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PsN Outage :(

Hello, person who is reading my blog, BTW thanks. Umm, well it has been 6 days since the psn hasnt been online. They say it was an external intrusion to the system but we all know thats a fancy way to say; we got hacked, im really bummed out because i cant play black ops or play with my friends. They should make a tighter security. well guys thanks 4 reading my blog and i hope that this problem will b repaired soon.

New Vegas

Has anyone seen Fallout new vegas recent add-on tralier?? -Dead Money. i saw it just a moment ago and my opinion is that i dnt like it. I actually really like new vegas but not this add on. Dnt get me wrong, i like new vegas , is an awesome rpg . and i want to get the money to buy it. So what do u think of this add on??


Wooo, just finished uncharted 2, and its great, pretty long game, and even on normal difficulty, its pretty hard, so i cant imagine how it will be on crushing mode , and im uploading a lets play on youtube. if u want to find me on youtube , my user name is gm3r037. hope u enjoy if you watch and i still want singularity!!!! soooo bad!!! but i need the money, so when i get it, ill do an unboxing and a small gameplay on youtube.

NEW games!

Just got NBA 2k11 and Assassins Creed : Brotherhood!!!! i just passed brotherhood in a week, pretty good, fun, intriguing story and it leaves you wanting more and more, I can't wait for the next one because how the story ends.... lets just say that i want to know what is gonna happen next. And now i'm gonna try to find the money to singularity!!! its a wonderful, fun , awesome game!!!!!! i cant wait, maybe for xmas. But I've read a lot of reviews, some say its good, not that great and some say its great and a must have , and i totally agree and i want it. !!!