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537: PSN account hacked(Recovered) and it is 2017 & Late Birthday 12/31

Was going to make this blog on December 31st which was my Birthday

but unfortunately some douchebag decided to hack my PSN the weird thing I haven't notice any changes made my to account they were probably looking for Credit Card info I'm assuming and this part reason I don't put credit card info on my account in case of stuff like this happening.

I did manage to get my account back at least and the my settings still say 5 systems active at least the guy at Sony Support was helpful even though I didn't get the serial number of PS3 right the first time they let me do it again. I guess from here and after that I wound up activating the Two-Step thingy which I thought I had active in the first place and as well as the Security question and pin number, plus I'll probably alternate between two different email addresses and change my password every month to something completely unrelated to others and won't be similiar to my previous ones either.

So far the only thing they did change was my email and password since it said both were invalid when I clicked on forgot password. And to think I went 7 years without getting hacked not sure how it happened in the first place so don't know

Anyway well it is finally 2017 and as far for 2016

I pretty much am giving The Last Guardian Game of the year by default and here are my top 20 favorite games of 2016

1. The Last Guardian(PS4)

2. Pokemon Sun & Moon(3DS)

3. Titanfall 2(PS4)- Also had The Last Guardian and Pokemon Sun & Moon not been out this year I would've gave my game of the year to Titanfall 2 and Titanfall 2 is easily one of my favorite FPS

4. Pokken Tournament(Wii U)

5. Gears of War 4( Xbox One)

6. Digimon Cyber Sleuth(PS4, Vita)

7. Dark Souls III(PS4)

8. Tom Clancy's The Division

9. Odin Sphere(even though I haven't bought it yet)

10. Uncharted 4(PS4)

11. Final Fantasy XV(PS4)

12. Watch Dogs 2(PS4)

13. Rise of the Tomb Raider(PS4)

14. Sword Art Online Hallow Realization(PS4)

15. Arslan Warriors of Legend(PS4)

16. No Man's Sky(PS4)

17. Battlefield 1(PS4)

18. Ori and the Blind Forest(Xbox one)( I know it isn't 2016 but I bought it in 2016)

19. Nights of Azure(PS4)

20. God Eater 2(PS4)

And here are some games I'm currently interested in getting this year(2017)

Digimon World Next Order(PS4)


Tales of Berseria(PS4)

Scalebound(Xbox One)

Gran Blue Fantasy(PS4, probably a 2019 game though)

Kingdom Hearts III(PS4)(Probably 2018)

Horizon Zero Dawn(PS4)

Dragon Quest VII(3DS)

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD(PS4)


Yoshi's Woolly World(3DS)

For Honor(PS4)

Ys Origin(PS4)

Altelier Firis The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey(PS4)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands(PS4)

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix(PS4)

Dragon Quest Heroes II(PS4)


Ace Combat 7(PS4)

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy(PS4)

Black Rose Valkyrie(PS4)


Everspace(Xbox one)

Phantom Dust(Xbox one)




Ever Oasis(3DS)

Final Fantasy XII(PS4)

Freedom Planet 2

Sonic Mania

Sonic 2017

Gran Turismo Sport(PS4)

Kingdom Come Deliverance(PS4)

Mass Effect(PS4)

Red Dead Redemption(PS4)

Ni No Kuni II(PS4)


Sea of Thieves(Xbox one)

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild(Wii U)


Seasons After Fall(PS4)

Days Gone(PS4)

God of War(Ps4)

Final Fantasy VII Remake(PS4)



Pretty sure more than half of those are 2018 or later

And as to want I have been doing

Aside from restarting Alpha Sapphire for event legends

been playing Pokemon Sun & Moon

And Started Animal Crossing New leaf back up after not playing a year

Also was playing The Last Guardian, Titanfall 2 and The Division quite a bit as well.

and playing Super Mario Maker

About what I am hoping for this year

Reach 50 platinums( currently at 47, would like to reach 100 this year but don't know)

Get a 2nd Job(plan on keeping my current one need two so I can save up and move out by 2019 or something or would like to)

And Work on creating paths for my Animal Crossing Town

and probably draw more which I might try and do now that Alpha Sapphire is a bit out of the way unless they get Diancie event again

Well guess that is the end of this blog I'll try and make one in Spring or Summer

August 27th, 2017

And my Pokemon Moon Team is this

1. Lycanroc(Midday)

2. Salazzle

3. Ninetales(Alola)

4. Kommo-o

5. Golisopod

6. Lurantis

Also if anyone want their Levels for Super Mario Maker Uploaded I'll record my youtube channel here


Can't guarantee when I'll get to it but will let you know it is uploaded and also can't guarantee I would be able to complete the level either.

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Lycanroc doesn't look too happy about it


536: Xbox One, Vita and Game Capture Card

Well Seems like it has been almost year since my last blog so making one today.

Anyway bought an Xbox One

and as far as games go bought these ones

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ryse Son of Rome

Dead Rising 3

Gears of War

Halo 5

Halo Masterchief Collection

And Also bought a Vita can't remember if I ever mentioned that a while back or not.

along with Digimon Cyber Sleuth and Tales of Hearts R and some other games forgot which ones.

And on a different subject had a quite of few interesting dreams I'll post here

Some Pokemon Related and some not

A Couple of dreams I had that I was Dialga in

Azelf was in the dream and was causing disortions in Time and planned on Using Celebi for something as well. Azelf was planning having me become Primal Dialga then Azelf was going to cross over from that dream into this world in order to enslave the Human Race.

Azelf already had crossed over from a Parallel Universe from within the dream. But I think Azelf's Plans were screwed up when I switch to Articuno.

And in a different dream I was Dialga in Palkia attempted to erase a City from the Timeline it was in the Ocean kind of like Pacifidlog Town, but kind of looked like Fortree City. Followed Palkia into Space Dimension and managed to defeat Palkia and save the City from Destruction.

That was on some wooden board near the City and saw Palkia's Dimension close up then I kind of promised some Girl that I would protect that City Forever. Almost kind of feel bad for leaving. So if I actually did have a chance to ditch this world I probably go to this one mainly because I did kind of promise to protect it forever. On a random note was a female Dialga in both of those as well and have been female for every pokemon I have been as well, and the dragon I end up as in dreams is always female too.

And one I was Ninetales in saw a City being destroyed by a flood and was going to go over to stop and was jumping on debri while Gengar was trying to knock me out into the flood. Not sure if I was going over there to prevent it from complete desctruction or not though. Waterfall looked kind of neat though.

And was Yveltal in a dream a couple of times.

Apparently there was a building who capturing people and cutting them up while they were alive and using their body parts to make machines. Anyway They must pissed me off pretty good since I killed everyone the building then flew up into the skies and destroyed the building itself. Then Ascended into space and looked at the planet Apparently saw too much Negative in the planet even it was Negative version of Earth I ended up destroying the planet all together. Xerneas made no effort into stopping me and said the planet would be reborn into hopes that the same thing won't be happening twice.

And in a different dream Xerneas was attempting to destroy multiple cities but was also Yveltal in this dream as well and prevented Xerneas from destroying everything. Not entirely sure what cause Xerneas to bring destruction. But it seems like our roles flipped in this one a bit.

Was also Reshiram in a dream and was planning on burning the entire planet down to the ground but that attack was prevented by higher power.

Also was Articuno in a Dream that involved Moltres. Moltres had Espeon surrounded by 50 Houndoom or so. And if I had refused to do what Moltres wanted Espeon would've been killed. So I pretty much did what Moltres wanted. Probably wouldn't have wanted to see Articuno's body after that between Moltres, Houndoom, Mega Rayquaza and Dialga. probably got impregnanted by Moltres.

Then Moltres was planning on Destroying every world I've been to in order to keep me in that world. This World was 2nd on his list to destroy.

And in a Different Dream I was Articuno I tried to fight against Mega Latios & Mega Latias as well as Lugia at the same time. I managed to take down Latias & Latios but lost against Lugia.

And Zapdos and Moltres weren't too pleased about so ended up being tortured by both.

Also was Lunala don't remember that dream much other then fighting against Solgaleo

Was also Noivern in a dream before in a dream interesting thing about that one is I was able to see soundwaves inside caves with Supersonic. Noivern's Sight is pretty interesting.

Also been a Dragon again, Absol, Vulpix and think that is about it.

Outside of Pokemon been a Swan and a Wolf in dreams before too.

Anyway Also bought a Capture Card and recorded some videos on youtube here


haven't really done much else other restarting Alpha Sapphire over for Event Pokemon

Keldeo is out in October

Don't know when my next blog will be might try and make one September and December sometime.

Was going say October but going to be to busy getting Keldeo

And The Last Guardian comes out then as well October 28th I think. and I preordered two Collector's Edition making it the first game I buy a Collector's Edition for assuming I get them.

Gamespot needs to fix images and stop autoplaying videos in the news report sections as well

And I now have all the current systems again



Wii U-mostly playing Super Mario Maker at the moment


Xbox One


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535: Vote Krystal for Smash Bros


No Caption Provided

Well aside from trying to get Krystal into Smash Bros here are some of my purchases and stuff I did since April

Nintendo Wii

Sonic Colors

Wii U

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

Super Mario Maker

By the way if anyone wants to add me for Super Mario Maker or Smash Bros think my Wii U ID is Cynder Luna or CynderLuna


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Toukiden Age of Demons

Dragon's Crown

End of Serenity(psp)

Riveria the promised Land(psp)

Sly Cooper HD Collection

God of War HD Collection

Freedom Wars

Ys Memories of Celcelta

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment


Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

Dark Souls II

The Witcher 3

The Walking Dead(didn't care for it)

Skylander's Swap Force

Skylander's Trap Team

Lego Jurassic World



Project Cars

Batman Arkham Knight


Legend of Kay


God of War 3

Dragon Age Inquistion


Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


Time and Eternity

The Witch and the one Hundrenth Knight

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn

NBA Jam on Fire Edition

NFL Blitz

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Red Faction Guerilla

Mx vs ATV Alive

Pac-Man Museum

Red Faction Armegeddon

Nascar 14


SKylander's Spyro's Adventure

Skylander's Giants

Resident Evil 5

3D Dot Game Heroes

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Star Ocean International

White Knight Chronicles II

Atelier Ayesha the Alchemist of Dusk

Atelier Escha & logy alchmesist of the Dusk Sky

Atellier Shallie Alchemist of the dusk sea

Sonic Unleashed

Xbox 360

Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga


Sly 4 Thieves in Time Platinum #38

Playstation All Star Battle Royale Platinum #39

Grand Theft Auto IV Platinum #40

Skylander's Trap Team Platinum #41

The Walking Dead Platinum #42

God of War 3 Platinum #43


Skylanders Cynder confronts the weather wizard

Warriors Dawn of the Clans Forest Divided

Wings of Fire books 1-7

Perspective Made Easy



How to Draw Equestria Girls

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Learning to Program

How to Draw Dragons

Game Coding Complete 4th edition

Dragonart Evolution

More terrible than chains


Digimon Rumble Arena 2


X/1999 anime

Pokemon X dvd

Pokemon Johto Journeys dvd

Other purchases







Trail Blazer

Tuff Luck

Knight Wing





Sonic Boom




A Digital art pad( that I can't figure out how to work)

Yugioh Cards

A used Car 2007 Chevy Colbalt I think

~Cynder Luna Stallion

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think that is about it been mostly playing Playstation 4 and 3DS at the moment.

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534: Playstation 4 & Playstation Vita

Anyway been a while since my last blog about 7 months and to think I use make them more frequently. Anyway been kind of visiting the site a bit more well posting on random articles is about it.

Gamespot website design is still horrible, that I kind of migrated to PSNprofile . com

probably should visit gamespot instead of gamefaqs(forums are horrible and all I've been doing is adding users to my ignore list and marking their post)

Guess since my last blog was September 30th, 2014 list of stuff I bought since then

Playstation 4 also bought a Playstation Vita

Now I have PS4, Vita and Wii U as well as 3DS all that is left is Xbox One which I will get when Scalebound is close to release.

anyway other stuff I bought


MLPFIM Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 4

Mocking Jay Part 1

Pokemon Season 1

Power Rangers Zeo

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

power rangers in Space


1. Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness


3. Nascar 2005 Chase for the Cup

4. NCAA Football 2005

total= 81

Might end at 100 or 110


1. Warriors Tales from the clans

2. Warriors the blazing star



I of the Dragon


1. Wolfenstein the New Order

2. Assassin's Creed Rogue

3. Alien Isolation

4. Borderlands the Pre-sequel

5. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

6. TMNT Danger of the Ooze

7. Call of Duty Advance Warfare

8. Dragon Age Inquistion

9. Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD Collection

10. Fairy Fencer F

11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

total = 172

probably will end roughly around 300


1. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

2. Pokemon Omega Ruby

3. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

4. Super Smash Bros

Nintendo Wii

1. Metroid Prime Trilogy

2. Pokepark Pikachu's Adventure

3. Super Mario Galaxy 2

4. Xenoblade Chronicles

total = 31

probably end at 50

Nintendo DS

1. Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

2. Pokemon Conquest

Playstation 4

1. The Order 1886

2. Grand Theft Auto V

3. Knack

4. Killzone Shadow Fall

5. Driveclub

6. LIttleBigPlanet 3

7. Assassin's Creed Unity

8. Infamous Second Son

9. Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

10. The Crew

11. Bloodborne

12. Toukiden Kiwami

13. Battlefield Hardline

14. Final Fantasy Type-0

15. Infamous First Light

16. Injustice gods Among Us

is my current Playstation 4 collection

I also got the platinums for Dust the Elysian Tail and The Order 1886 now at 37 platinums

Playstation Vita

1. Soul Sacrifice

2. Tales of Hearts R

I kind of want to get Digimon Cyber Sleuth, but wonder if I should wait and see it gets localized first

as far as GOTY for 2014 goes I gave it to Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

If I bought the PS4 in 2014 I probably would have gave it to Dragon Age Inquistion

and on unrelated things

kindd of been having the same dream for a couple weeks or so not sure if I should concerned or not Already bad enough that I seem to be a dragon in about 95% of the dreams I have now, so I don't know.

Anyway in said dream I seem to be flying around in the town I live in quite a bit mostly at night then have chains come up from the ground pulling me into a demonic realm then I ended up getting trapped inside a dark crystal. Well, even if this does happen I'm not going to prevent if I could. The last one I posted I think I was mostly wondering around in a demonic realm and not sure why they seem bent on convincing me I'm the princess of the dark crystal kingdom either that they also hook up some cables to the crystal not sure what they are planning but feels like they zap my energy from me then I end up waking up with hedache. probably nothing that is good so I'll destroy them since I'm not planning on letting them use the powers of darkness for whatever they want.

Anyway aside from that kind of actually haven't been playing video games much, that mostly because my heart likes to speed up sometimes and it feels like I'm dying(honestly I almost wish it would kill me) not sure if it is Anxiety or Panic attacks or something seem to be triggered for no reason and this is part of the reason why I'm not looking for another job much other then the one I have, but I do need a better job still...

and been mostly playing Nintendo 3DS

Anyway if anyone wants to add me on PSN or Nintendo Wii U let me know

Wii U ID & XBox

Cynder Luna

PSN: Nightstream88

I also subscribe to PSN+, but not Xbox Live yet

So how many have stayed on gamespot anyway?

Not sure when my next blog will be another 7 months maybe?

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Be distracted by Princess Luna


533: Blog Update after a few months

List of games and stuff I bought through the year so far

Playstation 3

1. Tales of Symphonia HD Collection

2. Final Fantasy XIII- Lightning returns

3. Drakengard 3

4. Borderlands 2

5. No More Heroes

6. Beyond Two Souls

7. Watch Dogs

8. Clash of the Titans

9. Vanquish

10. Resident Evil Revelations

11. X-men Origins Wolverine

12. Prison Break

13. How to Train Your Dragon 2

14. Blacksite Area 51

15. Dante's Inferno

16. Captain America Super Soldier

17. Metal Gear Rising

18. Tales of Xillia 2

19. Destiny

on Preorder

1. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Collection

2. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

3. Call of Duty Advance Warfare

4. Dragon Age Inquistion

5. Digimon All-Star Rumble

PSN Purchases

1. Carnivores HD

2. Trine 2

3. Back to the Future Episodes 1-4

4. Jurasic Park the Game

5. Braid

6. Ratchet & Clank Deadlocked

7. Yugioh Millienium Duels

8. Assassin's Creed Liberation

9. Papa & Yo

10. double dragon

11. Malicious

12. TMNT out of the shadows

13. Entwined

14. Resident Evil 4

DLC Purchases(never bought DLC until this year)

1. Drakengard 3

2. Enslaved Odyssey to the West

3. Batman Arkham City

PS1/PS2 PSN Digital Purchases

1. Spyro Year of the Dragon

2. Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer

3. Spyro the Dragon

4. Crash 1

5. Crash 2

6. Crash 3

7. CTR Racing

8. Gex Enter the Gecko

9. Dino Crisis

10. Dino Crisis 2

11. Twisted Metal Black

12. Legend of Dragoon

Platinums Obtained

1. Soul Calibur 2( Platinum #26)

2. Green Lantern rise of the Manhunters(Platinum #27)

3. Enslaved Odyssey to the West(Platinum #28)

4. Sly 4 Thieves in Time( Platinum #29)

5. Drakengard 3( Platinum #30)

6. SSX (Platinum #31)

7. Trine 2(platinum #32)

8. Playstation All-Star Battle Royale(Platinum #33)

9. Ratchet & Clank into the Nexus(platinum #34

10. Red Dead Redemption(Platinum #35)- Well currently working on this one, but odds are it will be months before I make a blog again and I'll probably have 40 platinums maybe by then.

As for my 40th platinum plan on it being Grand Theft Auto IV(I already have the online trophies)



1. Pokemon Genesect & Legend Awakened

2. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 3

3. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 4

4. Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks

5. 24 Live Another Day

6. 24 Season 5

7. 24 Season 7

8. 24 Season 8

9. How to Train Your Dragon 2

10. Godzilla


1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ginji's Rescue Team

2. Dragonspell

3. Daring Do Book Collection

4. Survivors The Empty City

5. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic The Journal of the Two Sisters

6. Warriors The First Battle

7. Warriors Tales from the Clans

8. Warriors BrambleStar's Storm

9. Warriors the Blazing star

10. Heres of Olympus Blood of Olympus

11. Dragon Queen

12. Splintered gods

13. Fringe Sins of the Father

Also bought a New Desktop Computer & Monitor

And bought a Wii U this month as well

and games I bought for Nintendo Wii U/Wii

1. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

2. Splinter Cell Blacklist

3. New Super Mario Bros

4. Hyrule Warriors

wii(had a Wii since 2007)

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

2. Pokemon Battle Revolution

3. Xenoblade Chronicles( And to think I gave up searching for this game at a decent price found it $50 used at gamestop)

Nintendo Wii U VC

1. Golden Sun

2. Earthbound

Nintendo Wii VC

1. Super Smash Bros

2. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

3. Pokemon Snap

4. Super Mario rpg


1. Custom Robo

Nintendo 3DS VC

1. Tails Adventure

2. Ecco the Dolphin

3. Pokemon Bank

4. Sonic Blast

5. Four Swords Anniversary Edition


1. Digimon Battle Spirit

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team

Other Purchases

1. Wii U

2. Desktop Computer

3. Playstation 2

4. PS3 Silver Controller

5. Two Wii Classic Controllers

6. Wii U Pro Controller

7. MLPFIM Princess Luna Theme Deck

8. Nightmare Moon Wallet

9. Princess Luna Tin

10. MLPFIM Princess Celestia Theme Deck

11. Twilight Sparkle Theme Deck

Nintendo 3DS

1. Kirby Triple Deluxe

2. Yoshi's New Island

3. Super Smash Bros


1. Pokemon Ruby

2. Pokemon Sapphire

3. Pokemon Art Academy

4. Fossil Fighters

Wii U preorders

1. Bayonetta 2

2. Super smash Bros

3. Sonic Boom

4. Captain toad treasure hunter

5. kirby

6. yoshi wooly world

7. xenoblade chronicles x

8. Legebd of Zelda

Xbox one preorders

1. Halo 5

2. Scalebound

Playstation 4 preorders

1. Kingdom Hearts 3

2. Final Fantasy XV

3. MGS 5

4. The Witcher 3

5. The Order 1886(Collectors edition)

6. Mad Max

7. Uncharted 4

8. Batman Arkham Knight

and my current PSN level & trophy count



Gold- 190

Silver- 464


Total- 2372

Level 17 80%

Hopefully by next blog I will be closer to 50 platinums

Which I plan my 50th to be Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Kingdom hearts 2 I plan on being platinum 100.

Overrall I'd say this year has been pretty good. Well Since I doubt anyone will notice this blog I leave these pictures here below

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

~Cynder of Riverclan

532: Games looking forward to

anyway here are games I'm looking forward to in 2014

Assassin's Creed III Liberation

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z

Halo Spartan Assault

Fable Anniverary

Braverly Default

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

South Park Stick of Truth

Dark Souls 2

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes

Yoshi's New Island

Final Fantasy X HD Collection

Infamous Second Son

The Witch and the Hundred Knight?

Watch Dogs


Ace Combat Infinity

Bayonetta 2

Deep Down

Dragon Age Inquistion

Drakenguard 3

Everquest Next

Hitman 6

Homefront 2

Halo 5

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Collection

Kirby Triple Deluxe

Lords of the Fallen

Persona 5

Tales of Xillia 2

Super Smash Bros both 3DS and Wii U version

The Legend of Zelda

Hyrule Warriors

The Order 1886

Quantum Break

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Crew

Kingdom Hearts 3

Final Fantasy XV

Well guess that is it for now pretty sure this list will likely increase by the end of the year, and I'm sure not all of these will come out this year either, but that would be nice

Pokemon picture

and movies I'm interested in Seeing this year

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones

The Legend of Hercules



Captain America Winter Soldier

The Amazing-Spider Man 2



X-Men Days of Future Past

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Edge of Tomorrow

Transformers Age of Extinction

Paranormal Activity 5

MockingJay Part 1

and the only ones I'm kind interested seeing in Theatres are these ones

Godzilla, Captain America, MockingJay Part 1 and How to Train Your Dragon 2

and looks like 2015 has a better list

interested in seeing how these movies turn out

Jurassic World, Terminator Genesis, Assassin's Creed, Star Wars Episode VII, and MockingJay Part 2.

hopefully they don't screw up The Assassin's Creed movie.

Well guess that is it for that...

I probably should get back to reading sometime as well as drawing and probably should clean my room.

But been playing Nintendo 3DS the most and did finish Gates to Infinity again. Speaking of Which Currently is February and still no Pokemon Bank was suppose have been out December 27th.

and I'm currently playing Explorers of the Sky, Ocarina of Time, Okamiden, Gran Turismo 6, not entirely sure what is in my

Playstation 3 at the moment though.

Well since Unions have returned I may stick to staying on Gamespot a bit longer, now if gamespot would fix blogs.

by fixing them making it easier to post images as well as making it easier to find other blogs I can't seem to find them. So if anyone wants me to comment a blog or something you might have to post a comment or something in my blogs or on that Status Bar thingy like what facebook has.

Also forgot also bought this yesterday

Well anyway Should get back to reading some of my books, drawing and finish cleaning my room. But 3DS has been taking up most of my time. and to think if I lived with a certain wind element dragon still she would probably be rather angry at me I probably wouldn't be seeing the outside world for quite sometime I know that much. Anyway guess back playing 3DS.

~Cynder of Riverclan

531: GOTY Awards and 2013 in review

Well this year think I am just going to do the main platforms

By the way not sure many of you know this, but I give my GOTY to games based on whether or not I bought the game in 2013 rather then whether or not it came out in 2013 here are purchases I made throughout 2013 and managed to exceed over 100 orders on Amazon



Jetpack Joyride

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch

Pokemon Black 2

Princess Luna Tshirt

Pokemon White

Sly 4 Thieves in Time

MLPF Figures Royal Wedding Set

Princess Luna & Rarity

Yugioh Decade Duels Plus

Pure Chess

Pokemon Heartgold

Golden Sun Darkdawn

Battle of Giants Dragons

Savage Skies

Dragon Rage

Billy Hatcher

Virtua Quest

Monster Hunter Tri

Ninetales Card

Cynder Skylanders Figure

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness

Pokemon Dream Radar

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Bros

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

FFVII Crisis Core

Sonic Rivals 1 & 2

Warriors Sun Trail

Prince of Persia

Digimon Season 1

Digimon Season 2

Memory Card PSP

Drakan the Ancient Gates


Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

Jurassic Park

Pokemon Kyrem and the sword of justice

Keldeo Plush

Pokepark Pikachu's Adventure

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

Lunar Silver Star Harmony

Drakenguard 2

Disgaea Hour of Darkness

Hyper Dimension Neptunia

Fringe Season 5


MLPFIM Princess Twilight Sparkle

MLPFIM Season 2

Pokemon Cards(Alot)

Pokemon Tshirt

Yugioh Cards


Digimon Cards

Two Worlds 2

Fringe Tshirt

Pokemon Tshirt

Dragon Tshirt

Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon

Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night(DS)

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Battle of Giants Dragons Bronze Edition

Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons

MLPFIM Elements of Harmony

Fringe September's Notebook

Touched by Venom

Shadowed by Wings

The Black Dragon

Getting Started Drawing Made Easy

Under Standing Values

The Art of Drawing Animals

Landscapes & Vistas

How to Draw: MLPFIm

How to Draw Pokemon

Drawing Dragons


Storm Cycle

Assassin's Creed Forsaken

I am Legend

The Dark Griffin

Travelling to Parallel Universes

The Hidden Reality

Dragon in Chains

Dragonlance CHronicles

Dragon Wing

A Legacy of Light

Dragon Champion

Forged by Fire

The Fire Within

Dynasty Warriors 7

Digimon Season 3


Red Dragon Poster

A Practical Guide to Dragons

The Book of the Dragon

The Children of Odin


The Smoke THief

Return of the Dragons

The Thirteenth Unicorn

How to draw and Paint Science Fiction

Cowboys & Aliens


The Lost World


One Second After

The Serpent Sea

MLPFIM wallet

Warriors Tallstar's revenge

warriors untold stories

dragon's dogma

binary domain

darksiders 2


god of war ascension

halo 4

Halo reach

Soul Calibur V

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

Dragon Posters x 2

MLFIM Posters x 2

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia


LOS The Eternal Night(PS2-32)

Tales of Legendia

Soul Calibur IV

Tales of Xillia

Los Spyro TEN(DS 37)


PS3 Hard Drive

Equestria Girls


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Collection

Rayman Legends

Fringe The Burning Man

Yugioh Season 1

NHL 14

Diablo 3

Dragon Poster

Yugioh Season 2

Warriors Thunder Rising

LOZ Link between worlds

Uncharted 1

Uncharted 3

Batman Arkham Origins

House of Hades


SPYRo orange

Spyro Attack of the Rhynocs

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Firered(23)

Pokemon X

Pokemon Y(14)


Dark Souls

Fire Emblem Awakening

Kid Icarus Uprising

Gran Turismo 6

Playstation All-Star Battle Royale

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

The Wolverine

The Last of Us

Battlefield 4

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Angry Birds Star Wars

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs

Mario Kart 7

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Tomb Raider(2013)

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Just Cause 2

Star Wars the Forece Unleashed 2

Dead Space 2

Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus

Resistance 3

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Anyway onto GOTY wards and stuff

Movie of the Year- Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

Runner up: Catching Fire

Book of the Year Award Winner:

Warriors Dawn of the Clans: Thunder Rising

Runner up: Heroes of Olympus House of Hades

Xbox 360 GOTY:

Halo 4

Runner up: Halo Reach

Nintendo Gamecube GOTY

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Runner up: Virtua Quest

Nintendo Wii Game of the Year

Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Runner up: Pokepark Pikachu's Adventure

Nintendo DS GOTY

Pokemon HeartGold

Runner Ups: Pokemon Black 2, White 1, Pokemon Explorers of Darkness, Blue Rescue Team and Battle of Giants Dragons


Pokemon Fire Red

Runner Ups: Pokemon Emerald, Spyro Orange, Spyro Attack of the Rhynocs.

Nintendo 3DS GOTY

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infnity

Runner Ups: Pokemon X and Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and Fire Emblem Awakening,


Drakenguard 2

Runer ups: Drakenguard, Savage Skies, Draken the Ancient Gates, Tales of Legendia


Soul Calibur 2

3DS Eshop GOTY

Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Runner Up: Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Playstation 3 GOTY:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Runner Ups: Tales of Xillia, Grand Theft Auto V, Diablo 3, Rayman Legends, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, God of War Ascension, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Collection, Just Cause 2, Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, Sly 4 Thieves in Time, Dragon's Crown, Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus, Gran Turismo 6, Dynasty Warriors 7, Darksiders 2

Overrall GOTY for 2013

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Runner ups: Tales of Xillia, Grand Theft Auto V, Diablo 3, Rayman Legends, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, God of War Ascension, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Collection, Just Cause 2, Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, Sly 4 Thieves in Time, Dragon's Crown, Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus, Darksiders 2, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Lunar Silvar Star Harmony, Drakenguard 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, Halo 4

anyway that's it for that.

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Also bought some things since this

Playstation All-Star Battle Royale

Playstation 3 Game #139

Price: $14.99

No Caption Provided

Gran Turismo 6

Playstation 3 Game #140

Price: $39.99

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nintendo 3DS Game #20

Price: $34.99

Also bought

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters


The Wolverine

also bought a couple of Pokemon Cards


and Nintetales

bought them in December

also preordered

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 3

and bought

Pokemon Genesect and The Legend Awakened

Think that is it for purchases haven't bought anything else recently since I am currently trying to save my money up for an HD TV

Then after that I want to save up for another Computer since this one is getting to be crap

not sure if I want to go with getting a Desktop or a Laptop again

anyway as for other things I would like to get would like to get these as well

Another Playstation 2

Another Wii

as well as another one of the systems

Nintendo 64

Sega Genesis

Nintendo Gamecube


Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DS phat


The only reason I want to re-purchase these systems again is because some of mine are either broken or getting to old.

So that means I won't get the Playstation 4 anytime soon, was planning on getting it this year, but changed my mind on that maybe within the next year or two.

and on the Part 2 or 3 of the blog since this one is probably too long now.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

530: My 25th Birthday is Today

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Well today is my 25th Birthday.

As to what I got, only got Percy Jackson & The Olympians Sea of Monsters on DVD

I might buy Gran Turismo 6 later if it is still $40 tomorrow on a website.

along with Monster Hunter 3 on 3DS and probably Bioshock Infinite

Didn't think I'd make it to this one, I'm almost pretty sure I won't be making it to my 29th, and 100% sure I won't be making it to my 50th birthday.

anyway as to some stuff I did get for Christmas got this

No Caption Provided

Charizard Tshirt

Think I have 4 Pokemon Tshirts now

No Caption Provided

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Tshirt

No Caption Provided

Another Legend of Zelda Tshirt

No Caption Provided

Dragon Statue

No Caption Provided

Dragon Crystal thing

No Caption Provided

MLPFIM Blanket

No Caption Provided

New Chair

No Caption Provided

Playstation 3 Game #137

No Caption Provided

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Playstation 3 Game #138

Played Skyrim for a bit, then got tired of waiting on a loading screen so I gave up and played something else.

Unfortunately I kind of dock down games by 1.0 that make me kill dragons as well, since I would rather not do that again.

No Caption Provided

Fire Emblem Awakening

Nintendo 3DS Game #18

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Kid Icarus Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game #19

I also bought Soul Calibur 2 on PSN bit of a shame Link isn't in the game, but still pretty fun and my favorite in the series

No Caption Provided

As to what I mostly been doing, been playing Pokemon X and managed to get most of the Pokemon Bank Pokemon, which got delayed for the US, Which still sucks.

and playing Weapon Master Mode on Soul Calibur 2.

No Caption Provided

and still can't figure out how to keep images centered on blogs, anyone have any ideas? Then again I'm not on this site enough anymore, and to think I use to visit everyday. Now gamespot could probably ban my account and I probably wouldn't even care.

anyway suppose for the most part I'm going to be playing Soul Calibur 2, Pokemon X, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I might also join gameinformer today too, kind of a shame I have work today, almost wish I didn't, but might start saving my money up for a new TV starting January though, but will buy Tales of Symphonia HD Collection and Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns in February

Next blogs will be Game of the Year

and since I likely won't be on this site tomorrow or who knows when Happy New Year

and the picture thing is probably part of the reason why I don't come to this site much anymore.

Picture for the Day:

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~Cynder of Riverclan

529: Bought a bunch games since last month

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Well, don't know how images will work gamespot will probably mess it up again.

Anyway did buy quite a few games since November, and looks like this blog maybe posted 1 month from my last one not sure if I did that on purpose or not as for the next blog probably going to be on December 31st. Then may post two more after that being GoTY awards and stuff and 2014 wishlist, not sure if I'll be posting anymore after that.

and here are some games I bought on Black Friday

No Caption Provided

Battlefield 4

Playstation 3 Game #132

Price: $24.99

Glad I didn't spend $60 on this, think I prefer Battlefield 3 over this, kind of felt like Battlefield 3.5 otherwise.

No Caption Provided

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Playstation 3 Game #132

Price: $39.99

Game is actually pretty fun, haven't played much of the game though

No Caption Provided

The Last of Us

Playstation 3 Game #133

Price: $39.99

Another game I didn't want to spend $60, still think it is overrated, as for the 1.0 score I gave the game a while back was a joke I'd actually give it an 8.0

No Caption Provided

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Playstation 3 Game #134

Price: $24.99

didn't want to spend $60 on this either, but this game is actually surprisingly fun, kind of considering on giving it GOTY either that or Tales of Xillia. Not sure what score I'd give Blacklist might be in the 9.0-10.0 range or 9.5

Been playing the game quite a bit though.

and bought quite a bit of other titles not related to Black Friday bought these games

No Caption Provided

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs

Nintendo 3DS Game #15

Price: $22.99

I did like the Battle of Giants Dragons games so I bought this one, is pretty fun too. Kind of wish there was a Battle of Giants Dragons game on PS3 and well as Dinosaurs.

Already finish the Campaign on the T-Rex side.

No Caption Provided

Angry Birds Star Wars

Nintendo 3DS Game #16

Price: $29.95

Kind of bought this one since I bought the other, kind of wish Angry birds Space got put on 3DS as well.

No Caption Provided

Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 3DS Game #17

Price: $30. 91

haven't bought a Mario Kart game in a while since Nintendo DS, which is the only other one I own.

No Caption Provided

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Playstation 3 Game #134

Price: $22.99

At least I didn't spend $60 on this game, still prefer Battlefield. Probably going to get Modern Warfare 1 & 3 as well, have no interest in getting Ghost or Black Ops 1.

No Caption Provided

Motorsotrm Apocalypse

Playstation 3 Game #135

Price: $14.92

and also bought this game

No Caption Provided

Tomb Raider(2013)

Playstation 3 Game#136


Well think that is all the games I've bought recently I also bought Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to infinity for my sister.

No Caption Provided

As to what else I've been doing

did finish Pokemon Y and mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf or Pokemon X.

Also on PS3 been playing Splinter Cell Black list, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 few random matches online.

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So, how's gamespot's activity been wonder if has died down alot?

I haven't been on since I find the site a pain to use, and don't like the layout.

Also did see The Hunger Games Catching Fire in Theatres movie was pretty good.

Also was playing Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Pokemon Fire red and Emerald for a bit.

Guess other then that I haven't done much else

next blog might be on December 31st.

Well, guess in the I'm probably going to be playing those games then.

I also been posting on serebiiforums a bit more and facebook

Picture for the Day:

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~Cynder of Riverclan

528: Thinking about Migrating to gameinformer . com

Seeing as quite a bit of users left this, and looks like a few migrated over there.

So may decide to join that site instead, not sure what username I'll be under

probably either Cynder Luna, Cynder Stallion or -Ninetales-

depends on if the site lets me use my name as a username.

Even if I do migrate to that site I'll probably pop in as much as I do now.

Currently mostly been playing Pokemon Y at the moment and played Zone of Enders for a bit.

as for my current Pokemon just got the 6th badge.

and I still haven't been on this site much. mostly been on facebook. not sure what blogs I missed on the site, but if I have let me know I'll try and look at it when I am on again.

as for my Pokemon Team on Y I currently have these ones

1. Ninetales- level 63(currently my strongest on Y)

2. Steelix-level 55

3. Gogoat-level 41

4. Noibat-level 30

5. Gyarados-level 54

6. Espeon-level 35

Rotated with

1. Trevenant-level 25

2. Gengar- level 26

3. Blitzle-level 24

4. Honedge-level 25

5. Talonflame-level 35

6. Rufflet-level 41

7. Ampharos-level 31

8. Sylveon-level 30

9. Malamar-level 31

10. Houndour-level 10

11. Lapras- level 31

12. Lucario- level 34

List of other Pokemon I plan on using

Absol, Phanpy, Deino, Zorua, Dratini, Seel, Skarmory, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Joltik, Starly, Gible, Trapinch, Litwick, Scyther, Chinchou, Munna, Tyrunt, Aron, Remoraid and probably many others.

Not going to post images this blog, mostly because I don't feel like going to photobucket, and didn't want to spend too much time on it.

plus I'll probably make a few more blogs on this site or so. Game of the Year stuff and such.

~Cynder of Riverclan