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8000 feet O_O

i dont know if ill be posting as much for the next 2 snowboarding in bc :D were staying at whistler and boarding every other day how awesome is that!

this mountain is f*ckin huge check this out:

anyway..merry christmas, happy new year, all that jazz :) now go get wasted.

my christmas haul :D

- the orange box
- rock band
- 2800 ms points card
- 360 chat-pad + headset


- family guy: season 1
- green hollister sweater & jeans
- simpsons/family guy pajamas & boxers
- money & gift cards

whachu get? :D lool

the 1 bout xbla


waiting for: doom 2, sonic the hedgehog 3, metal slug 3.
praying for: tmnt: turtles in time, any bust-a-move game.

My favourite games of all time (part 2)

Make sure you read part 1 first; this is a continuation!

No top-10 list is ever complete without Metroid. The worlds you get dropped into to blast through are incredible, and this installment took everything that was great about Metroid Prime and built on it with dimension-altering mechanics and new weapons and enemy-forces. It's one of the most atmospheric games ever created,yet also one of the best. You can't beat this game at what it does on any platform availiable today, and the perfect balance of puzzle, shooter, and adventure make something memorable.

4. SSX 3 (PS2)
SSX is the best extreme-sports franchise out there. The characters, the tricks, the speed, the music, the atmosphere; the list is endless. I could shred the mountains from top to bottom thousands of times before I get bored, and it had enough deep and entertaining elements to make me want to play it that often. Not only did it deliver a rush that no other game in it's genre could, but it's also the best in the series and great value to boot.

Jet Grind Radio was really something. The graphics, soundtrack, controls,and art ****were sofresh and fantastic for it's time, and the entire game premise just made it a winner right from the beginning. It managed to be unique and fun at the same time, which should be a requirement for any hall-of-famer if you ask me. The game still holds up today, andreally set the framework for all other free-roam extreme-sports games after it. As one of the best games in the Dreamcast library, it's also certainly up there with one of the best games period.

It's not about the presentation when it comes to Guitar Hero. Music and games are both awesome, and when both of them come together in something that's such a blast to play it's definitely worth the price of admission. This installment improved over the first game in almost every way, and the online content and fantastic set-list all added to a great foundation, pretty much making the best rhythm game in existence, and alsothe most addicting to boot.

and the winner is...
[spoiler] 1. CHRONO CROSS (PS1)
This game blew me away. I found it in a bargain bin for $14.99, and it ended up being the best game I ever played. Sure it had an outstanding soundtrack, it was fun and incredibly deep, and it had amazing graphics; butthere was something else. Anytime a dumb little video-game can pull you into it's story so well that it makes you feel, it deserves a little credit, don't you think? This is the best RPG ever, the best fantasy adventure game ever, and quite simply the best game in existence.
[/spoiler] Other Worthy Mentions:
- Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (SNES)
- Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (SNES)
- Bust-a-Move 4 (DC)
- Pokemon: Crystal Version (GBC)
- Wario Land 3 (GBC)

My top 10 favourite games of all time (part 1)

Few GBA games were as polished as this one was. Not only did it have a great blend ofstory, humor,interesting characters, fun gameplay mechanics, and great puzzles& worlds; it also brought a fantastic new approach to the Mario universe, and managed to bebothengaging and immensely entertaining the entire way through the game. I never would have pictured an RPG to be so fun, but it was accessible, innovative, and also technically impressive in addition to being such a blast to play. There's nothing about this game I didn't love.

Rayman has always been a fantastic series; but this installment was the pinnacle. The entire world you're put in from the minute you turn the game on is incredible; and it's only made better by the fantastic platforming. The game was dripping with imagination, and it had great bosses, great graphics, great music, and great level design too. Not to mention that the DC version was superior to all others.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the best fighting game ever made. There's so much to this game it's incredible. Not only is it one of the best multiplayer experiences you'll ever have, but it's also a very deep and feature-rich game that will keep you busy and entertained forever. It also creates an awesome atmosphere since everything in the Nintendo universe is incorporated into the game somehow. Easy to learn and hard to master, who knew a Nintendo history lesson could be so finely tuned?

Ah...good ol' RE4. Where would we be without ya? As if it needs a whole paragraph to explain its greatness. This installment of the Resident Evil franchise is unquestionably the best in the series; and any review this game gets will speak for itself. The graphics, the atmosphere, the enemies, the white-knuckle action and horror; all the best I've seen in almost any game ever, and there's so much to see that it warrants playing through the game more than once a must. Not that you wouldn't want to anyways.

Sonic Adventure will always be seen in my mind as the last fantastic Sonic game. The story was excellent, the worlds were fantastic, Chaos is a great enemy, and anything that's great about the Sonic universe is present in this game, along with replayability aspects that were through the roof!