a fun game but it has disadvantages.

User Rating: 6.3 | TOCA Race Driver XBOX
I liked this game a lot at first. i think it is great, but after playing toca 2, i didnt play this as much. its graphics are alright, but that doesnt hold the game back at all. i thought that the game was kinda boring though. there are not a whole lot of series that you can compete in, or a lot of cars to choose from, but the free race mode is definatally very fun. you can race any car that you want on any track. i think that its kool how you can unlock more cars by winning challenges agianst other racers. you can race anything from mucsle cars to rolex sports cars. this makes the game interesting because there are a variety of cars to choose from in free race, unlike career mode. overall, the game isnt something that you would compare to a game like halo, but more of a bargain bin game.