easy and only 6 on veteran). Some issues with the multiplayer (noobtubers, the infamous javalin glitch among others). But still a great game that i still play a year and some months later.

#1 Borderlands: While I know some people say they found this game boring, my guess is you dudes were playing by yourself. This game is meant to be played co-op. And my tip for this game. "If you aint gonna play co-op, dont play it all". A couple things pushed this game to number one for me. Reason numero uno, The weapons, there are literally millions of guns in borderlands, tons of grenade mods, tons of ****mods, tons of quests and tons of fun to be had. Just be sure to play with a friend (or three).

So yeah MW2 was not my number one game.. I'm actually surprised to be honest, But when I looked and what I loved about both games, Borderlands won out.

Hoped you guys enjoyed this so far.. Tomorrow will be the big finale followed by games that almost made it but didnt.

Tpo five games of the last six years part 4

Yesterday was 2007, today is 2008's turn.

#5 Grand theft auto IV: I just started playing this game not even a week ago, but I am already loving it. The story might not be so great but the gameplay is fun and so are the missions.

#4 Gears of war 2: Even better than the first game, the sequel introduced better co-op, better multiplayer (which includes local with bots) and the horde mode. Which is probably whatI played more in this game than anything else.

#3 Rainbow six vegas 2: Just like Gears of war 2, this game improved everything that needed improving. Better co-op, better weapon/character customization and better multiplayer.

#2 Fallout 3: Before I had played my number one game, this game was number one. Taking the Oblivion engine and fine tuning it to make one hell of a FPS/RPG. Great quests, good locale and a nice number of weapons/armor/clothing options make this game really fun. However there (were) some game crippling bugs, most have been fixed. But there are still some really random glitches and bugs. (flying cows anyone?)

#1 Dead space: This is the game that made me change how I viewed Horror games. No other game has made me jump out of myseat so much or had me hoping that nothing would be behind me when I turned around. This game is a fantastic Horror/action game that should not be missed.

Guess my number one game of 2009 and get a cookie!