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Halo 2

New Halo 2 maps came out can't remember what they were called but they are really tiny. If anyone of you have played the map before or even play Halo 2 on Xbox live please add me feliculpa-or feliks. thanx and peac3 out

MMM Burnt Frogs

Ok so me and my freind were talking about mice while we were walking through the grass along comes a frog my freind -pro-link- picks it up and he says hey lets get warm water (we went into a bathroom and a freind turned water too boiling) and then we wanted frog too jump in but he didnt so while frog was jumping this way....> talon aka-pro-link- pushed it other way while frog was jumping so it fell in and frog was jumping and leaping suddenly just went all stiff and talon aka -pro-link- took it out and its back legs were all burnt so he threw ot amd it moved and we were liek reflexes but then i pushed it with my foot amd it moved again it was ALIVEE.. so my freind and me looked at it we had paralyzed the frog so talon threw it aside into the grass The End... (I wouldnt wanan be that frog lol)