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I just heard about this and I have to say I'm glad I finally canceled my premium membership. I used to be able to trust this site for reviews but after a firing of a trusted and seasoned editor to cow-tow to corporate bullies I now know that this site's recommendations are the best money can buy. Thank you Gamespot corporate big wigs for turning this site into a joke. Enjoy counting those advertising dollars because you'll not be getting anymore of mine.
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I don't know about anyone else but I'm not upgrading my computer to play one game. Maybe I'm just not a big enough consumer whore but paying a thousand dollars or more for one game just seems high. Now if I upgraded my computer in the future would I buy the game? Yes.
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I really enjoy the game, but I find it annoying how ever server stacks teams. You can't ever find a balanced game anymore.
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Just one problem with the Dreamcast comment. The Dreamcast was awesome and had a ton of great games. Meanwhile the PS3 is forcing the overpriced Blu Ray down our throats and doesn't have a single game that interests me.

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I ubered a spy briefly yesterday then decided he was acting odd so I wiped out my nail gun and killed him. I got revenge for my poor medic brother.
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Team Fortress 2portujoel5
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A KotOR MMO would suck yes. Because like any MMO you'd have to dedicate your life to the game for months on end to experience the "story." But I kind of doubt the MMO they're doing is KotOR I think it's more likely to be a NWN MMO.
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The "token" fix for Steam is always deleting ClientRegistry.Blob, SteamUI.dll, and Steam.dll try that first.
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I'd say if you stripped it down to TF2 vs BF2 it'd still be Orange Box by about 20 billion AU.
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How do you kill them with their own flachettes?

I can't figure out how to get them onto the gravity gun. :(

anyways, I used the car to run them over at that part, otherwise the magnum is a good friend to have :P


It's a lot easier than I first thought it was. Just grab an object with the grav gun and let the hunter shoot it. Then fling it back at the hunter with flechettes on it. You'll know you did it when the hunter vaporizes AR3 alt-fire style. After figuring out it's easiest just to grav gun own them I normally do it accidently at least three times every play through.