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Level 26 - Paramecium

I don't really care about my level anymore, but I just noticed I am at Level 26 and decided to share it with you 'cause I can't think of anything else to talk about.

Et tu, Brute?

Happy Ides of March everybody! In case you don't know the significance of March 15, aka "Ides of March", this was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. We had a little party in our Latin class today. We had Caesar salad and some other stuff. it was great.

Russell Crowe is truly one of the best actors today.

He could be THE best. Many of the films he has been in are some of my favorites of the '90s and '00s.

LA Confidential
The Insider
A Beautiful Mind
Master and Commander

he is just so awsome in all of those. I can't wait for Cinderella Man to release this summer. It will own. :)

I heart George Lucas. ^__^

It's true! The man's a genius! Star Wars is my favorite franchise of all time! Everything about it is so magical. Plus, he made up Indiana Jones! The new trailer for Episode III is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I was actually in awe at the end of it. It was ownage at the maximum level. I mean, I have seen some cool trailers before, but this is blew the roof off. My anticipation has reached a level like no movie has in my lifetime. God I want to see this movie SO bad! I would show some pics of it, but I didn't announce it in the title so you couldn't prepare for the ownage that would come of it(you head would explode). Anyways, I will say this again.

I <3 George Lucas!!!!!

Age of Empires III will own the console sheep! ^__^

yes, I am a lemming, but I also play computer games and LOVE the Age of Empires series. I can't wait for #3. It's own your socks off! Bad thing is that I havre to update my computer. But, I think we are getting anew computer anyway so it's cool. Here are the new screens for Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires III for PC screenshot 11

Age of Empires III for PC screenshot 10

Age of Empires III for PC screenshot 9

Age of Empires III for PC screenshot 8

Age of Empires III for PC screenshot 7

Those screenshots are truly breathtaking. I want this game SOOOO bad!

I hate not having money. :'(

This is the first time in some time when I completely did not have any money. I spend my last money on the trip the school's Science Club is taking to Six Flags in April. Now I have NOTHING.

NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! :cry: