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It's been AGES since I wrote a blog here.

Oh man, my life as a lurker never ends.

I've been here on gamespot for almost 6 years, yes, SIX. I've seen a lot of stuff going on, all the changes going on with the site, the drama...you get my drift.
Off-Topic Discussion has been my place of choice to stay since, ever. Every single piece of news I know it is thanks to them, I might not post much, but I would like to thank them all for being awesome, you rarely find a community like this one to be honest.

Heh, this blog isn't making much sense, I'm writing all of this on the go, no structure what so ever. Sorry for that!

Anyway, I have been doing so much stuff lately, mostly focusing on going pro on Starcraft 2, yep, I'm into all that "esports" thing, I find it really great and since I've always been a REALLY competitive person, I find myself more than capable of doing it. But this wont be for now, this is something I plan to do in 4 to 5 years, once i'm done with my studies, this way if I see that becoming pro isn't something for me I can have some other options for my life, I don't want to screw up and stay without any options eh!

I have also started a Let's Play channel, I've been having so much fun making playthroughs with commentary, as of late I have finished a SH3 playthrough and I'm working on Doom 3 and Super Meat Boy.

If you guys want you can check my channel at:


PS: I swear a lot on those vids, so you have been warned!

Anyway, I think that that's all, hope at least one person reads this...so yeah! see ya guys in like 5 years when I write another blog!

I feel kinda depressed :(

i well here's the prob...

since i started 9th grade i have been having probs with the exams and stuff i only get bad grades and it doesn't seem to be better. i have lost the motivation i had, and i feel like if iSUCK. I really don't know whats up with me everyone even my friends tell me that i have to study a bit more and stuff...everything i can say is "damn i would like but if i take a book and study i get depressed without a reason" they're like "WTF?!" and i just say "i hope i could change"

well i tried to explain in the most clear way i could (English isn't my first language :P)

i'm kinda bored so i will talk about...well...anything :D

HELLO everyone :P

so well i have practicing this dance that is quite cool(if you like techno and some other stuff ^^).

The name of the dance's "tecktonik" i would be impressed if someone actually knows what is you can search in google video for well....vids about it^^, in the us i think some ppl may think it's for "gheys"or something but in france if you dance that=all girls come to u XD so you must know more or less why i'm doing it eh? :P.

well i think thats all i have to say -_-' see ya ppl ^^

i'm back....from "vacationz"!

w00t i'm back sup ppl i had some really cool vacations in the beach and other cool places i went to visit mayan ruins in honduras i wonder how the f*** they did all of that but anyways^^ i also played lots of ddr god that game makes me swet xDD.

so how about you ppl what have you donde this summer =)?


So some of you know i play WoW....i got this friend of mine who was in a guild with me he had another character in de third guild of the server and he got probs with the GM of my guild cause he thought that hes was going to stuff himself and after go :/ so yesterday they kicked him and they kicked ME also...now thats reeeeeally f-ed up cause i liked the guild where i was ....well at least i'm going to be in the third guild of the server lol^^

my fav bands =D

well here are some of the bad i hear the most^^

in first place is....Trivium/Rammstein well i have to decide xD

in second place is GMS! (for those who don't know....it' somereally good trance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXwWrz8c1-c some trance goodness xD btw the intro its extremly long O_o

and in third...well let's see...hmm...i think Emigrate^^(for those who don't know it neither ill put one Link! of one of his songs^^)


omfg vacations are soooooooo near :D

im so impatient just 2 days and im going to EL Salvador to have some uber fun in the beach

so maybe i wont update my blog but anyways i almost never update it lol

btw it would be nice to know where are you going to pass your vacations

well bye *gets all exited and starts screaming*

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