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I'm Back!

After changing my life completely within 24 hours and living May 31st TWICE (the different time zones) and getting used to the jet lag I've finally settled. I now actually go out doors, have actual human friends and go to an American high school. Believe me, it was overwhelming and I wanted to just choke myself to death a lot of times, but now I fear that I have gotten quite used to it, since I now officially hate teachers and homework just as any other spoiled American kid does.

High school was not as bad as I expected. I didn't encounter any bullying, racism, or drama. Well, at least not yet, I have only been in school for 6 months. People are really nice, especially if you act like you're foreign and pretend you don't understand English when you actually recieved a better grade in English than almost everyone else in your class. (*sigh,* the "goodgraded-ness" that flows around in Asian blood) I had a lot of trouble socializing with other fellow Americans always having constant silences during our conversations and basically regreting every dang word that comes out of my mouth, but now I think I've gotten used to it. I've picked up the ability to continue an actual interesting and long converstation with a friend without having awkward silences or looking like a freak. Kudos to me for the awesome improvement.

The hardest thing in HS, which is something I still live with everyday, is the fact that I suck in P.E. I was almost the most athletic person in class when I was in Taiwan, but over here I'm as athletic as a smashed piece of cherry pie. I have no clue what to do during basketball games, I can't open my eyes underwater, I've never actually hit a ball with a bat before, and even Badminton, a game which I've played for years in Taiwan, was a complete alien game to me because we had to play it with actual rules. In Taiwan, we didn't give a crap about rules, I never knew there even were rules. And everywhere I turn there's someone saying how you should join a sport when your in high school and how it's the only way you can be fit, popular and be an "ideal student". I seriously wanna shoot myself.

Other than that, life's been great. Oddly perfect, actually. School work's kinda bugging, but I got 2 Bs and all As last semester without trying too hard so I don't really care. I still have social issues - not being able to talk to a guy that I like or even the "popular people." (those people scare me to death) I came here to complain, and I'm gonna leave wasting the time of anybody who actually read this 8) Hey, isn't this what blogs are for?

PEACE, muggles!

My Season Finale

This Sunday I'm getting on a plane and heading to the US. I won't be on the Internet for a while, since we're gonna live in a temporary apartment for a month before our other one gets available. It'll be the first time I'm leaving this country in 2 years, and I'm going to the same place I went.

I was going to write a lot of rants about how much Taiwan sucks, but I decided not to. Not because I have mercy, but because it messes up my HTML. But, after 2 years of doing nothing but hanging out on the Internet, one of the biggest things I've learned is that nobody really likes their own home. We always want just a bit more to life.

This is basically the trip of my life. I'll finally be heading back to school after this, and it'll be year 9. I have to admit I'm pretty nervous, but half of me is very confident too. Me and my sister will be living there alone, probably with a Chinese college student too, while my mother stays in Taiwan with her awesome job. I'm going to miss her, and my insanely special pet rabbit. We're assuming that the next time we come home, he'll probably already be dead, since he's pretty old now. I hate the fact that I might not even be at the funeral. I hate the fact even more that there might not even be one without me and my sister around to make it.

Packing up is the hardest. Everything I'll own in the fucture can only be fit in an expamdible suitcase. Everytime I filled it up with still more to put in, I'd have to get them all out and start eliminating. Packing up is a lot harder than I'd imagined. I'm only able to pack less than 2 jeans simply because they're too heavy, and what hurts the most is that I can't bring any one of my favorite books. My mom convinced me after saying that we'll be living near a library, but I'll still miss the lines and the notes I left on my books when I was younger.

I don't know what to expect from my future, but I hope the unrealistic Hollywood was being unrealistic when they made those high school movies. Either way, even if they were true, I'm completely prepared and they really are not as bad as the schools I've been to.

Anyways, whoever's reading this, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't been stabbed by a MySpace murderer, I'm just leaving for a month. Wish me lucks. And pray for me that my a**hole won't start to itch on the plane :lol: That'd be hell!

I'm going to end with some pictures. Just some that sorta reflect me life.

If you're Asian you'd probably laugh so hard there'd be crap in your pants.

I photoshopped this, they're politicians and they ran against each other. I just couldn't stand watching those morons hug.

My other photoshopped work.

My favorite celebrity moments.

Peace, ya'll!