"Ryan to Houston" The car has problem's, oh wait... the game does!

User Rating: 5.1 | TOCA Race Driver (Platinum) PS2
Pro Race Driver, or V8 Supercars where I'm from where I'm from. It seems like an original idea, but I believe the game is mostly linked around Grand Tourismo 3, and fails.
The cars damage system is great until you loose you wheels. Th game usually clogs up from to many cars no the screen, with parts flying everywhere. The selection of cars is great, mini cars to fat ones! But the real let down is the Career mode. First it gets easy pees, with all the low-line style cars. But as soon as you reach the V8 Supercars section of the Power Tier, you feel your stuck it a ditch. Phillips Island is really hard for the average game racer, but bathurst is dead set fun and easy, What's up with that?
In the end, Pro Race Driver, could have done fair bit more, just a little bit of one part, could have made it great, oh well. At least there's always cold turkey!