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People just can't take a joke, or honesty for that matter.

In this particular blog I'm not going to humor you with my clever/mildly humorous headers.Though I will definitely doso with my following blogs (^_^). I Just kind of want to rant.

My two latest blogs have been deleted by teh mohds. The first of the two being my sexuality blog, which was full of LULZ, and good times BTW, and the latter of the two being deleted because i was "flaming". I will now address my feelings on both of these occurences.

(1.) My sexuality blog was completely honest. And very dumbed down. For instance if I were to post it on TDH when I join it would be alot more...... Detailed. But that's not the point. The point is that my sexuality blog post was deleted due to someone being offended which makes no sense... Why? The minimul age limit for someone to join gamespot is 13. And 16 probably being the average age of a run-of-the-mil user. These "innocent children" have facebooks/myspaces/twitters/ETC, and I'm sure that they fantasize, and speak offar dirtier stuff than what is allowed on these forums. I'm going to have to assume that their are a few that have not, but they are without a doubt, few, and far between. It's just that sometimes... This sums up my feelings of OT.


I remember one day I was suspened for saying that I think homosexuality is a mental disorder, I even said in the OP that I am not a homophobe, or a bigot, and I may be bisexual myself seeing as I like "Chicks with sticks". But oh no! They didn't want to hear that, they just saw the fact that I was saying something that is "offensive" to a small group of people, and they suspended me.

2. Due to my previous blog post about the angry women of OT, I was suspended for three days for: "flaming". All I was doing was telling the truth. But they want to suspend me for that. I wasn't trying to hurt the lady's feeling, I was just being honest. For instance, people have made fat jokes about me a few times on OT. And I don't really care, sometimes I play along with it... Why? Because it's a JOKE. And I am fat(Though not nearly as fat as they often imply:P)

":P"...... This reminds me... Why is it that you can get away with saying alot of things that you wouldn't be able to otherwise if you insert the ":P" smiley? If I tell a homosexual user: "You're gay I should expect to get modded, but if I say:

"You're gay:P." Instead, that is completely okay. I'm saying the exact same thing except the ":P" Is taking away from the statement. It's like you can't even be honest around these parts. Like if someone says something hypocriticle, and I call them out on it, by letting them know that they are a hypocrite, it will be categorized as "trolling". Which reminds me, people are so quick to take the troll label out of the bag, and stamp it on your forhead, often times just because they disagree with you. I'm all far reporting someone for calling you out of your name/insulting/threatening you, but if they're telling the truth, then what's the problem?

Also, around these parts you're not allowed to make threads that are too far out there. Like I remember one day when I made a thread about masterbation amongst domesticated house cats. I was suspended, and the topic was purged because it was: "offensive". Meanwhile, I'm willing to bet you that the person who hit the *Report* button masterbates. I suppose that they would much prefer the run-of-the-mil "girl help", and "God doesn't exist" threads. That permeate Off-Topic.


But seeing as I have battered man syndrome, I will continue to post, and blog here.

[spoiler] Be sure to look forward to my up, and coming blog post about: "The Furry Condition." [/spoiler]