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-Dark_Palladin- Blog

-Dark_Palladin- (sic) is leaving

Not really a big deal for most of you tracking me as I barely know anybody here, but this site is horrible and I'm going to be leaving pretty soon. For the few that do care, my gamertag on Xbox Live is "Doktor ICE". Play a game with the palladin *sic* whenever you want a chance!

I am not mad.

Okay, there seems to be some sort of internet phonomen going on about me. I've been getting alot of random people stalking my account, following me on GameFAQs, and making comments about me that boil down to the same thing: I'm mad and I need to calm down or take some calm down pills.

Not forgetting a racist message that I received from an internet-tough-guy who's name will go unmentioned that tried to bait me with a cute and friendly subject line and then presented me with a bunch of Anti-American insults that lasted three paragraphs long. You hardly tricked anyone, you racist fool.

Here's the story: A game has been undergoing development for several years. The board was filled with of all sorts of crude "this game will never be released" jokes and they were litterally everywhere on any platform the game exsisted. So in doing my part as a diehard fan who knew the game actually WOULD be released, as well as defend a presequel that was amazing for its time, I began to tell off the trolls and insisting that the game would be released and would be awesome. In doing that, I got into a couple heated arguments with trolls, but hey, they asked for it.

Well, for some reason, people on the Big Rigs board think this is a justification to spam my account and even follow me onto other boards only to make comments about me going mad and ridiculing me based on nationality. Nice work, Gamespot Moderators.

I think all these discrimination insults are most likely because some feel they are secure and safe behind their PC and I'm not seeing them face-to-face as they let out the insults.

I'd like it stopped. I'll say it so even the trolls can understand: I am not mad. I do not need calm down pills. Stop stalking my account and telling me "OMG!!!111Calm down!!!". It's a running joke that feels as old as DNF itself.

Actually, I think I am mad now.

I've looked at some of your forum postings and they aren't much better: one example is how you people are pretending that Big Rigs is an excellent game when it is obviously horrible, and how you want to get married and have Big Rig babies. But heaven forbid my Portal review honestly explains the game instead of giving it a perfect 10 like everybody else.

"OMG! Stupid American!!! My gov't>>>>>>>your gov't!!!! P.S:Calm down!"

Again, nice work, Gamespot Moderators. Please tell me, why are y'all so defensive for the popular games and pretty much nothing else?

"*Gasp!* Calm down!!!Take SUME CHILL pEELS NAAAOOO!!!"

I'm going to leave this subdivision of a website soon anyway, but don't make the reason being because some racists bypassed the forum posting "rules" that inhabit GameFAQs.

Stop the 'Calm Down!' comments and stop the insults. Don't embarrass this place any more.

Is an Alienware Desktop worth it?

Its that time of year where I need to get myself a new system for gaming (My current computer is so abysmal, I'm not going to bother listing the specs but I'll just say I an in dire need of a brand new one).

Right now I'm having quite a hard time ignoring the price tag, but I've caught an interest in an Alienware Area-51® Desktop, or possibly a Aurora® ALX Desktop. I have heard nothing but "the most powerful computer in the world" when it comes to these, but I still need a wiseman to seperate the lies from the truth.

Is Alienware worth it?

What would you do?

A phone call from Timothy Valhalion, a pretty decent talker, reveals that your girlfriend has been caught cheating with a guy in a "Peter Pretzel tm" costume. Or was it really Peter Pretzel? No, it was actually 3 people: Holly Hotdog, Sauldin Sauce, and Pally Pizza; the world's most hated food-related mascots! Sanity is on the line now! Choose an action below:

1. Dip them all into hot, burning blood plasma.

2. Calculate their doom with a pair of plasic, toddler scissors.

3. Ask him what their favorite bird is.

4. Start throwing a bunch of sunglasses at them.

5. Cash-splash them flat as paper.

6. Stab them epicly with an NES.

7. Force them to play Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing for 2years straight.

8. Do this to them(View Discretion Warned)

What would you say?

A guy says "You suck". What is a better qoute to say back?

1. You suck as well.

2. Your mom was a trash compacter!

3. You suck so much, you should die!

4. If I had a dollar for every brain you have, I'd be broke.

5. Your acting without lead, tolietstain!

6. You can hide but you can't run, window smear!

7. Lets see some exstistance-related documentations, puss bucket!

8. The SNES stabs the ***........and you too.

9. I heard a tear noise.....did I break your bone, or your tooth? Not sure.

10. Hey hey; I heard these so-called "atomic bombs" are actually a good source of iron. Try eating one sometime.

11. Holy! Its shnelbien the loser!!! *explodes*

12. You. A subway token. What's the visualdifference?

13. (Create-a-retarded-qoute)