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R.I.P Monica

This blog is dedicated to my Great Aunt Monica, who died yesterday.

I hardly knew her at all, she was my Mother's aunt. When I heard she died, I was sad but I could'nt cry for some odd reason. Today was her funeral, and my Granpa's birthday. After the funeral was over, I talked to my Grandpa, who was crying. This made me sad and I started to cry aswell.

I will miss you Monica. :(

Its my Birthday

Oh yay I turned 18 today! ^^

Today is my birthday but im celebrating it tomorrow because my Friend is out of town today. D:

But I did get some gifts today, My mom gave me money and My Dad bought songs for my i-pod.

Hurray. :D

Summer is over

School started on Wenesday, And I can tell this is gonna be a difficult year. I'm starting senior year, so that means im not gonna be online as much as I am often. But I do have something to look forward to.

On september 5 it'll be my birthday.

Haunted House

I am really scared. :(

My mom went to her moms house for a couple days, my dads working all night, and my little brother went camping. But I hear screaming in my attic, and a couple minutes ago I heard a baby crying. :(

Issaac Hayes

A moment of silence for Isaac Hayes, who died this afternoon.

Mrs.Haayes found him dead on the living room floor next to a tread mill.

For those who dont know, he was an actor, singer, and voiced chef of south park.

He will not be forgotten, but he will be missed. :(

See ya

Im going offline for a week, because im going on vaction :D

The plane ride is going to take about 8 hours. -.-

I gotta get packing, see ya in a week.


Hello trackers/friends. I will not be on as often starting Saturday because I start work at my mall. I work 4 days a week and will not log on those days. Thnx. 8)

P.S. How do you change a signature...?