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A Reminder for Powerpuff Girls fans

Just a reminder for all you PPG fans out there. Tomorrow is the marathon, followed by the special at 8pm. The marathon starts at 6am Eastern time, so be sure to tune in! Woo-hoo, I cannot wait! I am so excited! :D

Real-wishes (dot) com

this is amazing [link]

This site truly is amazing. It may seem unrealistic, but believe me, it's real. I've had 2 wishes granted from this site. I wished to be rid of my fear of heights, and now, I feel as though I could stand at the top of Kingda Ka! (roller coaster at the Six Flags park in NJ) Also, I wished to get my own solo for the Christmas concert in my choir **** and my choir teacher finally gave me my own solo. (I am considering posting it on YouTube) Many of you will probably recieve e-mails from me about the site. It's a requirement to make my other wishes work.

I strongly suggest you guys try this site, because it really does work. I'm not sure how they do it, but it's pure magic if I do say so myself!

Oh and one other not say your wish out loud until it comes true!

Sweet 16!!!

Hey everyone! Today is my birthday, so feel free to celebate with me! The more the merrier! And if you want some cake and ice cream, come to NJ to get it. XD Lol, just kidding.

Anyway, I still have a gift for all of you, and that's The Best of the Random Adventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy with a sneak peak at TRAOEENE 6, so check it out. =]

Everyone, I need YOUR feedback, ASAP!

Alright guys, I have some good news. (Well, it's more good news for me lol) My sweet 16 is approaching. I'll be turning 16 on June 12th. As a special celebration for my special day, I am planning on making a video called "The Best of TRAOEENE" (The Random Adventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy) Now here's where I need you guys. Watch my randomness videos, then tell me your favorite part or parts, and which video it's on. Then I'll take everyone's favorite clips and out them into the video. But I need your feedback, so start telling me what your favorite clips are, so I can put them in the video. Thanks, love you all! ^_^
PS: Feedback must be given by May30th. I will need time to put the video together. If I do not have enough feedback by May 30th, the video WILL NOT BE MADE!
My youtube account is: [link]

I've got an adrenaline rush just thinking about Friday!

Hi everyone! Well, I bet you're all wondering what I'm gonna rant about now. XD This Friday, the whole entire music department of my school: choir, orchestra, and band are going to "Music in the Parks." It's a really fun event, although the morning is kinda boring. We usually go to another school and sing for a bunch of judges. :roll: But after that, we get to go to Six Flags, and go on rides for the rest of the day! I'm so excited, and the excitement is already rushing through my body, even though it's Sunday night. Six Flags is filled with all sorts of wild roller coasters; perfect for me. XD If you want to check out info on the park, go to and look up the park in New Jersey.

Well that's all for now. Seeya later!

Ups and Downs...but I ain't really complaining! =)

Life is giving me it's ups and downs, all the usual really. I'll get the downs out of the way first.

Downs-Mid term exams in school have been stressful. Not to mention I haven't been doing so well. I hate school in general. Also, I've been having really bad nightmares about getting raped. It's been scaring the living daylights out of me. And I just "love" being ignored. Seriously, I try and be nice, and I feel like all I get is **** in return.

Ups-Okay, enough of the depressing ****. :P The Snowball dance is coming up this Friday, and I'm really excited. I love dances. It's one night where I actually get a little attention from the boys. ;) Not to mention, my YouTube videos are becoming pretty popular. My newest obsession is South Park, and I've got a fangirl crush on Kenny now. :P

Alright, that's all for now. Seeya later! ^^

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