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People just can't take a joke, or honesty for that matter.

In this particular blog I'm not going to humor you with my clever/mildly humorous headers.Though I will definitely doso with my following blogs (^_^). I Just kind of want to rant.

My two latest blogs have been deleted by teh mohds. The first of the two being my sexuality blog, which was full of LULZ, and good times BTW, and the latter of the two being deleted because i was "flaming". I will now address my feelings on both of these occurences.

(1.) My sexuality blog was completely honest. And very dumbed down. For instance if I were to post it on TDH when I join it would be alot more...... Detailed. But that's not the point. The point is that my sexuality blog post was deleted due to someone being offended which makes no sense... Why? The minimul age limit for someone to join gamespot is 13. And 16 probably being the average age of a run-of-the-mil user. These "innocent children" have facebooks/myspaces/twitters/ETC, and I'm sure that they fantasize, and speak offar dirtier stuff than what is allowed on these forums. I'm going to have to assume that their are a few that have not, but they are without a doubt, few, and far between. It's just that sometimes... This sums up my feelings of OT.


I remember one day I was suspened for saying that I think homosexuality is a mental disorder, I even said in the OP that I am not a homophobe, or a bigot, and I may be bisexual myself seeing as I like "Chicks with sticks". But oh no! They didn't want to hear that, they just saw the fact that I was saying something that is "offensive" to a small group of people, and they suspended me.

2. Due to my previous blog post about the angry women of OT, I was suspended for three days for: "flaming". All I was doing was telling the truth. But they want to suspend me for that. I wasn't trying to hurt the lady's feeling, I was just being honest. For instance, people have made fat jokes about me a few times on OT. And I don't really care, sometimes I play along with it... Why? Because it's a JOKE. And I am fat(Though not nearly as fat as they often imply:P)

":P"...... This reminds me... Why is it that you can get away with saying alot of things that you wouldn't be able to otherwise if you insert the ":P" smiley? If I tell a homosexual user: "You're gay I should expect to get modded, but if I say:

"You're gay:P." Instead, that is completely okay. I'm saying the exact same thing except the ":P" Is taking away from the statement. It's like you can't even be honest around these parts. Like if someone says something hypocriticle, and I call them out on it, by letting them know that they are a hypocrite, it will be categorized as "trolling". Which reminds me, people are so quick to take the troll label out of the bag, and stamp it on your forhead, often times just because they disagree with you. I'm all far reporting someone for calling you out of your name/insulting/threatening you, but if they're telling the truth, then what's the problem?

Also, around these parts you're not allowed to make threads that are too far out there. Like I remember one day when I made a thread about masterbation amongst domesticated house cats. I was suspended, and the topic was purged because it was: "offensive". Meanwhile, I'm willing to bet you that the person who hit the *Report* button masterbates. I suppose that they would much prefer the run-of-the-mil "girl help", and "God doesn't exist" threads. That permeate Off-Topic.


But seeing as I have battered man syndrome, I will continue to post, and blog here.

[spoiler] Be sure to look forward to my up, and coming blog post about: "The Furry Condition." [/spoiler]


The Daily Happening. Off-Topics personal tapeworm.

What is this blog about?

I don't know how The Daily Happening was started. Why would GHlegend77 make TDH? Supposedly to talk to past Off-Topic/Gamespot users. I don't know for sure. But that's okay. Because that is not what this blog is about. It is about TDH's relationship to OT, and why they both sort of thrive off of each other.Let's begin.

What does TDH do for OT?

Bottom line. It provides LULZ to OT. Albeit at the expense of a few OT users. Like it or not. They ARE funny. And they seem to be organized. They have screenshots of OT webpages, the history of the topics that certain users create, ETC. Which possibly manifested itself in derekjeter2005's topic. Here's the link, scroll down to v13_Kiiltz's post. Did he dig up this information himself? I doubt it. TDH probably dug it up as a whole, and they probably sent him to post it. I could be wrong. But it's unlikely. They seem to keep tabs on a handful of users for the sake of LULZ. It seems like every time a user posts a picture of themselves they have already created a pic to troll that user if they deserve it .Like the following.



From The Outside.

If you don't think about it too hard. You'd probably say that the more known TDH users who also happen to use OT are annoying/trolls. (Dystopian-X, cybrcatter, v13_Kiiltz, and rawsavon. I know that there are more TDH users than this obviously). But I'm only speaking on what I know, and what I've noticed.

Who rarely contribute anything besides LULZ to OT at the expense of other users. Actually there are only two of them that I can actually say that fit this bill. Dystopian-x, and cybrcatter, you might be able to say that v13_KiiLtz also belongs in this category, or that I was wrong to include cybrcatter. I notice that v13 actually does tend to contribute to OT more than both of these users, and cybrcatter.. Well... Most of his OT posts that aren't making fun of someone aren't serious, he's only having a laugh. Which is why he belongs in this category. As for Dystopian-X... Honestly she may be at times the most disliked user on OT, how could I not put her here? Although I don't see any of them like this.

Just because these two users are in this category...You shouldn't flag them as bad/annoying. Like it or not, OT benefits from these users in the form of LULZ. I'll speak more on that later.

The Five Horsemen.

Now when I say that. I'm talking about the five most know TDH users: GHlegend77, Dystopian-X, cybrcatter, rawsavon, and v13_Kiiltz. I will explain to you how each user functions.

GHlegend77: As far as I know, he is the founder of TDH which is why he is necessary to this list. He is also probably the most liked of the five.

rawsavon: The second most liked of the five. He is also probably the smartest. And he never really seems to troll, just tells the truth, as is. And people like him because of this. That isn't without saying that he doesn't annoy people. He does. Just look at his sig, and connect the dots;).

v13_Kiiltz: He is the third in terms of how much OT users like him. He functions as a grim reaper like troller, only targetting who he needs/ wants to. Posting knee-slapping, gutbusting LULZ when people least expect it. The users look at the aftermath, and have no choice but to ":lol:".

cybrcatter: He is the second from the last in terms of how liked he is among OTers. His humor is somewhat obvious, frequent, and above all, funny. He enjoys trolling me, I like it though. He keeps me on my toes. And makes me a better user because of it. And Isn't that one of the things that TDH does? Keep users on their toes, and when they slip up, and ohhh... They do slip up, they are ready to show them the error of their ways in the form of a good old fashioned merciless trolling session. And like myself, the user becomes, a better user because of it.

Dystopian-X: She.. Hmm... How much people like her varies. She can be the most hated, or be more liked than v13 at times. She is probably the most formidable though. In terms of how well she can troll a user. Evident in her YLYL topic. She gave me a beating to say the least. When offended users say "Oh I hate that Dystopian guy" I can imagine her chuckling behind her keyboard.

In Conclusion.

You should look at Off-Topic as an overweight, body dysmorphic having, materialistic, highschool girl. Who will only be happy if she loses the weight. Though the amount of weight that she loses is infinite. TDH is her very own Tapeworm. OT's tapeworm if you will. This tapeworm is different. It is more intelligent than any tapeworm before it...

It doesn't want to get too large(so it doesn't feast that often), because then it would cripple it's host(OT). Look at users slipping up as food that the girl eats. She hates to eat. The tapeworm's job is to consume this food before it is digested so that the the girl can loose weight. Look at the consuming of food as LULZ being created by TDH. And look at being digested as a potentially LOL/trollable post going unnoticed. When a LOL is made OT, and theTDH are both happy. The tapeworm which is TDH got it's food which is it's LOL, also The girl which is OT lost weight which is also a LOL. So they are both happy.

Though this relationship is not without it's problem's. The girl knows that there is a worm inside of her, and she is ashamed, and feels discomfort when the worm moves. This is a euphenism for the OT users being butthurt/targeted for the LULZ of TDH. It's a by product if you will. And TDH suffers because many users don't like them and they say things like this: "TDH is a place for internet tough guys to pat each other on the back for trolling someone on OT".
Let me put this into simpler terms, if you want an omelet, you have to crack some eggs. The omelet is LULZ, and the eggs are user's being butthurt.

Link to The Daily Happening