A sloppy mess you might want to walk around.

User Rating: 4 | TOCA Race Driver XBOX
I try to see a game to it's finish and when applicable I get 100% before I write up a review but with this game I've seen just about enough! I was looking for a more current game to fill the void left by TOCA for the original Playstation, with the standard research I found this little gem? Lets start with the fact that this game thinks you can put a story into a racing game, well the developers of this game couldn't! You get dragged into a story of a kid who's father was a racer killed in an accident and now all grown up he must overcome the stigma of being both the son and brother of well known racers.

Aside from the extremely stupid story aspect you have a career mode which you can race in many different racing styles which may lead you to believe there is variety in this game, and you'd be wrong. The driving of each car differs greatly but the fact that they're all hard to control doesn't. AI doesn't make this task any more fun with the ability to knock you off track and seemingly drive around turns with ease no matter how impossible it may be for you. AI drives in a very cartoonish manner taking turns in an L shape without loosing speed.

There are however cars to unlock for Free racing and mulitplayer races, sadly you need to compete in the Career mode to unlock more cars to enjoy on your downtime. If you're looking for a racing sim this isn't it, fun arcade racer again the answer would be nil.