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My Microsoft press conference impressions

First of all, yeah, I haven't did a blog post in two years. :lol:

Talking about Microsoft's conference. Yeah it wasn't good I agree but was it that bad? I see people bashing Microsoft all over the place now. I'll agree with some thing - first part of it was great. Halo (although I'm not a big fan of it), new Gears of War, Fable 3 oh and lets not forget Metal Gear Rising which I liked, a lot. And then...

And then MS kicked off with Kinect (is this how it's called?). They showed some casual titles, kid stuff and... most of the stuff seen on Wii, don't you agree? As of right now, I'm not sure I'm getting Kinect but hey! Everyone has it's own opinion? Mine might change after more hardcore games for it'll show up. I'm just keeping an open mind.

So that's pretty much it. Anyone else feel like it wasn't THAT bad? :)

I'll try to do some more proper blogging later. :)

Summers are too short, no kidding


I can't believe that summer is going to the end. It was totally short, I hardly did all the things I wanted to do but oh well, what can I do about it. This September I'm starting the new life (or at least what I think will be a new life). University. That's right. And I'll be studying IT. I can't imagine how my summers will look after this one. There will be plenty of work and none time for yourself. At least I'm happy that I spent this summer usefully. :)

OK. I feel like playing a video game today. It will either be Everything or Nothing or Da Vinci Code. This one isn't good but I bought it while visiting France and it was very cheap.

Alright, that's it for now. Oh and if I will not make a blog after two days - 17th of August is my birthday. Hooray! :P

Legacy consoles anybody?

Hey everyone, sorry for not being a lot here lately.

Good news is - I finally finished my exams. Now I am free and I will have more time for everything, GameSpot included. I wanted to ask you guys one thing.

Anyone here has an active union about Legacy consoles? Such as Genesis, SNES. I am really into old-school now and I'd love to chat about it. I am playing NES, Genesis and SNES now more than I play on my PS2. Those consoles remind me good old days. Hardcore gaming. And to play all those titles beaten 15 years ago, it's wonderful feeling.

So again, if anyone has a union about SNES, NES, Genesis - let me know. Or... if you want to - we can form our own ;)

Your biggest fan,

What makes me feel that GameSpot is not a place for me anymore?

Oh, hi there readers. Long time no blogging.

I'm soon to experience the two most painful weeks of my lfie so far. School finishing exams by which will depend my future at university. I hope to take IT course (as my presumed exam grades will be enough for that) but eh, life will tell. So yes, this is basically why I do not post at the unions for quite some time as well as your blogs. Studying takes all the free time and I soo hate that.

Now to my blog topic. Why I don't feel like at home here? Well that's mainly because that everyone here have current gen systems and I don't. All the news are about XBox 360, PS3 and Wii and I have neither so there is no point following them. I hope to buy PS3 and refresh my gaming experience a bit but I'm not ready yet. I just don't feel like this is the time yet.

Not sure if everything stated here is clear but well, fair enough.

Oh, if anyone here is interested in anime and didn't found himself / herself a community yet - feel free to join We are new but I think quite fast growing community and we appreaciate every new member. There is a little bit more of me there.

Cheers, see you in my or your's blog!


April Fools!

Hey! GameSpot's joke really made me laugh. :lol: Rock Band for PSP, Pope's GamerTag revealed and all those news were briliant. To everyone here at GameSpot - April Fools! :)

5 Things..? Oh, that game!

Well there is game going on where you have to say some 5 things others might not know about you and here I was tagged by DarkNeoBahamut. :) So let's beggin, shall we?

1. I'm not by any chance from United States nor United Kingdom. I live in a small but cool little country in a middle on Europe. And it's caled lithuania.
2. Despind being quite young i already work as a radio DJ at one of the radio stations.
3. I'm a Linux user which mean I don't have any Windows installed on my computer.
4. The music I like to listen is Hardcore / Terrorcore / Speedcore (mainly all that stuff which f$%ks your mind).
5. And for those who might did not know - I'm a chronic Resident Evil fan.


wolf360rev, deiviuxs, brandyinindiana, EmptySki, rabbit_pie! :)

5 new screens, and that's it?!

Hey there.

Just opened GameSpot and noticed "1" next to "Updates" of my tracked games. And here that was - 5 new screenshots of my HIGHLY anticipated title - Yakuza 2. And that's it. Just some screenshots. At least they could announce it. Still at TBA... Will it ever hit Europe or USA? (I'm saying this because I'm from Europe and I could at least import that game). Nothing else but waiting...

Oh and check out my photo (more at my MySpace):

Fancy photo shoot, eh? :P


Happy Easter ya'll!

Dang, it's that time of year again. :)

Happy Eater everybody!

Have a great holidays guys!

Well, you know the drill and I see no point saying anything on this. :)

Your biggest fan,

Top-10 games I've ever played

Hey, what's up guys? As you can see I'm actually doing this kind of blog, probably because I'm bored. So, uh, anyway - here it goes.

#10 - Starfox Adventures, 2002 (GS Score - 8.3, Great)

The only GC game in my "Top-ten of all time" the main reason why I put this one here - it reminded me how much fun real adventure games are. Okami for PS2 was close to this and I don't really like Zelda (I own most of them but they aren't my favorite) so this one wonthe 10th place here. Hooray Starfox.

# 9 - Quake, 1996 (GS Score - 9.3, Superb)

Back in the days this PC title changed my life. What a 3-dimentional shooter, totally awesome. I can't describe how I felt by first playing it. The graphics were unseen, the gameplay was awesome and the difficulty was challenging. Big up ID Software, you changed my point of view to FPSs.

# 8 - Final Fantasy X, 2001 (GS Score - 9.3, Superb)

I believe all of you are going to say - what the... only 8th place..? The heck..? Yep, no higher. And that's just because I don't like RPGs that much, I only played few of them in my lifetime. IMO RPGs consume too much time. But I don't regret spending any of it on this one. Word.

# 7 - God of War, 2005 (GS Score - 9.3, Superb)

It is absolutely brilliant for it's type of game. And I can't imagine GOW being any better. I must tell you guys that I acidently picked it for 17 euros while visiting France. I was like - well, it may come out good, 17 euros is cheap anyway. nd it was a blast. Playing the PSP God of War at the moment but it do not bring the same feel as this one back in the days.

# 6 - Commandos 2: Men of Courage, 2001 (GS Score - 8.8, Great)

I must ask Pyro Studios. Why? Why have you ruined this great game franchise? Oh well, not ofr me to judge. But this is still one of the greatest games of all time. It brought a lot of challenge, thrilling gameplay and great story. Oh, and beside that - really good value with only having 10 missions. Although those missions were HUGE.

# 5 - Tony Hawk's underground, 2003 (GS Score - 8.9, Great)

I like skating. I like skating video games. I like great stories. And then it mixes together, it comes out great.

# 4 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, 1999 (GS Score - 8.8, Great)

STAAAAAARRSS!!! Resident Evil game, enough said, all of them were great. But I feel something different for this one, just hardto say what's that. You know that feeling right?

# 3 - SSX 3, 2003 (GS Score - 9.0, Superb)

Do you know what the "open-air" feels like? Now imagine thrilling ride down the mountain, 30 minutes of unstopable combo, no loading times and great music. Personally I'm not big fan of sport games but this one amazed me big time. No idea how much time I've spent playing this game and I believe I'll still gonna play a lot of it. There is a reason why I put this into the 3rd place. Btw, Nate's the best.

# 2 - Doom, 1993 (GS Score - Unrated)

Now this game shaped the future of gaming and my mind. Super fast paced shooter. Ok right now it may be nothing (not for me!) but back in the days it was REVOLUTIONARY. Multi-floored levels... Oh and my favorite "Nightmare!" skill level which asks:

"Are you sure? This skill level isn't even remotely fair." (It's hard with enemies respawning, no kidding)

Bring it on! :twisted:

# 1 - Resident Evil, 1996 (GS Score - 8.2, Great)

I don't wanna talk about this one much. We all know that this is definitely the greatest game ever released on any system available, lol. No, really, this game introduced me to survival horror, to the Tyrant, Albert Wesker and T-Virus (check my username once again, lol). Yep, that's true.

Honourable Mentions (in no particular order) -

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty,
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Content Under Pressure,
Quake 2,
Silent Hill 2,
Wolfenstein 3D.

Well, that's all I wanted to write this time you guys. Leave some feedback if you read that far. :)