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Hey man I respect what you're saying and I understand it can be really difficult for newcomers to get a proper dota experience in under 40-60 hours. I believe it takes at least 100 hours for someone to get the full dota2 experience, also I recommend you to play it with some experienced dota players because when you start winning and when you start incorporating successful strategies to counter the opposing team, the feeling is unmatched. It's so rewarding when you and your buddies outsmart and outplay the other team and you begin to feel good about your time invested learning the game. I've played HoN for over 1,500 hours, and LoL for around 250 hours, but I like dota2 the most and it's the moba I play now and decided to invest my time.

Dota 2 only introduces new heroes every couple of months, opposed to HoN where there is a new hero every 2 weeks. This undoubtedly helps the balancing in dota because it holds their roster of heroes together without any imba heroes combos, there are counters for every line up and that's what it sounds like what your problem is. You're saying that certain heroes are over powered, however that isn't the case. Your opponents probably countered the hero picks your team made, making it very easy for them to beat you, however that in now way makes those heroes overpowered because there are other heroes that also counter the heroes that countered your heroes. I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain.

It's this core countering mechanic in dota that makes it shine so bright, and that's why it's the most popular moba. The game revolves around it's tight roster of heroes that are all balanced, taking into the fact that certain heroes counter others, but it doesn't mean they are overpowered. If all the heroes in dota were equally powered, then obviously matches would end up in stale mate, however there needs to be weaknesses and strengths to heroes to make the game interesting and have levels of depth to it.

I think you should take more time learning dota 2 before judging it because it sounds like you haven't spend enough time playing it to understand it fully. Dota 2 is a very fun and rewarding game and I can't stop playing it because it makes me feel like a skilled player when I captain a team and cleverly counter pick the other team, it's a rewarding feeling that is unmatched and that can't be found in any other game.

Hope you properly regard this and make take dota 2 into consideration again.

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I think 10 years from now it won't exist on retail shelves anymore however, if you wish to have a boxed copy, I think the publishers will still send out physical copies by mail. Come to think of it if retail copies of pc games aren't going to exist anymore, that's going to take a lot of the publisher's job away and developers will be able to fend for themselves without a publisher and won't have to share the profit if they can just directly have their games up for download.

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Skyrim :3

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My barbarian was always my main in D2:LoD multiplayer, however my second and third fav's were druid and paladin.

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Yes, this is a great deal, and just a friendly mod recommendation, check out the latest version of the 'synergies' mod which adds a lot of cool stuff to do, mainly in once you've reached the end game.

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I'm not new to counter strike, but I haven't tried cs:go yet and was wondering if it was worth playing on the ps3, I don't currently have a PC at the moment, or else I'd play it on there. However, ps3 is my only option atm to play this game and I just wanted to know if there is still a player base on the ps3.

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I'm actually in a similar spot as you mate, I told myself since the next gen is upon us I figured it was time to either buy a new high end pc and get games for cheap on steam or spend less on the intial cost of a ps4 but spend 60$ a pop for games, and I decided to go for the PC, I feel like I'll get a lot more value despite the intial cost being more than a console. And now that I've decided this, I'm super excited to get a new pc :) I just have to save up the dough now to get to the point where I can afford it, which should be around the time that the ps4 comes out.

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If some of you don't already know, this game is free for ps+ users, and I have to say, what an amazing find. I hadn't really payed much attention when this game first was released, but since it was free, I figured why not. Now that I've just beat it twice, I have to say I would have payed $60 if I had known it was this good. There are so many elements to this game that make me love it, first off the combat is satisfying, especially when you customize your squad and grow a bit of attachment to certain soldiers, it reminded me of the original ghost recon, where you would have soldiers with names and they recieved promotions over missions and they're presence was persistent until they died, which I actually really like. I also liked how the game was kicking my ass, even on the normal difficulty. But I never felt like the game was unfair, if I was losing it was mainly because I didn't have the right composition in my squad, which was entirely my fault. 

Then after combat missions, you get to enjoy the depth of being a commander where you invest your funding and manage all the aspects of the xcom project, I loved this part of the game, I felt like it gave a great pace to game. After you're in the geoscape managing money, soldiers, research, engineering and all the nations and keeping them under control, you look forward to your next mission. And once you finish that mission, I was excited to get back into the role of the commander and continue managing the xcom project. I feel like this was a really effective forumla to keep me entertained and keep me having fun, which was great because it became really addictive quickly. 

This game really sucked me in and made me love every minute, it was always a challenge and it was always fun and there was never a moment where I was bored. The game has you constantly progressing in all aspects of the game and has you constantly involved. It was a very coherent game, I never felt confused on felt like I didn't know what to do next, and for all these reasons, I loved this damn game and I highly recommend this for anyone who has a ps+ subscription and hasn't yet played it yet.

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Simpnsons hit + run? WTH lol I'm telling you now bro, don't get your hopes up, the whole crazy taxi genre of games came and is now long gone, I'm sorry to say but there will never be a simpsons hit and run 2 on next gen or current gen. 

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The Mass Effect trilogy, lol jk I bought it and it was awesome.