User Rating: 8.7 | TOCA Race Driver XBOX
Having played a friend's copy of the PS2 version of Pro Race Driver, I have to say that the Xbox version is a pleasant surprise! In the PS2 version, controlling the car is brutal. It's so twitchy and overly responsive to the slightest touch of the controller, you ended up pinballing down the straight-aways — forget any smooth cornering, especially at Vancouver. In fact, it was so bad, I got motion-sick the first half-lap of the first race. I purchased PRD for my Xbox hoping that Codemasters would smooth out the steering along with the jaggies… and low and behold… they did! Super smooth control! At Vancouver, I went deck-to-deck with an AI car, side-by-side through the tight corners… it was awesome! Graphically, it's pretty good. Apex is still the best looking racer I've seen. But the AI in PRD is much better than that of Apex. Overall, this game is fun and competitive. Not as deep as Gran Turismo 3, but this is a completely different type of racing game. I love watching this type of racing on Speed channel, so it's cool to get a chance to drive against the same cars with all the cool decals and sponsors. Very cool. Check it out. I'd recommend it to a friend. This version is so much better than the PS2… so don't let that sway you away from the Xbox love!