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Like the new "banner"?

Obviously it ain't really a banner, it's just my MU I.D.

I put it up there since yesterday was the one year anniversary of the MU:D

Journals = POINTLESS?

I think my journal, or probably everyone elses journal is pointless now. Or maybe I just think that since no one "comments" in mine:P


This is probably one of my hobbies that I love the most. I love taking pictures, of anything, all the time. But I don't take pictures of stupid things, I take pictures of interesting stuff and weird stuff that look's "cool" to me.

My favorite type of film is black and white film, because IMO I think pictures that are in black and white look better. They appeal more to me and black and white colors give the picture and eerie sort of feel that I really like looking at.

I am taking a Photography class in High School right now and I would love to have that class all day but unfortunately I can only have it for about 40 mintues a a day. I love that class, I love developing my negatives and then printing out pictures, it is by far the best class I have ever taken. What makes it more enjoyable is that I have the class with almost all of my friends.

Due to my love of photography I have decided to study it further after I get out of High School. I am going to take a photography class in College.

Anyone else like photography?


I bit my tongue the other day and I also bit my tongue ring at the same time so my teeth and tongue ring pinched the skin under my tongue and I have a big cut under my tongue and it hurts to eat.

I Wanted To Slap Someone At School Today...

Why? Well because I heard a guy say the following, "Xbox sucks! It has the crappiest graphics ever! The PS2 has much better graphics than the Xbox, and the Xbox does not have online play in any of their games."

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